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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Ten
Touched by an A-ngel

Emily finds Aria in the cafeteria the next morning and yells at her for not answering her phone.  Aria tells her that Jason kissed her and then Emily tells her about all the photos.  Spencer shows up in some weird off-the-shoulder denim thing.

I don't know if I love it, or hate it.

Spencer is super grossed out by the whole kiss thing and Aria runs off.

Oh, come on!  A took out all the other letters in Emily's AlphaBits cereal.  Also there's a note.

Is A one of the cafeteria ladies?

Ashley and Hanna spend their morning talking about how Emily needs time to heal.  Ashley has some gift certificate for a massage which she tells Hanna to give to Emily.  Then they awkwardly discuss Hanna participating in her dad's wedding.

Oh, wow, Aria.  You just jumped right in there with the accusations didn't you?

Jason is trying to skirt around the issue and act all butt hurt that the girls broke into his darkroom and saw the pictures of Aria.  He claims they were from a roll of film that belonged to Ali and he was going to have them framed as a gift for Aria.  FRAMED?  Why would anyone want such a creepy gift?  Oh, look, Jenna was listening the whole time.

Ella runs into Dr. Sullivan in the hallway and starts talking to her about Mike.  Dr. Sullivan doesn't think it's very professional for her to see both Aria and Mike, so she will recommend a colleague.  Good, I'm worried about Mike.

Aria spots Ezra in the courtyard so I guess he's here to talk to the high school kids about Hollis at this lame college fair.  But Jackie's with him, so she gets all pouty.

Hanna gives Emily the gift certificate.  Emily has trouble opening her locker because it's crammed full of stuff.  She totally looks like she's about to cry when Dr. Sullivan sees her.  Emily tells her she really wants to talk to her, and Dr. Sullivan suggests she come over after school.

Back at the Hastings' Casa, Toby is helping Spencer pack up all Ian's old stuff so that they can get rid of it before Melissa moves back in.  Toby finds Ian's old yearbook.  I hope there is a bunch of ugly pictures of him in there.  Nope.  I mean, it's not a really good photo, but it was definitely taken like a headshot.

He's mentioned as being in some N.A.T. club.  Jason was also in it.  He signed Ian's yearbook.  How cute!  Oh boy, Garrett was also in the club.  The club is not mentioned anywhere else in the yearbook, so it's clearly some secret society thing.

Ezra tries to flirt with Aria at the college fair and she totally blows him off.  Come on, Aria.  Let's be a little more mature about this.  Are you going to stomp your feet and run off everytime you see Jackie near him?  They work together.  And they might even be friends.  Ezra is being really understanding, but then Aria panics and tells him that she kissed Jason.

She tries to backtrack and say no, he kissed her, but Ezra is clearly upset.  Jackie interrupts and asks Ezra to get something out of the car, then makes some snide comment to Aria about how college makes you grow up.  Normally that would piss me off, but Aria kind of deserved it.

Hanna is at the bridal store getting fitted for her bridesmaids dress with Mona.  Mona totally hates the dress and I kind of agree.  The color is really nice on Hanna, but the shape of the dress looks like an accident.

While Mona is shit talking Hanna's new family, Lame Kate walks in because she just finished her dress fitting.  Hanna makes some fun joke about college, which goes straight over Kate's head.  But that doesn't stop her from inviting Hanna and Mona to lunch at some club with her cousins!  Mona accepts, claiming she's starved, and is quickly reprimanded by Hanna who argues that they just ate a whole bowl of jellybeans.  A whole bowl?  I like jellybeans, but that's just too much candy.  Unless they were the marshmallow flavored kind.  I could probably eat a whole bowl of those.

Mona tells Hanna that this lunch may be her chance to get along with her new stepsister and she should jump at it.  I'm not so sure.  Kate really sucks.

Is this the same actress who played Kate last time?

Emily arrives at the spa for the massage, which I am super jealous of.  I've never had a professional massage and I bet it would be so nice.  Accept I'm scared I might get so relaxed that I'll fall asleep and then I might fart.  Has this ever happened to anyone?  What do you do?  Apologize of course, but does the masseuse get all offended?  Or are they used to that sort of thing?

Spencer and Toby are searching through all Ian's things for evidence of N.A.T.  Well, Spencer is.  Toby is mostly calling her obsessive.  Then Spencer finds a shirt with the initials and a phrase in Latin.  She looks it up on her phone and it translates to "We See All."  So, this was basically a pervert club.  And now it looks like all three boys might have been in it together.  How quaint.

Hanna and Mona are all decked out in horseback riding gear because Kate invited them to go riding before they eat lunch.  Mona seems to be getting along easily with all the girls, but none of Kate's lame friends really get Hanna's sense of humor.  Hanna gets a bit nervous on the horse, so Mona tells the other girls to go ahead and they'll catch up.

Emily  is super naked in the spa, and this ambient music is making me sleepy.  Well, it's either that, or the drugs I'm on right now for getting my wisdom teeth out.

Jason is sitting with Aria at what can only be the Apple Rose Grille, showing her the framed photos that "Ali" took.  She apologizes for accusing him of basically stalking her and also for Spencer and Emily breaking into his shed.  She and the girls have just been looking for answers.  Jason understands because he's been looking for answers too, which is why he developed Ali's film.

