Friday, December 7, 2012

Some Questions I Have...

Now That I Have Finished Watching Season Two of "Lost."

  1. Why did that statue have only four toes?
  2. Why doesn't Alex just leave?  She's clearly not into all this kidnapping.
  3. they not want the baby anymore?
  4. How did they know Sawyer's real name?
  5. What are all the women doing about tampons when they start their periods?
  6. Is nobody worried about the Smoke Monster anymore?
  7. Isn't Jack concerned about the whereabouts of his father's dead body?
  8. Can we just get rid of the extras?  They're not contributing anything.
  9. Does Sawyer really have herpes?  Because he acted really guilty about it.
  10. Why would the Dharma Initiative replace the washer and dryer in the hatch with updated models, but not that damn computer?

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