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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Seven
Surface Tension

Emily is staying at Hanna's house, and even in Hanna's ROOM for the time being, since the pipes burst in the guest room or something.  I'd like to find some way to blame that on A.

The girls are all drinking coffee in Hanna's kitchen and trying to decide what to do about Garrett and his assistance with their blackmail.  They think Garrett still has the money that Ian was bringing him.  They don't know that Garrett is involved with the whole thing and paid that money to Logan Reed to keep him quiet.  Or at least some of it.  Spencer says she could really use some of that money to help pay for a ring replacement for Melissa.  I think that ship has probably sailed.

The girls are now starting to think that A is the one that killed Ali, not Ian.  But if that's true, why go to all this trouble?  Nobody even knew that A existed until he/she started stalking the girls.  Alison's murder might have just ended in a mystery.  Whatever.  I'm not even going to try to make sense out of this.

Oh look, A sent Hanna and Emily a gift basket!

But Hanna says it's not even good candy.  A is such a bitch.  And a cheapskate.

The Montgomerys are having a party or a dinner or something that Aria is trying to pick out a dress for.  She makes an excuse for Mike when he storms out of the house without breakfast.  I hope she knows that she's only going to be able to cover for him for so long.  Aria picks out the dress that Ella says makes her look the most grown-up.  Ezra has been invited to the party, because he's no longer Aria's teacher.  So hanging out with Aria at her house would no longer be considered a "conflict of interest."  According to Ella.  Sounds fun!  Best of luck, Aria!

Emily makes a big fancy breakfast for Hanna and Ashley as a thank you.

I wish Emily was staying at my house!  Her shoulder is sore because of extra training or something.  I'm sure this will come up later.

Toby is going to be clearing out brush or some shit at Spencer's house behind the barn.  I think they're doing an extension for a nursery?  I guess that means Melissa is going to continue to live in the barn.  Probably a good idea.  I'm sure she could use some help with the baby.  Spencer mentions something about Toby finishing clearing their brush before he helps Jason build his fence and Mr. Hastings comments that he made sure Jason is no longer going to be able to build a fence around his house.  O-kay.

Aria doesn't want Ezra to come to her parents party because she thinks it will be weird.  But Ezra wants her parents to get used to seeing the two of them together.  I think it's a good idea.  They could always blame their relationship on her parents by claiming they were thrown together at the party!

Hanna and Emily walk to school and Hanna stops to talk to Caleb who is pissed because some kid won't pay him for upgrading his phone.  Now he's acting like he's on his period.  What's the problem, Caleb?  It's not Hanna's fault you have a shitty business.

SOMEONE is sitting in a black car outside the school, watching people go in.

Mike is listening to his headphones and ignoring his father.  Is it already supposed to be the end of the school day?  Or did Mike just not go?  He's being very sassy.  He should be grounded.

Toby is already working in Spencer's yard.  She's wearing a cute dress.  Wow, he made sketches and everything for the barn upgrade.

Mr. Hastings seems pretty impressed.  I am too, I didn't know Toby was actually interested in this sort of thing.  I thought he just needed the money.

Jason came to the school to talk to the guidance counselor.  Apparently he wants to speak to kids who are doing drugs or murdering their sisters, so that they have time to turn it around before they end up like him.  He's also coming to the party at the Montgomery's.  Inviting him was probably a bad idea, Ella.  Are they ever going to tell us what this is a party for?

Ella asks Aria if she or the other girls are being bothered by anyone.  She's still really pissed about the fashion show situtation.  She also wants Aria to get used to calling Mr. Fitz "Ezra."  Ha!  Be careful what you wish for, Ella.

Hanna is singing a really stupid song and Emily is getting annoyed because she is trying to study.  I sense some tension building.  And now they're fighting because Hanna doesn't want to talk about Caleb working on people's cell phones.  Great.  This is all we need.

Spencer wants Emily to talk to Garrett about the blackmail money, but Emily doesn't have time, so Spencer offers to talk to him instead.  Aria is pretty stressed about Jason coming over to this stupid family party.  I'm kind of tired of hearing about it.

Garrett tells Spencer that Logan Reed got super scared when Emily found him at his job, and that he's skipped town.  Yeah, right.  Garrett says that they should all just chill out, because all these loose ends are just going to lead back to Ian.  Spencer doesn't seem convinced.  I wish these girls would stop relying on Garrett so much.  Not just because I know he's evil, but because he hasn't actually helped them with anything.  So why do they have so much confidence in him?

Ashley and Ella are discussing the fashion show and what's going on with the girls.  They are JUST NOW piecing together all the odd situations that have been happening with their daughters.  Such as Hanna getting run over, and all the sketchy lying.  Does this mean they're actually going to do something about it now?  I won't get my hopes up.

Toby finds an old hockey stick of Spencer's buried under the ivy in the area he's clearing.  Mr. Hastings acts really freaked out about it and says he will "take care of it."  Toby is suspicious.  As he should be.  Why would Mr. Hastings act so bizarre about that stick unless it was important?  None of these people are good at acting normal in tense situations.

