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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Nine
Picture This

Oh my God.  We start out with Aria and Ezra getting hot and heavy in his bed, when the alarm goes off.

Then Ezra turns into Jason and Aria wakes up.  Oh hell no.

Emily and Hanna are dressed up as candy stripers and guarding the door to the morgue where Spencer is snooping around for the missing page five.  Spencer thinks it might be Jason who stole page five.

Jenna shows up with a nurse who walks her down the hall.  Sounds like Jenna might be getting a vision corrective surgery.  Uh oh.  But, you know, good for Jenna.

Emily is throwing away all the creams that she and Hanna own.  They sure seem to own a lot between the two of them.

The one thing the writers on this show fail at is showing the way time passes.  Are we supposed to believe that the girls sneaking down to the morgue happened right before this scene?  Like around five this morning?

Emily gets a creepy text from A with the results of her lab.

I guess Jason is going to be hanging around the school a lot now that he's counseling the druggy kids.  Aria admits her sexy dream to Emily who is appropriately grossed out.  Aria is worried that she is losing Ezra because even though he works at Hollis and doesn't have to worry about being her teacher anymore, he is more distant than ever.

Hanna won't talk to her dad because she doesn't want to be a bridesmaid in her dad's wedding.  I wouldn't either.  

At lunch the girls discuss Jenna's possible surgery.  She might qualify for a cornea transplant.   They can't decide whether Jenna being able to see again will be dangerous for them or not.  I can't really decide either.  Jenna will probably be in a better mood once she can see again.  But she could also probably kill them a lot easier.

Jason and some guy are working in his yard and Jason gets super pissed when the guy tries to go inside his house.  Chill out Jason, he probably just needed to pee.  He locks the door and hides the key right above it, where Spencer sees.  What a stupid hiding place.

New Girlfriend brings Emily some cookies and breaks the news that their plans for the night are cancelled because New Girlfriend's friends can't have a get together at someone's house?  I don't know, but Ashley tells the girls to just have it at her house.  She says she wants Emily to feel comfortable and at home, which is really sweet.  The parents are definitely getting a little better.

Aria starts practically undressing in Ezra's office.  

Oh boy, no, she's really undressing.  And now they're making out.  Here, guys?  He has his own apartment.  Ezra seems really conflicted.  For about five seconds.

Spencer discusses Jason's bizarre behavior with Hanna on the phone.  Turns out Jason didn't want that man to go in his SHED, not his house.

Hanna spots Caleb talking to the "cop" in the street.  I was right about it being some guy looking for Caleb for his mother.

It's Lesbian poker night at the Fields/Marin house.  New Girlfriends' friends really like Emily.

What's not to like?  Emily is awesome.  Then A texts Emily and tells her to give Zoey (one of the friends?) her number.  Okay, don't panic Emily.  You don't have to give it to her in a "sexy" way.  We can figure this out.

Spencer tells Mariska Hargitay all about Mr. Hastings freaking out over the hockey stick.  Mariska tells Spencer she doesn't blame him for burning it, because it might have been from Ian trying to frame Spencer.  Then she tells Spencer not to trust any of the DiLaurentis'.

Emily freaks out to Aria on the phone and Aria doesn't really suggest anything helpful.  She's probably too distracted from the heavy duty make out session she had with Ezra in his office earlier.  Apparently she's been waiting in the office for Ezra to finish his classes, and now he's suspicious.  Can't he just be happy that she's being so frisky?

New Girlfriend and friends need to go home and A reminds Emily that she's running out of time.  So Emily just hands her number to Zoey, no explanation.  Smooth.  Especially because one of the other friends notices.

Aria has another switchy dream.

This has got to stop happening, because it's really freaking me out.

Hanna and Caleb find Caleb's mom online.  Wait, is that the same family they were watching eat cupcakes earlier?  I'm confused.  So is Caleb.

Aria tells Emily she should call New Girlfriend and explain in some way.  Then she confides about her second sexy dream.

The Montgomerys are trying to decide what to do about Mike.  Apparently he's also skipping school.  And now he's in his room looking super creepy.

I'm worried.  I think something might be really wrong with him.  Oh God, I hope he doesn't turn out to be the real murderer.

New Girlfriend is super pissed about the whole Zoey thing.  Emily tries to play it off that she just wanted to give Zoey her phone number so they could all hang out again, but then she should have just said that when she gave her the number in the first place.  Super easy!  Why doesn't anyone listen to me?!

Jason is over at Aria's to talk to or about Mike.  Aria tells a whole bunch of half ass lies to get Jason out of the house.  I think they all need lying classes.

Hanna and Caleb talk about his mom on a playground.  Hanna thinks he should at least talk to her, for closure even if nothing else comes from it.

Spencer is trying to get Mariska to leave the house for some reason.  Oh, its so that she and Emily can go sneak into Jason's shed.  Did they really need SPENCER'S house empty in order to do that?

Byron and Ella are discussing Mike and something that happened in the past with Byron's brother, Scott.  Apparently Scott also got into trouble and it turned out really badly.  Ella does not like the comparison between Mike and Scott and ends the conversation.

Spencer and Emily break into the shed and find a bunch of photo developing equipment.  Apparently Jason has been using the shed as a darkroom.  They're are creepy pictures of Aria ALL OVER THE PLACE.

I'm going to barf.  They also find a bunch of surveillance equipment, then Jason comes home.  They leave their flashlight in their rush to get out.

Caleb drops by Hanna's to tell her that he called his mom.  It sounds like they had a really good conversation.  And now Caleb's crying and I'm crying a little too.  So now he's going to California to go visit her.

Oh no, I hate this.  Now Caleb and Hanna are both crying.  She's being so supportive.  These two are the best.

Aria is walking home by herself, when Jason pulls up next to her in his car.  He wants to talk to her.  Or, you know, possibly take creepy pictures of her.

Jenna and Garrett or watching them from a car nearby.  Jenna is getting irritated with Garrett's explanation of things, which makes me think that Jenna is going to dump Garrett if she gets this eye surgery.  Who can blame her?  Garrett is really lame.

Spencer and Emily are trying to get ahold of Aria and Hanna, who aren't answering their phones.

Jason kisses Aria.  Gross!  Then she runs off.

Hanna leaves a voice mail for her dad about the wedding.

Spencer and Emily decide to break back in to Jason's shed to steal evidence for Aria, but everything is gone.  Except for their flashlight, which is creepily positioned in the middle of the room.

Now SOMEONE is developing a picture.  Oh gross.

It's a picture of Emily and Spencer discovering the pictures of Aria.  Gross. Gross!

Official Count
Messages From A:3

Best Outfit
And the award goes to...

Hanna!  For this super supportive girlfriend outfit of maroon skinnies, black boots and what might actually be an animal print top.  I don't usually like animal print, but I like it here, and I also like this coat.  Hanna wins at everything!

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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  1. Great episode! P.S I love Haleb so much! :)