Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Nineteen
A Person of Interest

Okay ladies, this is why you guys should have been talking to the cops the whole time.

Spencer, it's time to ignore your pride and just admit that Ian kissed you and that you were seeing him for a little while.  Yes, it's going to look you have a problem stealing your sister's boyfriends (and you do), but any evidence that Ian was dating minors is only going to help your case.

Ha ha!  I didn't realize that Emily was saying that Jesus was the one that said the quote that Aria referenced.  I thought she was just using "Jesus" as an exclamation.  Like, "Jesus, these cops are treating us like crap."  And then I thought that when she said "It's from the Bible," that she was trying to explain to the other girls that Jesus was in the Bible.  As if they didn't know who Jesus was.  It's funny!  You know?

I never did understand this Garrett kid.  Why do the girls know him again?  Oh, of course.  Neighbors.  That's not very surprising, since there is only one neighborhood in this town.

So now the detective wants him to spy on the girls?  Can't these people do any honest policework?

Therapy couldn't hurt, Spence.  It might be a little bit your fault that everyone thinks you're crazy.

There's no way that Melissa already has a baby bump.  How long is it supposed to have been since she and Ian got married?

I don't think Spencer's trying to make it about her, Melissa.  I think she's trying to make this about your murdering baby-daddy.

That sweater is HORRIBLE, Paige.  And Emily is going to hate you more for wearing it than she hates you for force kissing her in her car.

I think it's kind of dumb that Emily has pictures of herself swimming in her swim locker.  Does she really need photographic evidence of what she just finished doing?

Toby is going to stay at a motel until his parents get back?  Where are his parents?  WHERE ARE EVERYONE'S PARENTS ALL THE TIME?

Flute music?  Of course!  There's only one person that plays the flute in this town in a creepy way!

Isn't this cute?  They are really bad at hiding this.

Speaking of bad at hiding this.

Is A talking about Fitz and Jenna?  I highly doubt that talking in a classroom once counts as "BFFs."

So what, Jenna's writing a tell-all book?

I hate this Garrett guy.

Oh come on, Aria.  You've got to start acting more natural about Fitz.  You girls give Jenna way too much power.

Worst maid ever.

Those could be anyone's glasses.  Plus, we just saw Jenna wearing hers.

Uh oh.

Why don't you ask Toby if Caleb can share his motel room?

I wouldn't really compare Maya and Alison.  Did these girls get into ANOTHER bar?

How does Aria get into Fitz's apartment all the time without him?  Did he give her a set of keys?

Where did Hanna get this tent?

Oh God.  I hate when shows do this.  I HATE IT!

I love that scrabble is foreplay for Spencer.

Ummm, what about Maya?

Uh huh, uh huh.  The old "sharing pajamas" trick.

Aren't Spencer's parents worried about where she is?  Never mind, I just thought about what I'm asking.

Oh, wait, are they going to have sex in here?  Ashley is really going to regret not letting him stay in the basement.

Emily's so sweet to tell Aria she should tell Fitz.  These girls should consider telling all their significant others that they risk being murdered by their stalker everytime they spend time together.

Ugh, I HATE when this happens!  Amiright?

What the fuck?  Now you HAVE to tell Toby, Spencer.

So I guess that Emily and Maya are officially over now.  I like Maya a lot better than Paige. 

Whoa, wait.  Did Ashley used to be a foster kid like Caleb?  I don't remember that at all.

Everybody is making out this episode!  Well, except for Aria.  I bet they both have horrible breath.  Did they brush their teeth?


That's all you're telling him the truth about?  You should tell him the whole story!  You girls really need alibis for all the shit that happens to you.  And extra witnesses, since everyone thinks you're psychos.

Oh, now what?  I don't like this.  Who is he talking to?

They give out abortions at the Hilton? 

Wait, why is everyone yelling at Spencer now? 

Fuck you, Garrett!

Does A film them doing EVERYTHING?  She/he has excellent sound recording equipment.

Oh wait, maybe A is the producer of this show!

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 1
Messages From A: 3
Jenna "Looks" at Someone: 1

Until next time, Bitches!

 All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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