Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Seven
The Homecoming Hangover

Who fucked with the lights in this hallway?  And Hanna's dress is not very flattering.

I wonder who's going to pay for the damage to the chem lab.

That looks like a serious head injury, Toby!  She probably needs medical attention!  Oh, he's taking her to the hospital.  Well, good then.

What are the cops doing at Emily's house?

But, why would Toby run?  Why didn't he just tell the cops the truth?  Just tell them she fell when she got lost in that stupid mirror room and hit her head on something.  Everybody knows that you look guiltier when you run.

Keep up with the times, Emily's Mom.  Everybody knows that Ben is so last year and Emily went to the dance with Toby. 

Oh, NOW these girls want to talk to the cops?  You should have done this from the beginning.

Yeah, Hanna.  Just shove those stolen medical records in your locker and we'll figure it out tomorrow!

Hey!  Emily won the car!  Well, that's nice.  Hanna's such a supportive friend.  I want to marry her.

Shut up, Health Code Girl.  You're not even wearing a hairnet.  Although, Spencer probably should not be in this kitchen.  Her family has already almost gotten Tennis Alex fired once.

Ezra still has a land line?  Yeah, right.

Aria's right.  Super lame not going to your kid's game just because your husband's a sadsack, Ella. 

Oh wow.  Shawn/Sean sent Aria flowers!  Decent!  Although, a little awkward.

Why is there a fucking dog in Emily's room?  JENNA?!

Hey, if Jenna has a seeing eye dog, why doesn't she have him with her all the time?  Are seeing eye dog's not allowed in schools?

Way to admit that you stole that file, Emily.  All you had to say was "What file?" when Jenna brought it up.

And why are you carrying the file around in your purse, Hanna?  Hide it somewhere!  Or burn it.  They don't need it anymore, right?

Uh, I wouldn't eat those cookies, Emily.  She probably put laxatives in them.  Is Emily's mom really going to sit there in her room with her all day like a weirdo?  She's not that injured.

"People cross to the other side of the street when they see him coming."  Toby really IS like Boo Radley!

Ew, Sean!  Don't say "bro."

You know, Aria is giving her mom some grief for missing Brother's game (which I agree with) but she didn't go either.

If you guys would stop yelling, then nobody would catch you with the file.  Don't mail it to the police, Spencer!  What a waste of postage.  And I know the cops in this town are horrible, but maybe the doctors aren't.  That shrink would probably have contacted the cops if he thought Toby murdered someone.

Oh, there it goes into the river.  Probably not the best idea.

Geez, why don't you just call him, Aria?  His substitute is not going to help you with this.

That file is not "gone for good," Emily, so I would stop lying to Jenna because she'll probably find out.  They just threw it in the river, they didn't destroy it.

This club is terrible.  Do they usually just let staff members bring strangers in to the kitchen to hang out?  Spencer is going to get her membership revoked.


Oh, it's Brother!  His name is Mike?  Huh, who knew?

"I didn't mean to invade your"  Ha!  I love Lucas.

Oh, Lucas hated Ali too.  What a surprise.  Good question, why were you guys friends with her?  You keep talking about how there were good times, but I haven't seen any of them.

Oh, yeah!  I forgot about their filing cabinet photos!  I remember really wishing I had thought of that idea first.  Well, I hope you're happy, Spencer.  Maybe next time you'll pick a better spot for a date.

I really like the way Mya dresses now.  It's way better than how she looked in the first episode.

Oh great, you guys are going to fight IN the school?  Way to be an example for Mike.  Wait, is Aria really skipping classes?  When?

Oh, look at that bitch in the hallway of Ezra's apartments.  She totally knows about Ezra and Aria.  And she clearly doesn't approve.

Why is Alex the only one taking advantage of this supposed time and a half he's getting for working today?  And they really shouldn't be dancing so close to the oven.

Are they going to have sex in here?

Toby's bike is totalled!  Jenna's crying on the porch!  Where is Toby!?

Poor Mike.  Puberty is so hard.

I hope all these girls feel like shit for thinking Toby was A!

And I told you throwing the file in the river wasn't going to work!

Official Count
Coffee Sightings:  1
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious:  1

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop and The Pretty Little Liars Wiki.

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