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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Six
Never Letting Go

The girls are hanging out in Emily's room, folding pamphlets for a fashion show.  Now I guess we're going to have to figure out if Ian really killed Alison or not, since the video shows them separating in the woods.  But Spencer has a good point, he could have easily just met her somewhere else to kill her, or just waited to kill her until she turned the camera off.  Maybe he wanted to have some goodbye sex first before he murdered her?

Just as Spencer is gushing about how they all have boyfriends/girlfriends at the same time, Aria gets some random text from Jason asking if she'll meet up with him.  The girls all assume it's Ezra and she doesn't contradict them.  Why would she keep that a secret?

Oh, please don't have an affair with Jason, Aria.  Ezra is so much better than him.

Aria gets in Jason's car so they can "talk" because they can't talk outside of the car, I guess.  Even though it doesn't have a top on it, so anyone passing by will hear everything they say.  Turns out he just wants Aria to keep her mouth shut about all the private stuff he revealed at the funeral.

They keep talking about this fashion show like it's a big thing that happens every year.  And Mrs. DiLaurentis was involved in it somehow.  I guess it's a fundraiser? 

Hanna comes home from the pamphlet party to find her parents making a "Farewell Dinner," since her dad is leaving to go back to his new family.  I don't really blame Hanna for being pissed here.  Her dad kind of sucks.  He seems to think he can have his cake and eat it too, which the Marin ladies surely won't stand for.  Hanna and Ashley don't have time for anyone's shit.

Spencer and Toby are sucking each other's faces off at Spencer's back door.  Spencer wants Toby to build her some make up tables for the fashion show.  Ummm, way to give him NO notice, Spencer.  Don't you know he has other stuff to do?  Like all those jobs he got hired for so he can pay you back for that truck.

Mr. Hastings is yelling at someone on the phone.  Something about Jason being back in town.  But he lies and tells Spencer it has to do with the fashion show.  Don't these people ever realize that people in the same room as them can still hear their side of the conversation.  She heard you mention Jason.  And there's no way that this fashion show is that damn important.  Spencer waits until he leaves and then redials the number he last called.  It was Ali's mom.  Dun Dun DUN!

Poor Pam, she's having a really hard time being away from Mr. Fields.  I can't imagine how hard it is to be a military wife/husband and be separated from your spouse.  Emily suggests that she stay with one of her friends so that Pam can go and live in Texas until Mr. Fields assignment is over.

Aria is over at Spencer's house before school, where they have their first cup of coffee for the day.

That must be some REALLY good coffee that Aria's having.

Who has all this time to go to each other's houses BEFORE school?  They discuss why Mr. Hastings would be yelling at Ali's mom on the phone about Jason and what a weirdo Jason is.  Spencer suggests he's a Vampire since he newspapered all his windows.  Aria is trying to defend him.

Spencer gets an email from Mrs. DiLaurentis and then Aria gets one too.  She wants to have lunch with all the girls.

Here we are at lunch.  Probably at Apple Rose.  I guess it's not a school day?  Or they're just skipping it.  They ask Mrs. D why Jason would have moved back into their old house and she basically says she has no fucking clue, and that both her kids are/were nuts.

She gives old dresses of Ali's to the girls.


Ali is trying on formals for the girls.  She makes fun of Hanna for being too fat for one of them.  Typical bitchy Ali behavior.

I guess these dresses were ones that Ali wanted to wear to the fashion show?  Mrs. D wants the girls to wear them in remembrance of Ali.  Everyone seems uncomfortable.

Mrs. D leaves and Hanna freaks out about wearing Ali's old clothes.  Then they discuss whether or not they should run the photos past Mrs. D for approval and Aria jumps at the chance to show them to Jason.  What's her deal?  And what photos?  Wouldn't photos of the show not be taken until, well, until the show is actually happening? 

Everyone is setting up for the fashion show and Spencer is wearing really stupid knee high socks.

Mona tells Spencer that she already made better programs and basically did all Spencer's job for her, since she thought Spencer was going to jail for Ali's murder.  How long has this fashion show been in progress?  Because this episode is the first I'm hearing about it.

Emily is trying on her dress for New Girlfriend and invites her to the show.  New Girlfriend already has plans with "a friend."  Emily says that her "friend" can come.  I smell an awkward situation coming up.

Ella Montgomery offers to call Jessica DiLaurentis (Yes! Her first name. Now I can stop spelling out her last one) if Aria feels uncomfortable wearing Ali's dress.  But Aria says it's fine.  Then she starts talking to Ella about Jason's misssing memories from the night Ali disappeared without revealing who she's talking about.  Ella doesn't seem freaked out by this conversation, even though I would be.

