Friday, May 24, 2013

Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Eleven
Moments Later

I feel like A runs like a girl.  So that narrows the suspects down to about a hundred.

I bet Ashley is freaking out right now.  I'd be freaking out too, if I didn't know the cops were probably just going to tell her about Hanna.  You know it's a small town when the cops decided it would probably be easier to just drive around looking for Ashley's car rather than waiting for her at her house.

I think this can be considered one of the worst birthday parties ever at this point.  Someone being hit by a car is kind of a buzz kill. 

What is Noel doing here?  I know he wasn't invited because he was crying about it last episode.  Maybe he came to spy on Aria?  Or RUN OVER HANNA?  None of the girls next to him seem at all bothered by his presence, but maybe they knew how badly he wanted to come.

This hospital is pretty well decorated. 

Oh, Lucas is here?  Why does he have more access to Hanna than her friends?  Ashley doesn't seem to have any problem letting him back there to see her, but she tells the other girls that they'll have to come back in the morning when visitors are allowed.

Uh, nothing will happen to Hanna while her mom is with her?  That logic is flawed, Spence.  You guys were all sleeping together in the barn when Ali went missing and got murdered, so "not being alone" is not the key here.

I would be able to enjoy this huggy moment between Melissa and Spencer if Melissa wasn't making such weird faces. 

If you ask me, she looks a little guilty. 

And super gross Ian, walking in all sweaty and shirtless while Spencer is crying!  Now is not the time to discuss hockey practice.

I find it super odd that Lucas came to the hospital.  How did he even know about the accident?  Was it on the town website? 

I don't blame Fitz for being freaked out about the car message.  But this is why you DON'T GO PARK AND MAKE OUT IN A PLACE WHERE YOUR STUDENTS ARE.  AND WHY ARE YOU GUYS DISCUSSING THIS OUTSIDE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT?!

Yeah!  What did happen to innocent until proven guilty?  I'm with Emily.  I hate everyone.

Yeah, Ashley.  Why don't you go home and put on some comfy pants?  Or hide that stolen money at least.

Noel Caan is A?!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh.  No, I don't think he is.  He just wrote the car message.

Oh boy, here comes the whole story.  If you didn't want to tell them about Fitz, Aria (which was a good idea), then you shouldn't make out in public!

"I didn't just get into his car last night!  Who do you think I am?"   Um, someone who makes out with strangers in bar bathrooms.  Remember?

Noel's at the door!  Yeah, how is everybody finding out about the accident?  Was it on the news?  And I'm so sure he's totally fine with everything, Aria. 

That's a lame gift basket.

Shut up, Emily's mom.  Those capri pants look awful.

Oh, God what a creepy teddy bear.  Is it a fucking camera?!

WTF, Mona?  Did you take your bra off before coming in here?

How much makeup could she possibly be carrying in that clutch?

Oh, gross!  Is this a true story?  Did Hanna really barf on the trampoline?  Do back flips do that to people?  Oh my God.  Now I'm picturing them all jumping while it's happening and the barf is bouncing up and down with them.  So gross.

Oh, I don't know.  I think a lot of what Ali did was probably pretty tacky.

I wish my hair looked like this.

Yes, thank you Spencer.  Let's concentrate on Fitz' impending arrest.

Who's this?Who's this?  Oh, Lucas. 

That's...sweet, I guess.

You're wasting all that stolen money on a private hospital room?  You should probably pay ahead on your mortgage for a couple months.  Why am I the only responsible person here?

Oh, Aria, leopard print?  Was that a wise choice?

You know, it's kind of nice of Noel to worry about Aria like this.  I mean, nice for Aria that he assumes she's being coerced.  Not so nice for Fitz, though.  But then again, he may have just run over Hanna with a car, so I take it all back.

How do you know Toby doesn't want to see Emily, Jenna?  Also, you're not the boss, so you can't decide anything about his visitation rights.  I wish someone would punch her right in the face.

Haha!  Ice water!  Good one, Emily!

Dead Ali came to visit Hanna in the hospital!  How sweet!

Well can you just remind them what they're supposed to remember about that night, Ali?  It would save us all a lot of time.

She has waaaaaaay too much hairspray in her hair.

"You know, I should really do something about A.  That bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves."


Miserable does not equal unhappy?

Aria, you really need to tell Fitz about Noel.  He needs to get an alibi or something.  Oh, maybe he can call that cool friend from a few episodes ago!

Pudding Fest with Lucas!  Who's going to eat all that?  He's skipping school to come here?  I mean, not that they ever went to class anyway. 

I don't understand why he's so mad.  What did he want her to do, fake having feelings for him?  Pretend he hasn't been stalking her the entire time she's been in the hospital?

Ew, creepy Dad.  Listening in on phone calls?

I hate it when parents do this thing where they want their kids to talk to them, but they keep interrupting them when they finally do.  Just shut up and listen to her!

I'm with you here, Em.

I'm so proud right now.  I just want to hug Emily for a whole year.

I really can't stand this outfit of Aria's.  It looks like she's getting ready for her Glamour Shots.

Who the fuck cut down the tree?  What a waste of time and resources.  Why not just never show it to them at all, A?

He's saying you're acting like a bitch, Mrs. Fields!  And she can totally hear you guys.  She's still in the house.  What is with the parents in this town and yelling things they don't want their children to hear right IN FRONT OF their children?  I do like ABCFamily's advertising here.  Sort of a "this is what NOT to do when your kid comes out."

Wow.  Everybody line up to barf!

Oh this is so fucked up.  Where is the security in this hospital!?


Official Count
Messages From A:  Just 1, but it was really gross
Coffee Sightings:  None, actually
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious: 1

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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