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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Eight
Save the Date

Spencer is in somebody's car with Aria and Hanna, talking about Garrett.  Hanna suggests that Garrett and Jenna know each other because they all grew up on the same street together and that maybe Garrett just "feeds raw meat to Jenna's cat."  This prompts a weird look from Aria that I'm echoing and Spencer mentions that Jenna doesn't have a cat.  I don't get it, was that supposed to be some kind of weird sexual innuendo?

Emily comes out of her old house where she was helping the tenants with the alarm system and joins the girls in the car.

Aria is voicing her concern about Mike, when they notice Garrett walking into Jenna's house.  They start to follow him.  Are they worried about Jenna?  No, I guess they are just spying because Hanna says that Jenna won't be able to hear them walking up, since she's blind.

Jenna takes off her robe IN FRONT OF THE OPEN WINDOW, revealing the lacy lingerie we saw her trying on in the middle of a store not too long ago.

Garrett starts kissing her and prepares to "feed raw meat to her cat" while the girls stare and gasp a lot.

The next morning, Emily is working out to prepare for her next swim meet, because the Danby scout will be watching her.  I guess Emily is still sore, because she's rubbing some kind of lotion on her shoulder.  Uh oh, weren't we supposed to be staying away from ointments?!

Mr. Marin awkwardly walks into the kitchen where the girls are eating breakfast.  I guess Jenna and Garrett weren't the only ones having eating raw meat last night.

Hanna gets a save the date card to her father's wedding in that morning's mail.  Nice job, Mr. Marin.  That was really smooth.

Wren drops by the Hastings' house with some orchids for Melissa.  That's nice of him.  Too bad Melissa has been spending most of her time in Philadelphia ever since they buried Ian.  Wren also came by to say that he'll be doing his residency at the hospital in town.  Spencer asks in a really obvious way what Wren knows about autopsies and head wounds.  He offers to drive her to school.  Weird.

Emily is acting super weird and anxious.  Hanna sees Caleb accepting money from another student.  She also sees some guy in a car with Caleb's file watching him collect money.

Isn't that just a picture of Caleb clipped to a piece of paper with the SAME picture of Caleb?

Hanna tries to warn him, but Caleb acts like a big idiot jerk and yells at her.

Garrett's at the school again.  Supposedly to teach Drivers Ed.  Whatever.  He wants to know why Spencer left in the middle of their conversation the night before.  She makes a bunch of excuses, but he's on to her.

Ew, some ugly guy wants to talk to Mike about robbing houses.  They almost get into a fight, but Ella interrupts.  You guys need to do something about Mike.

I guess Aria's still taking ceramics.  Ezra comes to visit her while she's working on some bowl.  He seems a little relieved that Mike is what Jason and Aria were talking about the night of the non-party.  It makes me a little sad that Jenna dropped this ceramics class because of Aria.  It seems like she was getting a lot out of it.  She was at least a little nicer to her ceramics friends.  But then, they've never tried to burn her to death, so that's probably why.  Before Ezra leaves, he asks Aria if he should be worried about her and Jason.  Aria tries to laugh it off, but I'm not falling for it.

Emily's dad shows up at school as a surprise for her swim meet.  He's so nice.

Oh shit, something is really wrong with Emily.  She's screaming in pain and absolutely NO ONE in the hallway is helping her, except psycho Garrett.  What the fuck is wrong with all the kids at this school!?

In the hospital we find out that Emily might have an ulcer.  Mr. Fields is worried that she is stressed because he and Pam are in Texas and Emily is all by herself.  He doesn't want her to worry about not getting the Danby scholarship because she has to take a swimming break.

Spencer and Hanna arrive to visit Emily and Hanna tells Spencer about her issues with Caleb.  Spencer tells Hanna she needs to tell Caleb the truth about that guy in the car watching him, no matter how scared she is that he'll get mad and leave.

Ashley skips meeting Hanna's dad (Tom) for dinner because she loaned her car to Hanna to go see Emily.  Tom tries to use Ashley's worried frame of mind to feed her some raw meat, but she tells him to go home.


Ashley says that she needs a man who knows what he wants.  Good for you, Ashley!  Tom sucks and you are amazing.

Spencer and Hanna try to reassure Emily that everything will be fine.  But now Emily wants to tell her parents the truth about the fake Danby letter.  Aria shows up with coffee that Emily can't drink because of her ulcer.  Poor Emily.

