Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Thirteen
Know Your Frenemies

What is Melissa whining about to Ian?  And why haven't they moved his shit into the barn?

Does the fact that A sent Spencer an email ABOUT Melissa mean that A is not Melissa?  I was really hoping it would turn out to be her so I could have better reasons to hate her.

No Ian, she can't just start thinking of you as FAMILY.  You guys used to make out.

The fact that their mom is dating other people is weird news to break over the breakfast table, Mr. Montgomery.  That probably could have been handled with a little more sensitivity.

Is Spencer trying to do an impression of Melissa?  Because it's awful.

"Ali hated old people."  Who's surprised?

Awww, this FBI lady is nice.  I hope she doesn't get murdered.

Okay, so Ian and Ali for sure met up at Hilton Head.  And maybe he murdered her after they met up at the kissing rock?

Is A trying to help them?  I'm really unsure what his/her motive is at this point.  Especially if the killer is a different person.

Fitz gave in.  That didn't take long.

Why would they let Toby come back to school just to clean out his locker?  Especially during school hours?

Go away, Random Extra!

I love cupcakes, but the thought of eating all that frosting makes me want to barf.

And I've never seen a bunch of guys laugh at a hot girl for eating in real life.


I wonder what kind of pie that was.

So did Ali make her start barfing up her food?

Okay then, MRS. FIELDS.  I can get her being uncomfortable with them being in Emily's room alone because she doesn't want her daughter having sex, but way to overreact.

Okay, so that is how Ali helped Hanna lose weight.  But Hanna didn't continue to do it.
I wouldn't blame her if she throws up now, though.  That's way to much icing.

Okay, how the fuck did A get into those paper towels?

What are you looking for, Mrs. Fields?  Lesbian porn?

Oops, pot.  Why would she look in that mint box, though?

Ew, Mean Girls 2

Fuck you, Noel.  And the horse you rode in on.

I don't think that Toby should just be walking alone around town, for his own safety.  And also so that more children won't just run into the street to get away from him.

So what would you rather she be doing, MRS. FIELDS?  Drugs or girls?

I hate when TV shows pretend that everyone eats their salad out of a salad bowl with matching tongs.

Fitz is so drunk, he couldn't even take off his vest.

You guys should probably do it before he gets carted off to jail.  At least make this whole thing worth it.

"Even though this doesn't look right, it's always FELT right."  I love them so much.  Why can't they just be happy!?  Why can't we all just run away and be together?

Spencer sucks her thumb while she studies.

Why didn't you look through his things when they were still on their honeymoon?  You had plenty of time.

Why?  Why a baby now?  You guys still live in the barn!

No, nobody likes the thought of a tiny Melissa or Ian.

Why couldn't she just tell her she found the money in the back of the pantry and that it must have fallen out of the box?  I'm a way better liar than all of these girls.

Why isn't Ashley questioning her more?  She's just going to go with it?

Come on, you guys!  Have a huge passionate night together!  Just, you know, wear a condom.

Mrs. Fields is such a bitch for tattling on Maya's pot.  It was JUST POT!  It's not crack cocaine!

Man, Fitz is really being dramatic about this.  I hope he doesn't start crying.  Oh, I might start crying.

So...is he just going to quit?  Or leave without telling anyone?  I guess he just figures they'll call him to tell him he's fired?

Who framed Noel?  Because I would like to hug them.

Thanks for the help?

Don't say "posse," Melissa.

"One thing I don't have to worry about is Ian looking at other women."

Oh man, this part always makes me cry!

Are they going to do it on Spencer's bed?  These girls are some really good friends.

Everyone kept the newspaper with Ali's face on it?  For what, their scrapbooks?

Okay, new plan.  Aria, Ezra, Emily and Maya should all run away together.  They could start a band, buy a bus and roam the country playing songs about sexual acceptance.  Shows would sell out.


So, now the girls are going to see them turn the camera around.

Why would he film this right before he killed her?  He must have known he'd get caught.

Are they humping?!

Official Count
Messages From A: 6
Coffee Sightings: 2
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious: 1

Until next time, Bitches!

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