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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Fourteen
Careful What U Wish 4

Blah blah blah, replay of the end of last episode.  Oh, it's not a replay.  They're just watching the video over and over.  Looking for clues, I guess.  Although you can't tell much from such a short video.

Okay, Hanna thinks they are doing it in the video too.

This totally looks like somebody is being humped.  Especially because you just hear breathing and grunting, not a blow to the head or anything like that.

But seriously, will you guys please call the FBI?  Thank you, Hanna.


Why would you leave the video open?  Especially if you knew he was in the barn?

Just call the FBI and tell them someone sent the video to you anonymously, duh.

How many dances does this school have a month?  Wasn't Homecoming just a few weeks ago?  My high school only had Homecoming and Prom, so maybe I don't know what's normal.

You guys NEED to talk to the police.  Do it for Toby.  He's innocent.


Who's Simone?  Oh, Aria's old babysitter.  I completely forgot about her.  This girl doesn't look that much older than Aria; when did she start babysitting her?  Oh boy, Aria's mom just tried to set her up with Fitz.

My thoughts exactly.

I don't think there's much chance that you'll get to talk to Maya on the phone while she's at this camp thing.  You should write her letters, it'll be super romantic.

This is a really nice background photo.  Did they have a professional take it?

Oh, yay it's Caleb!  I was wondering when he shows up.  I don't know what Hanna thinks that Caleb can do with phones but I don't think he can make Maya's phone appear in her hand so that she can answer it when Emily calls if the camp counselors won't let her use it except to call her parents.

Lucas is being a real dick these days.

So, the fact that Hanna can see Spencer's playlist online means that her laptop is not in her bag?

Yup, it's gone.  Typical.  Why didn't you email that video to any of the other girls?

Those pants aren't a good look on you, Em.  And again, Caleb isn't magic.  You also only left school about five minutes ago, so why don't you give him some time to steal this bike from the bike store and ride it home so he can work on your phone.

Oh, wow.  How much money does Ashley owe to that store?  Why would they buy so much clothes if they're broke?  It's okay to wear the same outfit more than once, you guys!  I promise you won't go to jail!  I once wore the same outfit twice in the same week.  (It was an accident, and I didn't see the same people on both days, so lay off.)

Weird facial expressions.  Probably because he's about to go meet Simone for coffee.  Why didn't he just tell Mrs. Montgomery that he was sort of dating someone who didn't live in town?  It's not like she would check up on it?  Then we could avoid another argument between these two, which is pointless, since we know they are just going to make up in public somewhere.

The music they played while Ian cut that sandwich was really ominous.

Ian is a way better liar than everybody else on this show.  Of course Melissa is okay with Ian chaperoning a dance, she LOVES going to high school events even though she's already graduated.  It's natural that she would seek out a spouse with those same interests.

Get out of here, Ian.  She doesn't want to share your lame sandwich.

Hanna and that flask.

The perfect accessory for school dances and funerals!

An awful lot of people showed up for this dance contest.

Aria's right, if Ian stole the laptop because of the video, then he probably did already erase it.  I mean, that would be the smart thing to do.  But then again, we're talking about Ian, the guy who might have filmed himself committing murder, so what do I know?

Thanks, Montgomery's, for explaining how a dance-a-thon works!

These girls are doing a really half-ass job of dancing.

Caleb might replace my Toby crush. 

You guys aren't dancing!  You should be kicked out of this contest.

This doesn't have to be a bad thing, Hanna.  Just make sure he realizes that it's a friendly dance.  Don't grind on him or anything.

Oh, but I guess it would piss off her boyfriend.

I don't know that I would consider your class trip, a "good cause."

Uh oh, has Maya been turned into a robot?

Nice going, Aria!  That was easy.  But then, it was also Ezra.

Aria is the WORST at this dance-a-thon.  She should not get any of the money.

What is the theme of this dance?  Presidents and Old TVs?

Better hurry, Spence!  Ugh, shit like this always stresses me out.

Hey, Caleb!  Are you here to help?

It's been FOUR HOURS already?

What does Emily need the flask for?

Stop her, Spencer!  Punch her in the face if you have to, just save her from herself!

Thank God someone has their head in the game.


Emily drank the whole flask.

Drunk Emily is kind of a bitch!  It's refreshing.

You know, Hanna, if you'd all stuck to the "no more secrets" rule, you would have been able to explain to Emily and the other girls that you're being blackmailed.  Maybe they could have helped with Sean/Shawn.

Poor Hanna.  I really do like her best.

Drunk Emily is stuck in the curtains.  What the hell was in that flask?  It wasn't even that big!

Oh shit.  Oh shit.

Nice save, Spencer!  That sounded a lot like a threat, Ian.  What if she tells someone you threatened to harm her?

"I can open my own damn door!"  I love Emily so much right now.

Oh, good.  Meet outside by his car.  That's smart.

Surprise! Laptop!

Who the fuck took this photo!?

AHHHHHH!  I would say this means that A is a student except that the chaperones were participating way more, so it could have just as easily been someone else.

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 2
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious:  3
Messages From A:  4

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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