Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cover Snark

Nothing Short of Perfect
by Day LeClaire

 This cover pretty much snarks itself, but I'll try to give a little input.

Just what the hell is going on here?  Is he kidnapping the baby?  His posture suggests that he is about to make a run for it.  Why else would he be wearing his coat in the house?

Or is it a surprise Christmas gift for someone?  Who exactly do you buy a baby for Christmas?  Based on how crooked his coat is, I'm guessing he decided to hide the baby in there at the last minute.  But the surprise must have worked, because both he and the baby look pretty pleased with themselves.

The look on the man's face also suggests that after he finishes surprising the recipient with the baby, he is going to ravish them.  He may or may not be fully dressed underneath the coat.

This book seems to be part of a series called Billionaires and Babies, so I'm guessing the "Surprise Baby" plot is pretty popular these days.  Also, that fancy "B" in the logo looks like a sperm. 

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