Hanna is dancing like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club, and her stupid dad is just watching her.  He decided not to leave so that he can see her in the fashion show.  I am so SICK of this fashion show already.  What does the money they raise go to?  Hanna calls her dad out for acting like he's still in love with Ashley even though he's still planning on marrying lame ass Isabel.  Hanna is way too smart for all these supposed "Adults."  She should get legally emancipated.

Oh!  She threw away the Thai food he brought her!

Jason is hanging out at the school.  Gross.  He's looking at pictures of Ali with Aria on her computer.  I guess they are dedicating the show to Ali and that's what all these photos are about.  I get that Ali's death is probably the biggest thing to happen to this town in EVER, but how many things are they going to dedicate to her?  Are they just going to keep doing it until someone else gets murdered?

Aria questions Jason ONLY SLIGHTLY about any memories he might have about that day and Jason totally loses his shit and leaves.

Maybe it was in bad taste for Aria to bring it up, but he's acting awfully suspicious.

Mona is not taking anyone's shit when it comes to this fashion show.  Becky cannot wear flats unless she wants Mona to kill her.  I'm kind of surprised that Mona would prefer to be behind the scenes in this show rather than walking the runway.

Toby got right to work on those make-up tables.  He tells Spencer to chill out and relax, because they don't have to worry anymore, now that Ian is dead.  It's sweet that he believes that.

New Girlfriend delivers Emily's dress.  Who is this Quinn bitch she brought?  That "lap sitting" comment was inappropriate.  I hate New Girlfriend.

This fashion show is crazy elaborate.

They're serving alcohol at a school run event?  All the moms are hanging out together.  Except for Mariska Hargitay.  I wonder where she is?

Oh, but there's Mr. Hastings, yelling at Jessica.

How much make-up are these girls going to put on?  These tables are looking pretty good, considering Toby only had about five minutes to put them together.

Ashley is so pretty.  There's no way Hanna's dad doesn't regret his decision.

Aaaaaand now they're going to slow dance at the bar area.  And of course, Hanna sees them.  Your parents are fucked, Hanna.  Just worry about yourself, you'll be alright.

I don't think Jason should be backstage where the girls are changing.

Emily looks awesome in blue, she should wear it everyday.  Umm, yeah New Girlfriend.  I think it would bother Emily if you were dating someone else.  And don't try to blame it on her by saying she didn't want to get too serious to fast.  She didn't mean you should be diddling other people!

Caleb is in the audience, looking super hot in a tux.

I'm not sure what the theme is for this fashion show.  Anything we could find and throw together?

Oh, Mona is modeling!

Sparkly tights!

I like this outfit of Spencers with the leather thing and the tutu.  Aria's hair looks awful.

And this song is also awful.

I like how they just paired a random girl with Mona, because they ran out of main actresses.  I'm sort of surprised Jenna isn't here.

And now here's the Ali memorial.

I guess we can say what we will about Ali, but that girl was very photogenic.

Spencer looks amazing in this low cut dress!

Oh shit.  Here it goes.

This is so fucked up.

What do you mean you can't turn it off, Noel?

What a terrible thing to do in front of Ali's mom.  A clearly has some balls.  And no conscious.

What would you even do at this point?   I mean, it's super embarrassing.

Oh my God.  Don't go backstage by yourself, Aria!  Have one of the other girls go with you.

What the fuck are you playing at Noel?

I hope nobody thinks that these girls planned this.

Okay, according to Pam, nobody thinks that, but that's not really encouraging.

By the way, the security at these events is really subpar.

Emily, don't give in to this "seeing other people" thing if you're not comfortable.  You're so much better than New Girlfriend.

So it looks like Emily will be staying with Hanna until the summer, when she'll join her parents in Texas.  I'd say run off to Texas now, where you'll be safe, but what do I know?

If you were so concerned about Hanna getting home safe, Mr. Marin, then why didn't you drive her home yourself?  And now he's admitting to having feelings for Ashley, still.  I wish he would just leave.  Ashley is clearly damaged from what happened between them, what with her having blackmail sex all the time.  She needs to be able to heal.

"Whoa, you look beat."  That's an excellent observation, Mr. Hastings.  Did you even see what happened at the show?

He wants Spencer to stay away from Jason.

Poor Aria.  How does anyone expect the girls to move on if this kind of shit keeps happening?  Their parents act so surprised that they need therapy and that they obsessed over Ali's killer.  Can anyone blame them?

Aria wants Jason to tell her why he moved back into that house.  I kind of think she should mind her own business.  Jason has his own issues to work on.

Oh gross, someone put the candles on the counter in the shape of A.

A is ordering boots?  I guess stalkers have to shop too.  What a weird scene to stick in.

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 1
Messages From A: 2 (including the candle display)
Flashbacks: 1

Best Outfit
And the award goes to...

Spencer, twice!  For her excellent taste in fashion show choices.  Although I guess the credit for the second dress should really go to Ali.  Spooky.

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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