He found it in her room under an old loose floorboard.  When Aria asks what else was under there, he says just "girl stuff."  And that hiding stuff was a habit with Ali.  He asks Aria if she wants to see what else was hidden.  Uh, DUH.

Spencer walks by with Toby and sees Jason and Aria in the restaurant and gets a little pissed.  Toby wants to go inside and talk to Aria, but Spencer is being stubborn.

Mona and Hanna somehow LOST the horses they were riding, and had to walk back.  They argue because Hanna thinks that Mona only wants them all to hang out so she can take advantage of Kate's membership to country clubs.  But Mona only wanted to help Hanna get to know Kate because she knew it was important to her and her dad.  Mona says she can't wait until Caleb gets back, because without him Hanna is acting like a real "Crank."  What's crank?  It sounds like another weird for "Asshole."

Back at the spa, Emily's masseuse comes in and asks if Emily is ready to begin.  And I'm immediately grossed out because we all know what that means.

And A has cleverly written his/her initial in the condensation on a water glass, just in case we couldn't figure it out.

Ezra gets into his car to leave the college fair, but Spencer is already in there!  She tells him all she knows about him and Aria and is in the middle of explaining about Jason, when Ella spots them in the car together.  That isn't going to end well, I can tell you that for free.

Emily is dressed now and totally freaking out for good reason.  She is about to call Dr. Sullivan when she gets a nasty message from A.

Jason and Aria are walking back to his house so that she can look at the stuff Ali was hiding.  Aria won't go inside with him, so that means she at least has a couple of survival skills left.  Jason goes inside to get the box.

Hanna tells Mona that she doesn't think Kate and her friends are going to like her, and she doesn't really want to try anymore.  She calls Isabel a skank and uses some other not very friendly terms, not realizing that they are in a room with an intercom, and Kate heard all of that.

Hanna tries to apologize, but Kate's not into it.

Spencer comes downstairs from her room, because I guess she came home at some point?  And Jenna is sitting in her living room.  She tells Spencer that they had some deal that Spencer was going to stop digging around for information, and that if she doesn't stop, things could get dangerous for her AND for Toby.  Spencer tells Jenna to tell Garrett she said Hi.  Ha!  Take that Jenna.  Seriously though, if Jenna wants them to stop searching her room and suspecting her of shit, then maybe she should STOP ACTING SO SUSPICIOUS AND THREATENING.

Aria is still waiting in Jason's front yard when Ezra pulls up.  Jason's front yard is really oddly shaped.  Why does he have a dirt road leading up to his house?  Ezra tells Aria that he's really worried about her spending time with Jason and that Spencer told him everything.  Ezra doesn't want to lose Aria and he wants to tell her parents the truth.  This seems like a desparate attempt from him to keep her away from Jason, and I gotta say, it's a pretty good one.  It's working for me!  Jason walks back outside while she and Ezra are kissing and hands her the box.  She and Ezra leave.  Jason looks like a creepy Ken doll here.

Jenna climbs into a car with Garrett and tells him that Spencer is figuring everything out about them.  She wants Garrett to talk to Jason.  About what?!

Hanna is going to eat some chocolate pudding, which looks DELICIOUS right now.  She asks Ashley if her father called and then starts to tell her about the day's fiasco, when the phone rings.  It's Tom.  Kate wants to talk to Hanna, so the girls get on the phone together.  Hanna starts apologizing all over the place, but Kate interrupts and does some threatening stuff where she compares Hanna to the horse or something?  It's not done very well and I think Hanna is more confused than anything else.  Bottom line is, Kate is going to make things really difficult for Hanna once their parents get married.

Aria is in her room looking through Ali's box when Ella walks in.  It's mostly just a bunch of little trinkets and a creepy doll.  Ella has made an appointment for Mike with a doctor that Ann Sullivan suggested.  Aria promises to be supportive.  We're all really worried about Mike.  Then Ella uncomfortably brings up former rumors about Ezra dating a student.  You can tell that Aria is getting ready to admit the truth when Ella tells her about seeing Spencer in his car.

Aria tests the waters to see what Ella would have thought of that situation if it were real.  The reaction she gets is pretty much the opposite of what she wanted.

The other three girls are in Hanna's room, practically spoon feeding tea to Emily, who has just finished taking her fifth shower.  All the girls feel pretty dirty and grossed out that Jason, Ian and Garrett may have been spying on them for years.  Emily gets a phone call from Dr. Sullivan, which she ignores.

Aria arrives and she and Spencer share an emotional moment over Spencer butting in with Ezra.  It's nice, until Spencer hears that Ella suspects she and Ezra have been feeding each other raw meat.

Garrett drives up to Jason's house, where he is sitting on the porch.  He offers Jason a beer, and then retracts the offer, because I guess Jason is sober now.  Jason says he's been expecting Garrett to show up and they both just sit there not looking at each other like a couple of weirdos.

OH NO!  Dr. Sullivan is having an appointment with A, clearly, since the camera won't let us see who she is talking to.

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 2
Messages From A: 3

Best Outfit
And the award goes to...

Aria, in this cute pencil skirt/cat print top combo.  She's got some black beads and a nice little hair bump going too.  For a girl wearing cats across her boobs, she looks surprisingly sophisticated.  Yay, Aria!

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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