Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Eighteen
The Badass Seed

Play auditions!  All the girls are trying out?  You'd think that they wouldn't have the extra time to devote to a play, considering they are being stalked by a possible murderer.

Aria is wearing a tuxedo camisole.  Where do you buy that?  It's pretty cute.

Oh, hey Mona!  Where have you been for the last year?

Aria, you should be happy you meet at Ezra's apartment instead of Sea World.  It smells there.

Jenna wants to compose music for the play.  Because she is "fascinated with the nature of evil."  Call the cops, Fitz.

This has got to be a dream, right?  There isn't really a baby in Spencer's living room...

Okay, it was a dream.

Hold that flap down and tape it yourself, Ian.  How did you get all those other boxes closed without Spencer's help?

If you don't have anything to do with Alison's disappearance, then why do you know so much about her personality, Ian?

If you were any good at this, Hanna, you would have already replaced the groceries before she noticed.  Don't you know anything about sneaking a boy into your house?


Here we go getting up at 3 am again.  Aria stopped by Fitz's apartment because she wants to see him before school.  Maybe she got up at a normal time and classes don't start until 10am in Rosewood?

Oh yeah!  I remember this!  It must be really hard (!) to not look at his penis right now.

She looked!   I don't blame her.

That's an interesting top, Spence.  And I don't know if I mean that in a good way or a bad way.

Ian is giving Jenna a bag.  Why does everybody conduct their private business on school property?

I know nothing about this play and it's making me feel like a failure.

You're right, Mona.  Waste of water indeed.

It's okay Fitz.  Folders are hard.

Fuck off, Ian.

What frat party are they talking about?!  I feel a flashback coming.


Yeah right, like Frat parties check for identification.  Especially when Ali passed out their fake IDs right in front of the "bouncer."

That girl Ian is taking upstairs has really short shorts on.

GOD DAMN IT ARIA!  You're fired from Stage Manager.

I don't know if this beer date is a good idea.

He likes you Hanna!  Just go with it!  You've already seen his penis.

Jenna's not bad at the flute.

I really want Toby to get some help for what he's gone through with Jenna.

I'm concerned about how she is going to punish him when she finds out that he stole her phone so that the girls can have Caleb hack into it.

What do you mean "take five?"  No one was doing anything.  Stop having this argument here!


ShortShorts "fell" down the stairs.

Wait, did she die?

What is Caleb talking about?  Does he have a dick tattoo?


Okay ShortShorts at least has a broken neck.  Where is Alison?

You know, she's a pretty good liar.  Which might be why she's dead.

Okay, there's a trophy in one of the prop boxes that belongs to Ian and it has blood on the back.  Or something that looks like blood.  What is it doing at the school?  I guess A put it there?  The marble base appeared in an A scene at the end of an episode.

Okay, good.  They're taking it to the cops NOW.

You'd think that they would know better than to assume that this is all over.


Well, how the hell are they supposed to know all these details, you asshole detective?!

Where is their lawyer?  Where is Mariska Hargitay?  I'm going to sue.

Why would Alison push some sleezy drunk girl down the stairs?  Just because she was hooking up with Ian?

I really don't think Ali would go to all this trouble just to get to Ian.  He's not that good looking.


Official Count
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious: 2
Messages From A: 1
Flashbacks: 3

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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