Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is lip gloss without glitter in it just way too much to ask for?

It seems that all the cosmetics companies are mainly catering to fourteen year old girls.  I remember how it used to be.  In high school I only wore Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds in "Pink Diamonds."  But I was also in my awkward stage.  And the light bounced off the glitter onto my braces in a really pleasant way.

That's not quite the look I'm going for now.  But almost EVERYTHING has glitter in it.  And the only colors I can find that don't have glitter are eggplant purple or pale, pale pink.  I just want some grown-up lady lip gloss!  Something that says "I'm a professional woman."  I want to be able to walk into Chili's, have the hostess look at me and think, "Damn, that's some nice lip gloss.  Look at how elegant her mouth looks as she stuffs all those fries in it.  Classy."

Anyway, the search continues...

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