Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to Throw Your Own...


Every year my friends and I have a get-together the Saturday after Thanksgiving to celebrate with each other.  We change the theme and the food every year so that we don't get overloaded on turkey and throw up all over ourselves.

This year's theme was "Skanksgiving."  At Skanksgiving, you dress trashy and eat a lot of junk that will clog your arteries.  You throw all manners out the window, and stuff food in your face like it's the last chance you'll have to eat.  Also, there's porn.

Skanksgiving is not an easy party to throw.  It takes a lot of creativity and self-confidence.  Here are some helpful tips so you can throw your own!

Tip Number One:  The Outfit

Ladies, it's always a good idea to let part/most of your bra show.  And you're going to want your hair to look really elegant, so try letting a few pieces dangle down from your ponytail so they get in your face all night.  A mini skirt with Uggs is always a nice option.  Gentlemen, anything with a beer logo on it is pretty safe.  Don't forget the Duck-Face for pictures!

Some of these images are NSFW, so I'm going to do a page break here.

Tip Number Two:  The Table Setting

Don't stress yourself out with something fancy like a tablecloth.  It's only going to get dirty anyway, and then you have to wash it.  By covering the table with some photos from your favorite magazines, you're creating a table setting that's colorful, as well as topical. 

Tip Number Three:  The Appetizers

A good host/hostess always has some munchies out for those early arrivals.  A nice wine should always be accompanied by some nuts or pork rinds.

Tip Number Four:  The Main Course

Go with something simple and delicious.  Plus, fried chicken meals often come with extras, so you don't have to make as many side dishes.

Tip Number Five:  The Side Dishes

You should still plan on having several side dishes.  They're what makes the meal!  Plan ahead and assign different dishes to your guests so everyone can contribute.

Tip Number Six:  The Beverages

Everyone likes Kool-Aid.  And if someone doesn't, then you probably shouldn't have invited them.

Tip Number Seven:  Environment and Color Scheme

Everyone should feel comfortable and at home at your event.

Make sure to stick with a neutral color palette, like a nice, healthy beige.

Tip Number Eight:  Dessert

Another easy way to reduce party-planning stress is to avoid having to actually frost your desserts.  Just set your cake out after it's done.  If they want frosting on it, they can do it themselves.

Well, now you have everything you need to throw your own Skanksgiving party next holiday season.  Good luck!

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