Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 27.  It was weird.  It's still a little weird.  I guess 27 was an age I'd never thought about before.

I had a very book-tastic birthday.  Edward woke me up with a book themed scavenger hunt to find my birthday present.  The first clue he gave me (while I was brushing my teeth) was "this bitch drowned in a river."  That one actually took me awhile until he hinted that it might not be a book, which prompted me to think of plays and then I was like, "Oh, yeah, Ophelia."  After that I was on a role and solved it pretty quickly.  Here's a picture of each book and the clue that was in it.

He apologized for spelling "tomato" incorrectly.

So, I went to the guest room and there was a bag hidden under a table and in the bag was a Nook!  A bunch of my friends and family members chipped in and now I have a Nook HD and a beautiful case for her to live in.  I haven't thought of a name yet.  Any suggestions?

And then we went on our adventure!  We started at our main library downtown, where they have the Book Cellar.  It's basically a large room in the basement that's been converted into a used bookstore, run by volunteers.  You can buy old library books that have been withdrawn from the collection, as well as donations from people all over town.  In other words, it's the happiest place on Earth.  Everything is a dollar or less, unless it's a pricey art book or fancy edition or something like that.  Edward and I managed to buy an armful of books each for less than $20.

I snagged four books from Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's Alice series.  I own a good chunk of them, but I'm still missing a few.  That copy of Librarians in Fiction was in the freebie pile.  I probably won't read it, but it was free!  I couldn't say no.  I also got Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers, Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade by Barthe DeClements and a pretty copy of The Road to Oz by L. Frank Baum.  I've been collecting copies of the Oz books and A Wrinkle in Time with interesting covers for an art project I haven't exactly thought of yet.

I love the color in this one.  And the way that Dorothy appears to be dragging poor Button-Bright.

After the Book Cellar, we went to the River Walk to shop at River Center Mall, where they have a Sanrio store.  Yes, I bought myself Hello Kitty accessories for my 27th birthday.  I managed not to buy any of the plush toys, which I think shows great signs of maturity.  After forcing my husband to watch me giggle over Pandapple for twenty minutes,  I ate two bites of the worst baked potato of my life and we left. 

We went to the only Half Price Books in town that we hadn't shopped at before.  Two rickety floors of books.  We saw this little guy outside the window of the children's section.

Baby possums love books too!

There were a few other used book shops in the area, so I tried to pace myself.  I walked away with just a small pile.

I got that cool Art Deco book on clearance for $2!  I also picked up a cutesy copy of The Wizard of Oz and two different covers of A Wrinkle in Time.  I've really got to figure out what I'm going to do with these covers.  Preferably before I have so many of them that I run out of space to put them!  I also got an art book called High Pink by Franco Mondini-Ruiz, an artist that grew up here in San Antonio.  I bought it for $1, and when I got it home, I saw that it was signed.  Bonus!

We tried to go into Book Mart next door, but it was closed for some reason.

I tried to convince Edward that we should paint the back half of our house like this when we buy one, but he disagreed.

Since Book Mart was closed, we went to an antique store a few buildings down and saw some of the coolest stuff ever.  Honest to God guys, it's going to take Edward and I years to completely furnish a house, because we always want to buy these antiques that cost about $1000.  We ended up at another antique store that had slightly less cool stuff, but the cool stuff it DID have was amazeballs.

It's a coat rack AND a entry hall table.  Whatever you call that.  I want it.

This globe is made out of blue cobalt?  And all the countries are faced with different semi-precious stones.  I want to marry this globe.  Edward will have to understand.  I think he already does.

We tried to leave but we accidentally turned the wrong way on Broadway, and after we made the turn-around, we passed another used bookstore.

We only bought one thing each in here, because everything was pretty pricey.  I found an old Brownie Girl Scout handbook from the 70's.

All in all, a pretty awesome day.  We got some dinner after that.  By the time we had eaten, we had mostly forgotten what books we had bought, so it was like a double surprise when we unloaded the truck at home!

Yay for Birthday Books!


  1. It sounds like you had so much fun!! I got a bunch of books for my birthday, too, back in February, and I was filled with so much joy it was bordering on ORGASMIC. (Um. Don't tell my boyfriend that.) Anywho! I enjoyed spotting some of my favorite books in those pictures (The Alice series! Sophie Kinsella! A Wrinkle in Time!), so thanks for sharing them! I also think you should name your new e-reader "SNOOKie"... but then again I'm the person who named her Kindle "Kinsley Paperwhitington."

    So glad I came across your blog, Brittany! Definitely following you, because I'm having so much fun trolling through your posts. Looking forward to future entries! :D

    1. Snookie! I love it. I thought it should have a last name, so the husband suggested Duvall. Snookie Duvall. Done.

      I think Kinsley Paperwhitington sounds very distinguished.

      Thanks for following!