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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Five
Reality Bites Me

I wonder why Mrs. Montgomery gave Aria that letter.  So that she could keep it and show it to all her friends?  Maybe she'll put it in her high school scrapbook along with all the random flyers and notes A sends her.

I guess they had a sleepover at Spencer's since they are all in their pajamas.  I can't believe they all stayed in the house that A broke in to.  Why didn't one of them just have Spencer stay with her?  It would be safer.  And less terrifying!

Look!  Aria even wears her pajamas in multiple layers!

Oooo, A is sending attachments with his/her texts now.

Oh my God, I remember seeing this scene for the first time and being totally fucking grossed out that A had been in the closet watching them.  It still makes me want to barf.  Also, I can't sleep with the closet open anymore.

A left his/her lipstick in the closet?  Sloppy.

Ugh, why rub the lipstick on your hand, Aria?  We're not stupid, we can see that it is the same color as the lipstick on the mirror.  Give us some credit.  I hope it takes forever for you to wipe that off.

Aria's brother is weird.  And can't be much younger than her.  Why doesn't she just tell him what's going on?  She told all her friends.  I think he can handle it.

Now the Montgomery parents are fighting, while the kids are still in the house.  If you guys are really trying to keep this a secret from Whatever-The-Brother's-Name-Is, you're doing a shitty job.  Uh oh, Aria just accidentally admitted she knew about the affair for a year when she tried to convince her mom to tell Brother.  Didn't they talk about this when her mom first got the letter?

Did someone throw those shoes at her?  Oh, she dropped them.  Wow, Shawn's really nice for trying to help Hanna even though she trashed his car.  Ohhhhh, but he clearly does NOT want to go to Homecoming.  Just admit it, Shawn.

Who is that girl that just picked him up?  It looked like she was wearing scrubs.  Is he dating a nurse?

"I seriously doubt a blind girl broke into my house.  That would take more than a talking GPS."

HA!  But, it's true.  And I get the feeling that Jenna has way better things to do than break into Spencer's house anyway.  Stop blaming Toby for everything!

Spencer won that stupid contest.

Maybe they're making Kool-Aid?

All the chemicals these kids are mixing are different colors.  What is this experiment?

Toby looks cute in those goggles!  Oh no, do I have a crush on Toby?!

Oh good, meeting up at school again.

He's got "A Thing"?  Like a hook up?  A drug deal?  Oh, a short story reading.  Don't stand so close together over his desk!

AHHHH!  Jenna being right there in front of the elevator scared me almost as much as Hanna's scrubs.

Can she see to put on her lipstick?  She already had plenty on, but I guess she doesn't know that?

Really?  Harvard and Yale?  It's just an essay contest, Spencer's Dad.  Are essay contests a really big thing?  Maybe I should have been entering those and then I wouldn't have had to pay for college.  Why didn't Melissa get an award when she wrote that essay the first time?

I wonder why Jenna makes Toby walk her everywhere at school, but goes to her doctor appointments alone.  Seems like a medical office would be a lot less familiar to her than the school, therefore harder to get around.

Oh, Toby obviously couldn't go because he's making GAK in the science lab with Emily.

So jealous.  I want Toby to bring me a CD.

Wow, that short story must have kicked ass.  Is this another bar?  How does Aria keep getting into these places?

Oh, gross.  Frozen burritos?  That guy seems cool though.

RUDE, Spencer!  That guy might not even be getting paid now that his shift is over.  I'm sure you have a tennis court in your yard or something that you can use to practice.  Let them close the court.

Way to go, Aria.  I hope this guy is into being an accomplice.  Thanks for being the voice of reason, Mystery Friend!  What is this guy's name?

So, a girl from another school is giving Shawn school?  Sad.

Oh, great.  You couldn't have found an easier way to tell her about the whole engagement thing, Hanna?  Yikes.  Good acting on Ashley's part though.  She's totally going upstairs to take a Cry Shower.  I don't blame her.  Cry Showers usually make me feel better.

A is instant messaging now?

OH!  She sent Emily's Lesbian Photoshoot to Hanna!

Wait.  Did Hanna steal Jenna's lipstick from the elevator?  Or is Spencer keeping the lipstick they found in the closet in that evidence bag?  Call the cops!

Oh, Toby looks so sad that Emily is not coming over to study.  I would totally go sit with him.  Don't leave, Toby!

Okay, it WAS a bar they went to.  Don't they card anyone in this town?

Their relationship is really hard to watch.  I see how they care about each other and how they want to hold hands and see each other as much as possible and I GET IT.  But this is illegal!  If you are going to do it, then you have to be smart and not let yourselves be seen until after she has graduated.  It'll be hard, but it's better than prison.  Why won't anyone LISTEN to me?

Toby drew a picture for Emily!

Awww, Hanna.  I love her.

Oh Emily, I know.  Life is so confusing.

It seems really unprofessional that this doctor hasn't finished decorating his lobby.  He can't come in on a weekend or something to hang some pictures?  I find it odd that Hanna's surprised that Jenna sees a therapist.  I mean, I guess they probably didn't think about her seeing someone.  But, she was blinded in a weird garage explosion by her classmates, of COURSE she sees a therapist.

Poor Aria's Brother.  If he just stands still and listens to the fighting for a minute he would totally be able to find out the whole situation.  They're just screaming all the details downstairs.

Spencer does not take kindly to being forced to throw a game.

"It was really important for our guests to win."
"And in order for that to happen, you had to lose?"
Uh, yeah, Tennis Guy.  That's how sports work.

Spencer obviously thinks he's smarter than I do, because she sort of just asked him out.

Ezra saw Aria's A texts!  Finally an outsider knows about A!  Tell him that A is stalking you, Aria!  He's a grown-up!  Also, A is clearly not doing his/her homework if he/she didn't know that Aria left her phone at Ezra's.

I don't like this stupid top that Hanna's wearing.  She must really like Shawn to join his abstinence club.

Spencer's dad is a real asshole.  I mean, that Tennis Guy was dumb, but I didn't want him to be fired.
Oh, wow she already admitted to the stolen essay.  That was fast.

Emily sucks at making bubble letters.

Is Spencer revenge dating Tennis Guy?

I want to give Aria's Brother a hug.  He really needs one.  What are they watching?

This episode was kind of lame.

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 2
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious: 2
Jenna "Looks" At Someone/Something: 1

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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