Ezra just showed up at the Montgomery party with flowers and scotch.  Nice move with the gifts, Ezra!  Oh, Jason just got here too, so everything should start to get awkward pretty fast.

Toby tells Spencer about the hockey stick and says that it was broken and looked like it was used to hit something hard.  Uh, like a hockey puck, maybe?  But no, it probably really was broken on Ali's head.


Spencer apparently loaned the hockey stick to Ali, who acts really shifty about why she would suddenly like to play field hockey.

Spencer calls Aria to tell her all the details.  Now they think the stick is the murder weapon.


Jason comes to find Ali to tell her that their mom is looking for her, when he notices the hockey stick she's borrowing.  Jason acts like he's going to hit Ali in the head with it when she doesn't want to go back with him.  She tries to then hit HIM in the head with it, but he stops her and tells her she'll never have a second chance.

That family is so fucking weird.

I think Toby is starting to be sorry that he's gotten involved.

Emily can't study in the same house as Hanna, so she heads to the library, just as Caleb arrives.  Caleb and Hanna make out, I guess they're going to do it since no one's home?  Might as well!

Back at The Best Party Ever, Ezra is discussing some bike marathon thing he went on.  Of course, Jason has to mention one that he did.  What is this, a dick measuring contest?

Oh great, the cops are here.  Now what?  It's about Mike.  He got caught breaking into a house.  And now the Ella and Byron have to leave this fancy FOUR PERSON party to go down to the station.  I guess Aria gets to play hostess now!

Mr. Hastings stops Toby to talk to him as he's loading up his truck.  He apologizes for freaking out on him and claims that the reason he got upset at first is because he's always had a problem with the DiLaurentis' property ending up in his yard.  He doesn't want Toby to talk to Spencer about it.  Too late!

Aria is cleaning up after the "party" and Ezra is helping her.  This would be a perfect opportunity for them to pretend that this is how they got together, being left at home alone.  Oh, but Jason is still fucking here.  Aria brings Jason some more coffee and complains to him about Mike.  Jason tries to be nice and explain what is probably going through Mike's head and why he would do something like this.

Ezra is getting jealous.

The Montgomerys are super pissed at Mike and now they are fighting in the parking lot.  Good, maybe now the town will have something new to talk about instead of Alison.  Ella is pissed because they should have noticed that something was going on.  I'm sure she's feeling guilty that they've basically been ignoring their kids for the last few months.

Jason and Ezra have an awkward conversation while Aria searches Mike's room for, I don't know, evidence of other houses he's broken into?

She finds that nice vase that Jenna made.  Great.  Did he break into every house in the neighborhood?

Aria rushes downstairs and asks Jason and Ezra to leave, because it's probably going to be ugly when the rest of her family gets home.  They leave really reluctantly.  Honestly, they probably should have already offered to leave when everything got weird.  Isn't that what the other two guests did?

Hanna and Caleb are basically arguing over nothing.  Caleb confesses to Hanna that he used to help some guys steal cars in a town he used to live in.  What was the point of him telling her this?  Is this supposed to be the reason he works on people's cell phones?  I don't get it.

Mr. Hastings is trying to burn the hockey stick and Spencer tries to stop him.  She says it could be evidence and he says he doesn't want any more evidence coming up and interfering with his family's healing process.

He throws the whole trophy situation in Spencer's face, which is really unfair.  Mr. Hastings is just the worst.  He's totally setting Spencer back.  I think he'll be lucky if BOTH his daughters don't end up permanently scarred from all this.

Now Spencer and Toby are hanging out in the woods at that lookout spot they always go to.  Toby tries to calm Spencer down by saying that the hockey stick might not be the murder weapon, that it could be pretty much anything, and the police probably already have that kind of evidence.  Thank God for Toby.  He's basically the voice of reason in every situation.  I think we all know that the hockey stick has GOT to be the murder weapon at this point, since no one will shut up about it, but it's nice of him to try and use some logic.

Hanna talks to Emily about the Caleb situation, which I still don't get.  Her parents come home all giggly and probably drunk.  Classy.  Now they're making out on the stairs.

Aria is super pissed at Mike for stealing the vase from Jenna.  But Mike says that he stole that vase from Garrett, not Jenna.  Aria tries to argue with him but Mike promises that he never broke into Jenna's house.

So now they know.

Oh great, and Spencer is in the car with Garrett right now.  She asks him about the murder weapon, but Garrett says it was never found.  Any information they have on it would be in the coroner's report.  Garrett cuts her off and says that it was all Ian and they shouldn't worry about it anymore.

Garrett takes a radio call and Spencer gets a desperate text from Aria to get away from Garrett.  NOW.

A is filling a syringe with something and then putting whatever was in that syringe in some kind of ointment.  Everybody watch out for ointments!

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 2
Messages From A: 1
Flashbacks: 2

Best Outfit
And the award goes to...

Spencer!  For this super cute red and black striped mini dress that she likes to wear while she watches Toby work in the yard.  Nice use of the belt, Spence!

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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