Monday, March 18, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

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Top Ten Books I HAD to Buy...But Are Still Sitting On My Shelf Unread
There are definitely more than ten books on my shelf that fit into this category, but I've narrowed it down to the ten I feel most guilty about.

1.  Avalon High by Meg Cabot

I'd been wanting to read this anyway, since I'm a big fan of Meg Cabot, but then I found an autographed copy at my local Barnes and Noble!  That was over a year ago, and I still haven't touched it.  I occasionally look at it and think, "Oh yeah, that's probably going to be a good one."

2.  Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

I read Wicked a couple of years ago and LOVED it.  I've still never had a chance to see the show.  In late 2011, I saw that the last of this series, Out of Oz, had been published; I decided it was time to buy the other books.  This has been staring at my from my bookshelf ever since.  I do really WANT to read it.  I look at it all the time and think, "I'm going to read that next."  But then I don't.

3.  An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin

This one isn't actually that bad, because I only bought it a couple months ago.  I just feel especially guilty about it because I bought it during a self-imposed book buying ban.  It wasn't a book that I was DYING to read, just one I had heard about and wanted to read.  But I could just as easily have checked it out from the library first.

4.  The Keys to the Kingdom:  Lord Sunday by Garth Nix

I love Garth Nix and everything he writes.  Edward and I own almost everything he has written and are big fans of this series.  We were super excited to buy this last volume and neither of us has read it yet.  It was published in Spring 2010.  We're so sorry, Mr. Nix.

5.  Contact by Carl Sagan

I'm the only person I know that doesn't hate this movie.  I LOVE this movie.  People make fun of me for it all the time, but I don't care.  I bought this book last spring at a book sale hosted by the library I work at.  The book is always better than the movie, right?

6.  Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
A movie adaptation was recently made starring Keira Knightley.  I haven't heard a lot about it; I sort of expected more hype.  I decided that with the movie coming out I just HAD to read it.  But I only got about ten pages in before I gave up.  Maybe this winter?  It strikes me as a good winter vacation book.

7.  Emily Post's Etiquette 18th Edition by Peggy, Annie and Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning

I checked this out at the library without realizing that it is gigantic.  There was no way I was going to be able to give it the attention it deserves before it was time to turn it in.  I put it on my wishlist, and Edward's lovely cousin Michael bought it for me last Christmas.  I've referenced it a few times for various things, but I would really love to sit down and read it.  I think it would be best to take it a section at a time, so maybe that will be my goal this year.

8.  Roses by Leila Meacham

I'm going to be completely honest and tell you guys that I totally bought this because the cover was so pretty.  I passed it over a million times and various bookstores, because I am well aware that pretty covers are not the best reasons for purchasing books.  I finally gave in and I'm just not into it.  I got about halfway through it summer of 2011.  But it's reminding me too much of Wuthering Heights, and I guess I just haven't been in the mood for all that unnecessary drama.

9.  The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl

I bought this on clearance during the tragic end of Borders.  I shopped at Borders far more often than I shopped at any other bookstore, and I still miss it.  I even have my members key card still on my keys, but I digress.  I'm not a big fan of thrillers or mysteries, but I love Dante.  And I love books that reference other books.  Too bad I have not bothered to read this yet.

10.  Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger
The Devil Wears Prada is one of my all time favorites, and I reread it often.  Especially when I'm sick; it's my comfort book, I guess.  I haven't read anything else by Lauren Weisberger, so I snatched this at the same library book sale where I bought Contact.  Maybe I'll try to grab this one instead of Prada next time I'm feeling under the weather.

What about you guys?  What books did you buy forever ago that you still haven't read?


  1. We have the Steve Martin book too, still sitting and waiting for someone to read it. I don't understand why either my husband or I haven't given it a go, we loved Shopgirl. Too many books...

    1. I feel like "Too Many Books" could be the name of a very specific type of anxiety.

      "Why is she crying so much?"

      "Too Many Books."

  2. I dont know most of the books on your list but I hope you get to see the play Wicked someday as it really is incredible!

    If you get the chance follow me back

  3. I've had Everyone Worth Knowing in my shelf for several years unread, I really need to go through and read as much as I can, I've now got a TBR BOOK SHELF not pile anymore :(

    My Top Ten

    Have a great week!

    1. I think I'm headed towards a TBR shelf. I've tried just shelving them with my already read books and just trying to keep track of the unread ones mentally, but it's not working.

      At least we don't have a TBR ROOM yet!

  4. Emily Post's Etiquette book is really a good edition of it. It's very modern and has some good information. I actually reviewed it on my blog! Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.


    1. It's the best! I look through it all the time.

  5. Oh man, I tried to read Wicked, but just couldn't get through it!

    1. It's definitely VERY different. And the book is darker than the show is. Apparently they changed a lot for the stage adaptation.

  6. I have the Steve Martin book on my list too. And it has been there way more than a couple of months. I'm really not sure why I haven't read it yet. It sounds good and it's really not that long. And I really want to read the Garth Nix books too (but I don't own them so they don't count ;-) ).

    1. EVERYTHING Garth Nix writes is awesome. So, if you get started, give yourself plenty of time to read it all!

  7. Oh Avalon high sounds really interesting. Happy Reading!

    My Top Ten!

  8. I loved Avalon High. It's one of my favorite Meg Cabot books. But I have to be honest and say I've loved pretty much everything Meg Cabot has writer :)

  9. I'm a big Meg Cabot fan, too! But like you, I've yet to read Avalon High even though I kept meaning to. I think I saw the TV movie for it, though... It was either surprisingly good or shamefully bad, I can't remember, lol. Also, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts! It meant a lot. :)

    1. I think it was BOTH surprisingly good/shamefully bad. If that makes any sense.