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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Eleven
I Must Confess

Emily is having trouble sleeping, probably due to nightmares brought on by being massaged by A.  She leaves Hanna's room in the middle of the night without her phone or her purse.

The girls are panicked the next morning as they try to figure out where she's gone.

We're switching in between scenes of the girls looking for clues in Hanna's room and Emily jogging through the woods.  Apparently A texted Emily in the middle of the night, wanting her to spill the beans about Ezra and Aria to Ella.

Emily ends up at Dr. Sullivan's office, ready to talk.  The other girls are already there.  Looks like it's finally time to let it all out!

They all argue for a few minutes over whether or not Emily should have woken them.  But Dr. Sullivan wants answers.

Meanwhile, Toby is working, somewhere.  Jason's front yard?  He spots Jenna inside Garrett's car.  Garrett gets in and kisses her.

We skip back to Dr. Sullivan's office, where the girls have started telling her about all the texts and notes they've been getting from A.  She's pretty amazed that none of the girls have talked to anyone about this before.

The girls discuss the meeting over lunch in the cafeteria, which might be the same day?  Hanna is giving Kate some lame book about horses to try to make up for what happened with the intercom.  The girls think Jenna may be the one who sent Emily the text about Ezra and Aria.  Suddenly, Hanna's grandma shows up for God knows what reason.  Hanna takes her to the bathroom.

She's the only visitor at this school that I've ever seen wearing a visitor's pass!

Byron and Ella are arguing over whether or not Mike should see a therapist.  I'm not sure which side each of them is arguing, but they're both pretty pissed.

Hanna talks dirty to Caleb on the phone, well in earshot of her grandma, when Tom calls on the other line.  He wants Hanna and Kate to do a toast together at the rehearsal dinner.  Grandma thinks this whole thing is stupid.  She's on Ashley's side in this whole mess, instead of her son's.  But despite how much she loves Ashley, she's not a fan of how she arranges her kitchen.  She wants Ashley to "fight" to get Tom back.  You guys, who cares?  Tom sucks.

Mike is being a real dick again.  It looks like he might be on some AOL chat room.

He and Ella have a fight over the laptop, which gets a little too physical and Ella gets pushed against the wall.  Oh shit.  Ella doesn't want Aria to tell Byron what happened.  They're going to make up that she tripped or something.  God damn it, Mike!

Spencer and Toby discuss the Jenna and Garrett situation in the car on the way to school. 

Dr. Sullivan is also at school to talk about choosing colleges.  Oh wait, I think this talk is just disguised as a college talk.  It's really supposed to be about bullies or something.  Is this how they think they are going to catch A?  By having a "talking to" in the school cafeteria?

Hanna thinks this conversation is probably going to make everything worse, and I agree.  None of the other girls do, though.  Jenna wants to know what they think of the whole thing.  Emily asks her to "move her stick" because other people are trying to get by.  Wow!  Don't mess with Emily today, guys!  She is NOT in the mood.

At Tom and Isabel's dinner thingy, Kate and Hanna make an agreement to start over.  Grandma is acting like a real weirdo on purpose, probably to freak out Isabel's friends.  Kate shows Hanna the wedding dress, which is just laying on some couch somewhere in this restaurant.

What the hell?  What is it doing here?  Kate pulls water bottles full of vodka out of nowhere to spike the girl's lemonades.  That doesn't seem like a good idea.

Ashley and Emily keep each other company in the kitchen.  I think Ashley could probably really use a hug tonight.

Dr. Sullivan gets a phone call and it's a really, really fucking creepy recording of her talking to the girls at their session earlier in the day.  Oh fuck this shit.

She calls the cops who are inspecting her office.  She wants them to open up the walls to search for a recording device.  Of course, fucking Garrett is the cop on duty.  He wants the names of the patients, but Sullivan isn't taking that shit.  She wants something done NOW because this is the second time she's had to call the cops.  Don't expect much, Dr. S.  It took them a whole year to find a girl who was buried in her own backyard.

Hanna and Kate are trying to write this stupid toast.  Hanna tells Kate about Caleb.  Then Kate makes up some weirdo excuse for them to drink really fast because she sees her uncle?  What?

