Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Goals and TBR

I feel like I started off the year pretty well.  True, I've already failed my goal of not buying anything else until I've read everything I own, but we'll ignore that.  I'm not going to bother making that goal again since Valentine's Day is coming up, and Edward and I always go to a bookstore for Valentine's. 

So, without further ado...

February Goals
  • Continue reading poetry.  I've been wanting to read more poetry for awhile and so I've been reading a couple of books I already own.  This week I checked out a few more poetry books at the library.  My plan is to start a notebook of some of my favorite poems or lines from poems.  I was sure I had an old one somewhere that I had started in high school, but I can't find it now.  Edward and I are buying a house this year, and I really like the idea of incorporating poetry and quotes into whichever room we turn into the library.  Maybe writing them straight onto the wall?  I'll have to think more about this.
  • Catch up with my book reviews.  I have three advanced reader copies to review for LibraryThing, and at least one more on the way.  I hate being behind on this, because I always feel really rude for not giving these books priority when someone gave them to me for free.
  • Keep better review notes.  I've noticed that some other bloggers keep a separate notebook for their review notes, so I'm going to try that.  I tend to get way involved with another book before I have a chance to review the one before, and I'm afraid details are getting lost.
  • Comment on more blogs.  I guess I get worried that commenting a lot will make people think I'm a stalker or something, which is totally irrational.  The whole point of blogging is to share with people.  And I would totally be fine with people stalking my blog, so I don't know what my problem is.

February To-Be-Read 

  • Starting at the bottom, I have Fresh off the Boat by Eddie Huang.  I was so excited to receive this one from LibraryThing because I love food memoirs, but also I ate at this guy's restaurant in NYC!
  • All the Wrong Questions: Who Could That Be at This Hour? by Lemony Snicket, who I've been missing desperately ever since A Series of Unfortunate Events ended.
  • The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde.  This is the first book in his only series that I haven't read.  It was only recently released in the States, but I think there might be two more?
  • Her by Christa Parravani; another early review copy.
  • Another Jasper Fforde, and the most recent in the Thursday Next series, The Woman Who Died A Lot.
  • Not pictured is an ebook I have for review called When the Siren Calls by Tom Barry

Besides all these, I've been making excellent progress on my  Shelf by Shelf project, so I'll try to update that soon.

Happy Reading!  And Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. You totally should comment more on blogs- that's really how you'll get more readers and followers! No one will think you're a stalker, I promise!

    1. Thanks! I can already see the difference!