Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some Questions I Have...

Now That I Have Finished Watching the Sixth and Final Season of "Lost."

Spoiler Warning!

  1. Is L.A. the only town these people are allowed to live in?  Even the people not originally from L.A. ended up here.
  2. Why won't Claire wash her hair?  Or bathe?
  3. Can we rebuild those mirrors in the lighthouse?  I feel like they would come in handy.
  4. Was Claire keeping a dead raccoon in that bassinet?
  5. Why do all these people have their flight number memorized?  I've never done this.
  6. How many people have to blow up before we stop throwing the dynamite around?
  7. Would it be safe to say that Sawyer has had sex with more characters than anybody else on this show?
  8. Allison Janney?
  9. Jacob and his brother really didn't have any questions about the existence of other people before they were thirteen?
  10. Is Aaron stuck spending the rest of the afterlife as an infant?

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