Back at the Marin's Emily wants to know why Tom's mom would stay with Ashley instead of him.  Ashley says because she's basically a big weirdo.  Then they talk about how odd it is for her ex to be marrying someone else.  The conversation switches to Emily's love life, or lack thereof.  Fun times!

Byron comes home and wants Aria to cut Mike some slack.  He also wants Ella to have her wrist examined.  I mean, he is eventually going to find out it was Mike, so you may as well just tell him.

OH MY GOD!  It's MAYA!  And I love this song!  I'm just so happy she's back!

Okay, Toby and Spencer are really going for it in his car.  They're parked in front of Jason's house, which seems like a really unromantic spot to me.  They stop when they see two shadows looking outside from Jason's upstairs windows.

I think she's just going to barge on in there.  Oh boy,  It was Mr. Hastings who was in there.  He says they were just discussing the fence, but I doubt it.  Spencer wants answers and Toby demands he give them to her.  Now Mr. Hastings is really freaking out and yelling at Toby.  It's not his fault you've totally lost it!  Spencer gets in Toby's car and they drive off, but not before Mr. Hastings hits the car as they drive away.  Is he on drugs?  What just happened?

Dr. Sullivan is in her office alone, which is a terrible idea.

Apparently Maya has been back for a couple weeks, her parents are renting a house in a nearby town, I think.  Emily wants to pick up where they left off, but I think Maya is a little reluctant.

Mike is crying in his room.  At least he is properly ashamed of what happened with his mom.

We can get through this, Mike!

Kate and Hanna hang out in the fanciest bathroom ever.  But I think Hanna is going to barf.

No, no Hanna.  Don't go near the dress when you're drunk.  Never, never go near anything nice when you're drunk.  It is a really pretty dress though.

Oh God, she just barfed all over it.  Kate looks pretty pleased.

I'm surprised that Spencer actually went home.  I would have stayed somewhere else.

Mr. Hastings is telling her some story about Ali's grandmother dying around the time that Ali disappeared.  She changed her will a week earlier so that only Ali was going to get money.  I think?  I'm guessing that Ali followed through with tattling to her grandma about Jason's drug use and partying.  Apparently Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis begged Mr. Hastings to change the date on the will so that no one would suspect Jason of murdering Ali to get to that money?  I'm a little confused.  Is there a Cliff Notes version?


All the girls are hanging out in Hanna's kitchen with her grandma.  Alison asks Hanna's grandmother if she would ever disown any of her children and what it would take to do that.

How weird, Ali.  What the fuck kind of questions are these?

Spencer starts spouting out theories about Jason possibly killing Alison and wanting to go to the cops, but Mr. Hastings doesn't want to, because he could go to jail for tampeing with the will.

In her office, Dr. Sullivan is going through all the girls files.  Then she starts going through what has to be A's file.  Funny how A's file is the one that's written out in red pen.

Hanna is trying to clean the vomit off the wedding dress in the bathroom.  Tom is super pissed because he says Kate is acting all mature and poised while Hanna is running around drunk and barfing on dresses.  Hanna's grandmother takes up for her, but it's not helping much.  Maybe if she hadn't acted like such a nutcase earlier, she would be a better character witness.

Aria comes downstairs to talk to her parents about Mike.  She doesn't want to keep anymore secrets and she wants to get him some help.  Yeah, good luck with the secret thing.

Kate comes into the bathroom, probably to gloat.  Grandma dumps out Kate's purse and finds the vodka.  Why wouldn't she throw that away?  Hanna promises to get her back, but I don't know that she can do anything shittier than Kate just did to her.  Unless she's planning to barf on Kate.  THAT would be awesome.

Emily is trying to explain to Maya why she would still date Paige even though she tried to drown her once, and I'm actually interested to hear her answer.  But they are interrupted by a phone call from Dr. Sullivan asking Emily to gather all the girls and come to her office ASAP, because she knows who A is.

The girls show up, but no one is there.

Oh shit.

A has totally kidnapped Dr. Sullivan.

So now we know that A bugged the room.  But what did he/she do with Ann?

Official Count
Messages From A: 2
Flashbacks: 1

Best Outfit
And the award goes to...

Technically Isabel, for this awesome wedding dress.  But it's ruined, so I guess no one wins.

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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