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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Six
There's No Place Like Homecoming

Is Spencer picking stuff out of Aria's cleavage?

Hanna's running for Homecoming Queen?  And Spencer is bringing Tennis Alex to the dance?
That's nice of them to bring her take out, though.  If there's anything I know, it's that the Montgomery family does not eat nearly enough take out.

Oh. My. God.  Please tell me A managed to get a fortune into that cookie!!!!


This is the best show in the whole world!!!!

They do role-playing in Virgin Club?

Hanna and I are having the same reaction.

Yay!  It's Lucas!  Why is he even in this club?

Oh, hey Mya!  Nice vest.  And I think I actually mean that.

I don't understand why they're scared that Jenna told her therapist about them blinding her.  If she had, wouldn't the therapist be obligated to call the cops?  They'd all be in Juvie right now.

And HEY!  Toby could get a date if he wanted to!

You know, Mona, you haven't really grown much.  You're just going to go get Hanna's froyo without even a "please"?

Toby has a tattoo!  On his hip!  That's interesting.  I would have picked a different font, though.  But maybe it's a prison tat and he didn't have a lot of choice.

Ask ME to Homecoming, Toby!  Because I can tell by the look on Emily's face that she isn't too into the idea of going with you.  That's pretty brave of him to ask her considering his step-sister is a psycho and might kill him for it, and he doesn't even know if Emily's interested in him that way.

These kids are doing a shitty job of painting.  Why did they wait to paint until the day before the dance?  That's just asking for trouble.

Ooooo, Tennis Alex is here and he's getting really close!  I guess this is after school?  With all the club meetings and cafeteria time these kids have during school hours they must never have time for actual class.

Oh boy, here's Jenna.  Why does she think it's any of her business if Toby was talking to Emily?  Oh, I forgot they were doing it.

What truth, Jenna?!  Who painted your nails?

Was it Toby?

Hanna has got to lose these cat scrubs.

And I bet keeping those headphones in for so long gave her a lot of earwax buildup.

Hanna's really good with the love advice.  I wish she was my friend.  Or maybe not.  Because she also gets herself into a lot of trouble.  Like murder.

This is a really NICE homecoming!  What boy band is playing?

What the fuck is MELISSA doing here?  Isn't she like, 30 now?

Oh, wow.  A former Homecoming Queen has to present the crown?  How sad.  She should have better things to do.  I bet all the other former Queens had things to do.

I sort of Love/Hate Mona.

Why is there a rumor that Lucas is a hermaphrodite?  I hate Mona again.

Melissa probably shouldn't try to do the hair poof thing.  It's not a good look for her.  I would say it adds at least five years to her face, which is not the impression you want to make when you go to your alma mater's homecoming dance.

Stop arguing in public!

Why didn't Toby just invite Emily somewhere else if he hates Homecoming?

Mya!  NO!  She looks so pretty too.  And she was so excited to see Emily!  I hate this!  God, I'm so glad high school is over.

Melissa, you are such a bitch!  And Wait.  They're giving away a car at this dance?

Mya really does look so pretty.

And I kind of like this boy band.  What song is playing?

Toby's tattoo is the date that Alison disappeared.  Okay, fine.  That's fishy.  But why would a potential murderer tattoo incriminating evidence on himself?

Lies, Lucas!  You only came to Homecoming to take photos for the yearbook, but you aren't staying to photograph the King and Queen?  Oh, he has plans to watch Hoarders with his parents.  That actually sounds way more fun than this.

Mya or Toby?  Mya or Toby?  It IS a tough decision.

A got to the Tarot Cards!  Those are expensive, A!  That fortune teller probably doesn't make a lot of money doing school dances.  But wait, which couple has the man that has darkness in him?  Is it Toby or Ezra?

Aria and Ezra are fighting in the hallway at a school dance.
This is so sad because I DO kind of want these two to work out.  I have a student/teacher thing.  I'm sorry, I just read a lot of fanfiction.

Why doesn't this medical building have security cameras?

Ha!  Toby looked really grossed out by that couple making out on the bench.  I don't blame him.

Melissa, I really can't stress enough how sad it is that you spend your life breaking up high school couples at a dance for a school you graduated from years ago.

Oh!  Toby understands about Mya!  He's so wonderful!  Oh good, I was hoping they would finally address the whole thing with Jenna.  Although I'm not sure I would equate the attempted murder of your step-sister to "things you're not proud of," Toby.'re referring to attempted murder yourself?!

Was there actually a game that went with this dance?  Did anyone go to it? 

Hanna!  You're winning!

Okay, so it was Toby who goes to the therapist.  Because he's been diddling Jenna!  And now he's alone in a room with Emily! 

Is he going to talk to her about what it's like to have sex with Jenna?  No one wants to hear about that.  Oh, shit. 

You guys just broke a lot of stuff.  Toby, you might have to get that tattoo removed.



You bought a whole can of paint for that?  Just go to Michael's and get one of those small squeeze tubes.

Coffee Sightings: 1
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious: 2

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop and The Pretty Little Liars Wiki.

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