Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Questions I Have...

Now That I Have Finished Watching Season Five of "Lost."

  1. Isn't it totally cool that all The Others speak Latin?
  2. Just how old is Richard?
  3. What kind of shitty hospital did Jack used to work for?  He just walks right on in and takes whatever he wants of their supplies.  Plus that "nurse" came in with a gun to shoot Sayid!
  4. Is there only one lawyer in L.A.?  
  5. What happened to all the extras?!
  6. Okay, is Richard wearing eyeliner, or not?
  7. How did Oceanic explain the plane being full of bodies, including the six survivors?
  8. Why are they trying to make me like Juliet?  I DON'T WANT TO LIKE HER, OKAY!
  9. Is Claire's mom just totally fine with having a child to raise now?
  10. Does Ben have some weird fetish with stealing kids to raise as his own?  First Ethan, then Alex?
  11. How did Daniel get the last name "Farraday?"

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