What the fuck is with Spencer's socks lately?

I'm a big fan of fun knee highs and things like that, but I don't think some of her choices are working.  As she's leaving the hospital, she toys with the idea of going to the pathology area to find out more about autopsies, but is stopped by Wren, who offers to show her where Emily is, and she lets him.

Jenna and Garrett are hanging out in his car and he tells her all about the questions Spencer has been asking him.  They keep referring to something that has to do with Jason, which really concerns me.  I'm now thinking that the creepy note that Jason got when Ali disappeared was from Jenna or Garrett.

Wren comes to visit Emily and let her know her progress.  Is this his case?  Or is he just the only doctor here?  He tells Emily that steroids showed up on her tests.  She starts freaking out, naturally, because Emily DOES NOT take steroids.  She begs Wren not to tell anyone and offers to take the test again.  Oh, I hate this shit.  I guess that's what A was injecting into that ointment last episode.  Emily is one of the only decent person on this show, she shouldn't have to go through this.  I'm suing!

Hanna intercepts Caleb in a car to get him away from the undercover cop.

Spencer grabs Aria in the hospital and they hide in some closet.

Mike's in his filthy room, doing his homework.  Ella wants to talk about the fight he almost got into at school, but Mike doesn't want to talk about it.  Or anything, for that matter.  He accuses Ella of wanting to move out again or something.  He's got a lot of pent up anger.

Hanna takes Caleb to some lake house owned by Spencer's family.  I don't know why she's still wearing her disguise, but she seems really into it.  Caleb starts a fire and Hanna explains what the deal is with the cop. They think it might have to do with that time Caleb was helping steal cars.   And now I think they're going to have sex.  Go for it, you crazy kids!

Why are they making Emily eat her dinner in the dark?

Oh, ew.  It's been tampered with by A.  How does A get into this hospital and fuck with stuff all the time?

Aria and Spencer show up in candy striper outfits, which I guess is what they were doing in that closet.  Emily wants to leave with her parents for Texas and I don't blame her.  Even Aria wants to go.  Spencer thinks they can defeat A but she's deluded.  This person is way too powerful and has way too much access to all their medical records.

Emily's dad shows up and mentions the tenants' problems with the alarm system.  He told them to relax, that alarm systems in Rosewood are mostly just for show.  Ummmm, remember that murderer, Mr. Fields?  The one that killed your daughter's best friend?

He's such a sweetheart though, because he tells Emily not to worry about Danby.  That they will find a way to pay for whatever school Emily wants to go to.  Even if she doesn't get the scholarship.

Aria and Spencer make their way down to the morgue to try to find Ali's autopsy report.  Aria is supposed to be watching the door, but she's doing a really shitty job.

Ashley is cleaning out the fridge when Hanna gets home.  They have a quick argument about whether Tom should have left or not, but Ashley shuts it down pretty quickly.  Hanna is pretty bummed though.  I didn't realize she was hoping so much for them to get back together.

Back at the hospital, Aria and Spencer read Ali's autopsy report and discover that her head was hit so hard, that her skull was dented.  The hockey stick fits the description of the weapon pretty well.  Then they both start freaking out at the same time I do because they read that dirt was found in Ali's lungs.  Meaning that the blow to the head was not what killed her.  ALI WAS BURIED ALIVE AND SUFFOCATED.  Ali was not a good person, but I wouldn't wish that shit on anybody.  Being buried alive has been one of my biggest fears ever since I saw it happen on Days of Our Lives in the 90s.

I wish Hanna would stop trying to fix Caleb's problems by yelling at all the adults in his life.

The other girls show Emily the autopsy report that they "borrowed."

Aria meets Ezra in the waiting room.  Jason calls her while they're talking, but she ignores it.  Ezra invites Aria over, but she says she needs to be getting home.  Aria please don't mess things up with Ezra for Jason.  He is such a fucking weirdo.

That guy following Caleb may not be a cop after all.  He's talking to someone on the phone who wants to see Caleb.  Maybe his mom or something?

Hanna and Caleb cuddle while they watch kids eat cupcakes.

Emily and Spencer discover that page five is missing from the autopsy report.

A man empties the trash bin in the morgue.  As soon as he leaves, one of the "bodies" sits up.

Fuck this show.  I really shouldn't watch it at night anymore.

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Coffee Sightings: 3
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