Saturday, June 8, 2013

Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season One: Episode Twenty-One
Monsters in the End

Ew, a clown mannequin?!  Why would this be needed for the Founder's Festival?  Were the founders clowns and/or clown fetishists?

Here we are again at the only restaurant in town.

I hate Garrett.  Are they ever going to explain to us how the girls know him?  Oh, wait they did, didn't they?  Neighbors or something.  Who cares?

What do you care if everyone hates Spencer, Melissa?  Last episode you were telling her she was a psycho and now suddenly you're worried about her popularity?  Don't try to pretend like this isn't about you.

Not the right time, Ella!

If I was Paige's dad, I would assume that she was having a threesome, not that the boy she is bringing as "insurance" to the concert was her date.  But maybe that's a good sign that I shouldn't be a parent.

And, bravo on letting your hair grow out naturally, Paige!  It's a much better look.

Okay, Aria.  This whole scene could have been avoided with a note.

Jenna wanted Caleb to find a key to what?  Why would Caleb be into this?  She had to be offering him a lot of money to start living in someone's house to look for a KEY.

God, she's so pretty.  Even when she's really, really sad.

There's a key!  Oh, it's just to Ezra's apartment.  I guess that's how Aria's been getting in.  I wonder how much of his salary they spend on take-out.

Is that supposed to be Facebook?  His profile picture looks like a screenshot taken from THIS SHOW.

Gross.  I wouldn't put it past Jenna to sniff Alison's old sweaters.

Actually it WAS a pretty innocent picture.  She could have been his hot Italian cousin.

That sweater looks like it has a cape.  I like everything about this sweater except the cape.

Toby is really calm about this whole thing.  I guess after you've been accused of setting your sister on fire and murdering the girl that really set her on fire, you're pretty used to your girlfriend's parents not wanting you around.

Fuck off, Garrett.

Is this the Apple Rose Grille again?  This restaurant must be doing pretty well.

"Fool me once, shame on you, fool my best friend, you're dead freaking meat."  I really want that embroidered on a pillow.  OOOOOOORRRRRRRRRR a t-shirt!

They drink water out of mason jars here.

It feels like this girl that's supposed to be helping Paige come out is concentrating more on coming on to her potential girlfriend.

Fuck you for trying to make them feel guilty for not getting married in your stupid church.  I don't even like these people and I'm angry on their behalf.

Also fuck you, for bringing up Alison in front of Spencer.  I hope this lady gets murdered next.

So Melissa wasn't really at Hilton Head, was she?  Oh, they stayed on opposite sides.  Well maybe.  I don't fucking know.

There's Paige.  Awkward.

Why would he knock at the back door?

Poor Caleb.  Make him stay, Ashley.

Considering Paige doesn't want to be seen alone with Emily that much, they sure do fight a lot in public.  I don't like this girl that's supposed to be supporting Paige.  She's doing a really shitty job.

Aria is such a bad liar that she even fails at Facebook stalking.

I want to work at the booth Hanna is working at!

Mona is wearing a lot of teal.

And Hanna also has a cape sweater.

Where are all the clown mannequins?

All five seasons of Big Love fit in those DVD boxes?

I hope Fitz ended up paying his brother back the money for that engagement ring.

How old is Aria?  Sixteen?  Seventeen?


A vintage snow globe from her grandma?  Why wouldn't Alison keep it?  Was it because she hated old people?

Aaaaaaand there's the key.  To a storage unit.  I hope there's not a body in there.

Awww, someday they can show that picture to their kids.  "This is from when mommy and daddy were illegal!"

Oh shit balls.

No, no.  I don't buy it.  It's probably A.  Why would Toby choose to meet you inside a funhouse?


Get out get out!

That's not out!

Oh, whatever Ian.  You are not concerned.

Why aren't they calling the cops about this?


Who's been paying the bill for this storage unit?  All for a flash drive inside a lunch box?

This is so gross. 

Aaaaaand now A can get into Fitz's apartment, so we're all fucked.

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 3
Messages From A: 2
Ezra and Aria Make Their Relationship Obvious: 2

Until next time Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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