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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Fifteen
A Hot Piece of A

Back at the greenhouse, the girls are looking for Ali's box.  They're arguing a little bit.  I'm sure your plan was great, ladies, but you didn't follow through very well.  Everybody's timing was off, none of you had weapons prepared.  You should have set booby traps or something.

Now they're all arguing over what to do with the phone.  Hanna doesn't want Caleb to work on it, I guess because she's scared of getting him in trouble.

But now A's phone is ringing.  While the girls argue about answering it, a bunch of glass falls down right next to them.  Just get the fuck out of this death trap already!

Caleb has the phone hooked up.  How did they explain this situation to him?  He's downloading everything off the phone onto his computer.  Okay, it sounds like they haven't told him anything about the phone yet.  But he wants to know why Emily smells so bad.

Nothing on the phone is going to be any good, because the owner of the phone locked it or something.  Caleb doesn't want to do anything until he knows that Hanna is okay with it.  This all sounds like bullshit to me.  If I were Caleb, I would want to know exactly what the hell I was supposed to be downloading.

The next morning, Byron makes Aria change her clothes because he thinks she's dressing in a sexy way for all the teachers.


Aria addresses the elephant in the room that we are ALL thinking about, which is the fact that her father has already done this and has no business judging anybody.

Ella is trying to make it seem like the only thing that upsets her is the fact that they've been lying to her.  Whatever, Ella.  We aren't fooled.  You're just jealous you're no longer the only person in the family that's into teachers.

Spencer stops by Toby's house to talk, but I don't think he seems very interested.  She says she can't give him answers yet because it's not safe.  And he wants to know why she came here then, which is a good question.  I guess things are okay though, because they're making out in his car.

Caleb is working on cracking A's phone at school and he wants Hanna to let him in on whatever she and her friends are doing.   Hanna manages to momentarily distract him by setting up a study date with Lucas.

Spencer and Toby sit up from making out when Garrett drives up to Toby and Jenna's, yelling at Jenna on the phone.  Toby thinks this is just Jenna getting nervous about the eye operation, but it doesn't sound like that's it, and Spencer definitely doesn't buy it.

Emily takes a make up test in Ella's classroom after school.  She asks if she can take it again later, and Ella gives in.  Ella asks Emily what other secrets Aria is keeping from her, then changes her mind when she realizes that question wasn't fair to ask Emily.  Emily tells Ella that Aria is still the same person.  Nice try, Em.

Meanwhile, Aria is leaving Ezra a voicemail, telling him not to worry, that they will figure things out.  This is a mess.

Spencer wants Emily to snoop around Jason's house with her, but Emily has to go answer phones at the Crisis Center as part of her community service extension.  Uh oh, she just made a joke about Hanna and Caleb "feeding each other raw meat" at Spencer's lake house and it doesn't sound like Spencer knew that that happened.

Way to ask permission, Hanna.

Lucas and Hanna are studying for a test, but Lucas is really distracted.  Hanna starts planning a birthday party for Caleb at Spencer's lake house and she wants Lucas to help.  Lucas is being really weird about it.  Is it because he still has feelings for Hanna?  Or is something else going on?

Emily is training at the crisis center.  The transcript she and the director are practicing from sounds a lot like a phone call from someone who may have lost an important cell phone when they were trying to murder someone else at a greenhouse.  But it's probably just me.

Byron shows up at Ezra's apartment.  This can't be good.  He's basically saying that even though he did the same thing with a student that Ezra did, at least HIS student wasn't a minor.  He wants Ezra to promise that he won't be seeing Aria again.  Ezra won't promise that and then Byron sees that Ezra's bed is unmade and starts babbling about the cops.  That worked out real well, Byron.  You didn't panic or anything, good for you.

Mona and Noel stop Hanna in the hallway to talk about Caleb's surprise party.  It's probably not going to stay a surprise if they won't shut up.

The girls discuss the call transcript that Emily has.  Now they think that the person that called is the same person that met them at the greenhouse and that they are a helper of A's.  Caleb interrupts to share some phone info.  He found a creepy picture of all four dolls sitting together in a row.

