Saturday, December 29, 2012

Special Outfits for Special Occasions

Dressing Up as Darth Vader for a Star Wars Christmas Party

Hipster Darth Vader
Metallic Geo-Mini Dress from Forever21, June & Daisy Black Leggings from Sam's Club, Red Classic Toms, Black Liz Lange for Target Sweater, Black Satin Gloves from, Hello Kitty Sushi Shoulder Pouch.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Throw Your Own...


Every year my friends and I have a get-together the Saturday after Thanksgiving to celebrate with each other.  We change the theme and the food every year so that we don't get overloaded on turkey and throw up all over ourselves.

This year's theme was "Skanksgiving."  At Skanksgiving, you dress trashy and eat a lot of junk that will clog your arteries.  You throw all manners out the window, and stuff food in your face like it's the last chance you'll have to eat.  Also, there's porn.

Skanksgiving is not an easy party to throw.  It takes a lot of creativity and self-confidence.  Here are some helpful tips so you can throw your own!

Tip Number One:  The Outfit

Ladies, it's always a good idea to let part/most of your bra show.  And you're going to want your hair to look really elegant, so try letting a few pieces dangle down from your ponytail so they get in your face all night.  A mini skirt with Uggs is always a nice option.  Gentlemen, anything with a beer logo on it is pretty safe.  Don't forget the Duck-Face for pictures!

Some of these images are NSFW, so I'm going to do a page break here.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Some Questions I Have...

Now That I Have Finished Watching Season Two of "Lost."

  1. Why did that statue have only four toes?
  2. Why doesn't Alex just leave?  She's clearly not into all this kidnapping.
  3. they not want the baby anymore?
  4. How did they know Sawyer's real name?
  5. What are all the women doing about tampons when they start their periods?
  6. Is nobody worried about the Smoke Monster anymore?
  7. Isn't Jack concerned about the whereabouts of his father's dead body?
  8. Can we just get rid of the extras?  They're not contributing anything.
  9. Does Sawyer really have herpes?  Because he acted really guilty about it.
  10. Why would the Dharma Initiative replace the washer and dryer in the hatch with updated models, but not that damn computer?

Stop What You're Doing and Read This Book Immediately

What's Left of Me
by Kat Zhang

I have a severe weakness for dystopian literature.  Young Adult, Adult, Juvenile, Short Story, Graphic Novel, it doesn't matter.  Strangely, I'm not a fan of "The Walking Dead."  Mostly because everyone on the show is stupid as hell.  But I digress.

"What's Left of Me" is probably the fifth or sixth post-apocalyptic novel I've read this year; although I use the term "apocalypse" loosely, because I'm not sure if there was some Event that made things the way they are in this version of the world, or if this is an alternate universe.  Regardless, this book is awesome, and you should read it right now.

The story is about Eva and Addie, two souls that exist in the same body.  Everyone is born with two souls, one more dominant than the other.  At the age of four or five, the dominant soul "settles" into the body, and the recessive soul disappears.  Only Eva never disappears, and she and Addie have to hide the truth about themselves from their family and everyone else. 

I'm a sucker for feel-good sibling story lines, and I don't think two siblings can get any closer than this.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll yell at the obligatory clueless adults.  If you don't, you're probably dead inside.

Run, don't walk, to your nearest library/bookstore/friend's house and read this book immediately.

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