Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Four
Can You Hear Me Now?

There's Ashley, talking to the cops again.  She's probably really tired of this.

No, Hanna.  You wrecked it.  You brought this on yourself.

Who is going to make these art tiles for the memorial they are talking about?  I would assume that not very many people have "happy" memories of Alison.  Especially if she was as shitty to everyone else as she was to the people who were supposed to be her friends...

Hey, if they can just "block" A, why didn't they do this before?  And what program are they using to do it?

Check out Spencer, making her sex face at Ezra on his bike.

Hey, what's this flyer?

Oh, this is HILARIOUS!  A doesn't give a shit about your stupid "blocking" program, bitches!

Toby is watching Mya give Emily a scarf.  Get off campus, you weirdo!

Hanna's dad is calling during school hours.  Super responsible. 

There must not be a dress code here, because Aria's skirt is more like a belt.

And I can see her stomach.  Looks like she got started on the peplum trend early.

They really need to get better at arranging meet-ups.  They're talking with the classroom door wide open!  And she's under dressed.

Oh, of course, Spencer's stolen essay got submitted to some stupid contest.  How many times are TV shows/movies going to use this plot line?

Okay, so does Toby go here, or not?  He is so awkward, I love it.

This lab scene makes me think of Twilight.  Oh, look, there's your sexytime pictures!

Did Spencer actually invite you to dinner, Aria?  If not, that's rude.  Oh, I just remembered she has plans with Ezra.

I actually agree with Ali in this FLASHBACK.

Your dad's affair sucks!  Tell your mom!

"Can I have a carrot?"  Can I have a carrot?!

What do they mean "peeked?"  Can you "peek" at blocked messages?  If they're blocked, aren't they blocked forever?

I feel bad for Ashley that she's not invited to dinner.

Okay, I'm not sure why Hanna would think that her mom WOULDN'T tell her dad about the whole car crash thing.  It's kind of a big deal.  I mean, you can bet Shawn's parents are pretty pissed about it.

Ezra's apartment is so typical.

It's a typewriter.  Because he's an English teacher!  Get it?!

Ugh, now they're fighting.

Oh, here we go.  When people stomp out like this, I ALWAYS think about the food and how no one is going to be in the mood to eat it now.  I don't know what Ezra made, but there was a bread basket.

I'm really into this whole To Kill A Mockingbird discussion.  I know it's supposed to be all about their relationship right here, but I really wanted to hear the end of that debate.

WTF did they put in Toby's locker?  Shaving cream?

I really like Hanna's dress here.

I wonder what excuse she gave to her parents for WHY she wrecked Shawn's car.  If I was Shawn, I would have told my parents the truth, but I'm guessing Hanna would have been too embarrassed to say that she stole his car because he wouldn't have sex with her.

Ew!  Why do dads always have to do this whole surprise fiance thing?  This isn't even just a TV thing, my dad totally did it.  It's always a bad idea!  DON'T DO THIS!

Plus, look how lame Kate is.

Spencer might be getting robbed.  So sure, go downstairs isntead of calling the cops.  What a great idea.

What the fuck, Wren?  Are you drunk?  Did you steal that from the front yard?  No, he just said he couldn't find the front, so it must have been from the backyard.

Oh, man, he broke it.

Oh, you guys.  Just run away together.  You can make it work.


I hate Kate.  Fuck your stupid sailing.

This area with Emily and Toby looks more like an apartment complex.

Is Aria eating green beans out of tupperware?  This show is making me hungry.

Did Spencer walk Wren to his hotel room?  Oh, she must have driven his car for him.  I'm surprised that Hanna is allowed to drive to pick her up.  You'd think she...Oh shit.  Did A seriously just dedicate a song to Hanna on the radio?  Is she not going to tell anyone?  TELL SOMEONE!

I wonder if Mya works at this cafe place because she has to pay all the bills since her parents haven't come home yet.  I'm actually really worried about her.  Where the fuck are her parents?

Come on, A!  Writing a letter to Aria's mom?

Oh fuck, and making a mini grave on the kitchen island with that plant that Wren stole?

What?!  What's in Spencer's room?!

That's a nice picture of Spencer on their phones, though.

Alison wore jungle red lipstick, typical.

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 3
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious: 1

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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