The other girls leave and Caleb demands that Hanna tell him what's going on.  He says Lucas won't even look him in the eye, but that must be a separate problem.  WAIT!  What if it turns out Lucas is gay and he's in love with Caleb!?

Byron is venting to Ella about how pissed he is at Ezra.  Ella is pretty pissed about the whole situation.  She doesn't want Byron to call the cops, because it will fuck with Aria just as much as Ezra.  That's true.  She's already had several run ins with the cops, so this definitely won't help her reputation.

Hanna stops by Fitz's office at Hollis.  She just wants Fitz to know that she and the other girls know that he and Aria are in love and they just want the best for them.  Thanks, Hanna, you're the best.

Emily and Spencer are listening in at the center, because it's the transcript caller and the director wants them to take notes.  It's clearly Lucas on the phone, which really upsets me.  What's going on?!

The girls are trying to tell Hanna what they heard, but she doesn't believe them.  They try to use his problems with Alison as possible proof, but Hanna makes the excellent point that EVERYONE had problems with Alison.

Aria calls Ezra and actually gets a hold of him, only to hear him say she can't call him anymore.  Awwww, come on, don't let it end like this!

Garrett shows up at Toby and Jenna's, just as Jenna is driving away to Boston for her surgery.  Garrett is crazy upset about Jenna being mad at him, and Toby tells him that this is just Jenna.  She drops people when she doesn't need them anymore.

Garrett is acting like a big whiny baby.  No wonder Jenna doesn't want him anymore.

Hanna and Spencer are in the attic of the lake house, looking for tiki torches or something.  Ohhhhhhhh the wall paper.  No, no, this is so gross.  Spencer moves a bunch of boxes to discover the same dresser and wall paper that was in the photo with those creepy dolls.

A has been in this lake house!  And now Lucas is in the attic.  Spencer is acting all creeped out, but then Lucas is acting pretty creepy.  What is his deal?

Byron, Ella and Aria stop at some restaurant to eat, but Ezra is eating in there, so Byron makes them leave.  Hey, there's only about three restaurants in town, Byron.  What are you going to do?

Clearly, Ella thinks he's acting like a big baby.

Back at the crisis center, Emily is giving the transcript page back to the director when they get interrupted by some calls.  Emily takes one.  It's Lucas again!  He has to take care of something tonight.  And it means he'll lose someone forever.

Byron and Ella are arguing in the street.  Then they totally run into Mr. Turner from Boy Meets World!

He's with his son, Holden.  Who grew up with Aria.  Oh brother, they're going to try to set them up aren't they?  Lame.  I don't have time for this.

Caleb's party is in full swing, and Mona and Noel are being really high maintenance.  Spencer is freaking out over the doll picture and Hanna is freaking out because Caleb is coming early.  Priorities, Hanna!  The cake looks really good, though.

Emily shows up, just as Lucas is being really shifty in the kitchen.  It's gotta be that he's just in love with her, right?  Lucas isn't a killer.  He's sweating a lot.

Emily finds Spencer at the party.  They grab Mona just in time to find out from her that Hanna and Lucas took the boat out to the lake to set up the fire works.  They're going to put the fire works in the lake?  Or they're going to set them off from the boat?  That's really dangerous.

Lucas is stopping the boat in the middle of the lake.  Of course, it's really foggy.  Lucas is acting like a total psycho.

What does he want?  He just threw a giant box of fireworks in the lake and Hanna hit him with an oar!

Spencer and Emily are screaming from the edge of the lake.  Hanna is rowing and one of her oars gets stuck on something.  Then the boat topples over!  Emily runs inside to call the cops.

Aria leaves a voicemail for Ezra.  She thinks Ella might be coming around.  Ella comes in Aria's room, so she lies and says she was just talking to Holden.  Ella thinks she can get Aria ungrounded if she wants to spend time with Holden.  Oh, brother.

Hanna swims to the lake shore and Spencer pulls her out.

Everybody is outside by the lake, including Mona and Noel who claim to have just gone swimming.

Caleb shows up all confused.  Where the hell is Lucas?  Oh, here comes the boat, still upside down.

One of Lucas' shoes is just floating in the lake by itself.  A fishes it out.


Official Count
Either none of the usual happened, or I really didn't pay attention this time.

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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