Monday, June 3, 2013

Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Seventeen
The New Normal

I can't remember exactly, but I'm not sure that Spencer is reading this braille right.

Because "BAD" doesn't make any sense.  Unless Jenna was just writing down an adjective to describe their situations.

Looks like Aria is going to be pretty annoying for the rest of this episode at least.

Is that supposed to be a whole dress, Hanna?  She probably bought it at Forever21.  They can never tell the difference between shirts and dresses over there.

If it were me, I would still have waited at least five minutes after Ashley left to let him out of the basement.

And this is precisely why.

Hey!  Now his hat's all wet!  Why didn't you just throw it out of the open doorway he just walked through?

Oh good, I'm so sick of this stupid argument.  Just make-up and then let's never talk about this again.

That pasta salad looks good.

How long is Ella going to be teaching here?  Because Ezra and Aria are going to have to start scheduling their very obvious classroom meetings.

So is Sean/Shawn history then?

Aria's collar makes it look like she's wearing pigtails and one of them is really frizzy.

Paige's dad is an asshole!

I like the look of disgust on the girl behind her.

 Poor thing; look how embarrassed she is.

I just fell in love with Ezra a little bit more.  Hey, why are the teachers eating in here with the kids?  They don't have a teachers' lounge?  If I were a teacher, I would want to eat lunch where I can talk shit about my students in peace.

Ashley is actually doing pretty well talking to this guy, considering how nervous she probably is that he's going to have her arrested for stealing his aunt's money.  Oh gross, he just asked her out.

Poor Paige.  I think.

No, Mr. Montgomery.  Noel is the one with the guitar.

Ella is totally having an orgasm over Ezra handling (hee hee) Paige's dad in the cafeteria.

Toby got a new mailbox!

And a haircut!

Jenna plays the flute?

A is right.

"I wasn't asking who you were on the phone with."  Then what were you doing, MRS. FIELDS?  Besides staring at Emily from the hallway.

I'm really digging Spencer's outfit here.

Oooo!  I wonder what Ezra got for takeout.  (Spoiler: We never find out.)

Oh no, don't tell me Ashley is actually going on this date.

What are you doing, Caleb?  This is super awkward.

Ha!  Hanna Banana.

I don't like this guy.  I don't like his nose.  And nobody's signature takes that long to write.

Ooo, look at Caleb and his pen knowledge!  That's hot.

Oh, please Byron.  You're the one that cheated.  You don't get to freak out over Ella going to a book signing with Ezra.  This is really immature.

See, this is why you girls need to keep each other abreast of what's going on with all your secrets.  Because when you play catch up, everyone freaks out.

Why would you try on lingerie for your brother in the middle of the store?!

Good, I'm glad she knows about Paige's stupid dad.

It's so rude to just walk into someone's house, Spencer.  Remember how freaked out you were when you came home and Jason was in the living room?

The decorating in what I'm guessing is Jenna's room is awful.

Yay, Toby's free!

Caleb should be a detective.  I bet it would only take him a few days to solve Alison's murder.

Jenna is probably going to try to have Spencer killed.

Yeah, I bet you feel stupid now.

This guy is a total psycho.

THANK YOU PAM!   (I guess we can call you Pam now?)  She almost killed Paige's dad.  Wouldn't it have been so amazing if they got in a fist fight?  Pam probably would have won.

Okay, so Toby's braille message came out to the number 214.

This view is so fake.

Yeah, he's afraid of Jenna!  She's been molesting him for years.  "She's got power in that house."  What the hell does that mean?  It makes me feel like the house is alive.

Uh, hi Paige.  I see your hair is freshly trimmed.

Ew!  I hate RapeKisses!  What did that accomplish? 

Kiss!  Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

You know you both wanted to.

A called an exterminator to come get rid of Hanna's "basement infestation."  Clever!

Byron your voice mail totally killed the mood.

What's this lullaby playing?  Does A know that old bank lady?  What does she have to do with anything?

Official Count
Messages From A: 2
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious: 1
Caleb Fixes Their Problem:  1

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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