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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Eight
Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone

What's the point of having suspenders if you're not going to fasten them, Aria?

Spencer also wants to know.

Way to judge Ali's brother, guys.  Just because he was in his room by himself doesn't mean he wasn't smart.  Maybe he was in there studying for hours and that's how he got into an Ivy League school.

How much did they pay for it?

Okay, am I the only one who thinks that this little bowl/fountain thing is fugly?  No, Jason is NOT going to like it.  Ali better be happy about being remembered only by a bench, since she was such a shitty person in real life.  If it were me, I would rather be remembered as "The Girl That Bench Is For" than "That Girl Who Was The Worst Human Being Ever."


Uh, no Alison, I don't think your friends fantasize about dying like you do.

Are the clay figurines on the bowl supposed to be them?

Why do you even have one credit card, Hanna?  Much less several?

Real life happened, Hanna.  Um, you guys MIGHT have to move.  From the front image of that house, I would guess it's a four, five bedroom at least.  There are only two people living there.  Sell the house and then you can buy as many groceries as you want.

Ah, here's the first actor who plays Jason in this series!  And he's in a suit.  He's surprisingly well adjusted considering they found his little sister's body under a gazebo a few months ago.

I agree, the cops here are terrible.  I wonder where Ali's family moved to when they left Rosewood?

Aria's so freaked, she can't even control her mouth.

Guys, Jenna could have told everyone about the fire in the garage and the accident a long time ago, and she DIDN'T.  Although, I guess it's fair to assume she might finally speak up during the dedication ceremony.  This town LOVES drama.

Oh, wow, Sean.  Cooties?  Break up with him NOW, Hanna.  You're lucky he wouldn't have sex with you.

What are they eating?  I'm not sure about that hat.

Oh my God, they're so cute, though.  Emily/Mya Forever.

Is Hanna going to sell all the stuff she stole from the mall on ebay?

Emily's dad is coming home!


Is she supposed to be grilling?

Why is Jenna staring so creepily at them?  What party is this?

Ew, Emily, Friends Forever?  Don't make us barf.

What the fuck, Tom Sawyer?  What a bizarre reference.  And Tom Sawyer watched his own funeral, not a bench memorial.  Ugh.  I really don't like the idea that Ali is still alive.  If she's still around, then who did they bury?

Aria really doesn't want to go to this concert thing with Noel.  I can't say I blame her.  I mean, he's cute and all, but he seems pretty dumb.


I really want to know what party this is.  Is it school related?  And how long ago?  Why are they all sharing the same flashback in this episode?

This one didn't even reveal anything, except that Aria once had a crush on Noel.  Who cares?

Oh, great.  Dickface is back.  Why is he peeking at the yearbook photos?  This guy is just the worst detective.  He is handling this in the most bizarre way ever.  Have they done any actual research into this murder at all?  Or are they just going around attacking people who might have known Alison until the killer just owns up?

Hey, what's Jenna typing on?  It looks super tiny.

Alison?  Afraid of Spencer?  I'm so sure.


Just leave him alone, Ali.  He's just trying to sail his stupid boat.  UGH, why did they listen to her all the time?  She's a terrible person.

What's Mr. Montgomery doing visiting Ashley!?  Oh, it's to give her money for the memorial thing.  Whew.  I thought there had been another affair that I had forgotten about.

Umm, I assume they have a warrant to search Toby's locker?

Yes!  PLEASE yell at Detective Dickface, Jason.  Don't let him get away with sloppy police work.

Oooo, Toby talked to Ali on the phone the night she died!  Okay, calm down, that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Awww, Emily's going to wear the scarf Maya (just realized I've been misspelling her name, Sorry!) gave her to their date!


They have a kissing rock that all the kids go to to hook up.  Classy.

"Just because I made it up doesn't mean it's not true."  Umm, the logic in this town is awful.

Who likes pizza better at room temperature?  It's good when it's hot or cold, not the middle.  Noel sucks.

Oh, thank God you're here, Lucas.  No, don't go!  Save us from this terrible date!

At least Maya and Emily are enjoying their date.  Wow, this town is a little behind on it's movies.

Is Jason staying at Spencer's house?  That's a little weird.

Did he just sit in his room the whole time they were friends with Ali and eavesdrop on their conversations?  Because he seems to know an awful lot about their friendship.

Oh, What?  Alison lied about the whole Jenna thing and blamed Spencer?!  So typical.

Hey, for someone who is nervous about being seen with Maya in public, she sure is making out with her pretty heavily!

I guess that pizza must have finally hit room temperature, since they ate it all.  Hey, Noel, maybe she just doesn't like you.  I'm sure that's really hard for you to understand since you're such a ladies man.

Sorry, Noel.  You're going to have to hold on because Spencer is having a meltdown about the whole Jenna thing.

Awww, Hanna bought groceries!

Okay, Ashley, but your way of "taking care of things" is to sleep with gross detectives.  So just be happy that Hanna didn't do that and just sold her bags instead.

Time for the dedication ceremony.

Oh, look, there's Ian.  Who invited him to this memorial?  You may not recognize him, because this is the second actor to play him.  And I don't think Dickface should have been invited either.

I wonder what's written on those "Art Tiles."  I bet some of them are hate letters.

WHAT did Ali tell Jenna at the hospital?  I can't remember if we get to see that in the first two seasons or not.  I can't remember.

Waaaaaait.....  That's Alison's bracelet.  Which they are already supposed to have.  So, where did that other bracelet come from?  Did A make another one?  And why?  Why bother?  If A is so good at stealing, why didn't she/he just take the real one.


No big loss.  That bowl was stupid and ugly. 

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 2
Flashbacks: 5

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