Thursday, June 6, 2013

Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Twenty
Someone To Watch Over Me

They're searching Spencer's room.  I don't blame her for being upset, but she really needs to calm down.  You're not supposed to have anything to hide, Spencer, right?!

Ugh.  Look at that asshole drinking his milk.

I DON'T like this sweater vest, Aria.  Are those shapes on it supposed to be cats?

Okay, I think they're tigers.  But that doesn't make it any better.

I hate the Montgomery parents.

Run away, Mike.  You should go stay at the motel with Toby.  Even though a possible murderer lives in the next room, it's still a lot less stressful than your house.

Don't put that egg sandwich in his bag, it's going to smell terrible.

Owl's represent virginity loss?

Sean/Shawn and Paige?

Why did they take her clothes?  These cops are so awful.

Go home?  You just got to school.

I see Aria's gotten a new phone.  OH shit.

No shit, it was a mistake.  Okay, calm down now, Aria.  She was just teasing.  God, she's constantly on edge.  I guess I don't blame her.

Okay, this is actually smart.  Getting rid of all the Ezra evidence in case the cops search your room.

NO!  You were doing so well.

Who the hell is Bruce Mink?

Considering these girls put so much stock in magical technology, you'd think that Spencer would know that deleting all incriminating emails doesn't mean they'll never find them.

Ooo, clever idea with the coffee Tobes!  I like the way he thinks.

That's stupid, Aria.  If they start searching all your rooms, they're just going to find all your Ezra stuff in Emily's room.  Oh, she wants her to put it in her locker.  Shouldn't she just leave it at Ezra's?  It would be easier.  Also, this is why you don't text your illegal boyfriend.

I don't remember who Caleb is yelling at on the phone.  I don't like it.  I don't like it.

I love how they all freeze whenever they hear Jenna's walking stick as though she can't see them if they don't move.

Oh, she's wearing that owl thing.  Sorry, Hanna.

I guess that means he's been talking to Jenna?

Maybe Caleb's not answering his phone because he's actually IN CLASS, unlike the rest of you.

Hey, the owl is a flashdrive!  That's pretty nifty.

No one's locker combo is 214. 

Oh.  Shows what I know.

Yeah Toby.  You're pretty much an innocent victim in this whole scenario.

I'm not surprised that Spencer's parents didn't realize she ran away as a kid.  They've probably let her raise herself since age 4.

That. Was. Awesome.

Mike needs therapy.  Like, yesterday.

Is he threatening to frame her?

Paige's hair seems darker.

Poor Hanna.

Okay, fine.  But that sweater was thrown out as evidence.  So shouldn't the bracelet with the sweater fibers be thrown out too?

Thank God, Mariska believes her.

This is really cliche.

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 3
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious: 1

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All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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