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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Fourteen
Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares

Some little girls are singing a jump rope song about pretty little liars.  Any way we can get a full set of lyrics to this song, ABC Family?!

One Month Later

Oh wow, the girls are in orange jumpsuits, picking up trash on the side of the road.  The other jumpsuit girls resent them because they think they're getting off easy.  Emily tries to defend them and says they didn't do anything, which pisses Spencer off.  I'm not sure why, I guess tempers are just running hot?  Then there is some more yelling about stupid things and Spencer throws garbage at Emily.

Now everybody's fighting and yelling.  Is this what we've come to ladies?  Garrett is enjoying the view from his car.

In the Marin's kitchen, Ashley is trying to get Hanna to get along with Emily, because she's still living with them.  I guess Hanna's dad is still mad at her for the whole thing with the wedding.

Emily and Spencer got an extra two weeks of community service for fighting in the park.

Then Emily gets a fax? 

Nice job on this, Props Department!

Aria and Mike are out getting coffee.  It's nice to see Mike smiling again.

Then they run into Ezra.  He and Aria are acting a little awkward.  I guess they haven't seen each other since the whole Dr. Sullivan thing?  Aria asks Mike to throw away her cup which only takes him about five seconds, so they don't get to say much privately.

Garrett is at the school, on the phone, probably with Jenna.  She was supposed to meet him or something, and didn't show up.  Spencer sees him and says a bunch of cryptic shit to Garrett that he full on admits to not understanding.  I guess his relationship with Jenna is all out in the open now.  Okay, now she just said something cryptic about their secret club.  Garrett HAD to get that, right?

Jason's been out of town ever since they got arrested.

Emily is showing some coach her medical chart, and saying she's healthy again and can swim.  The coach tries to say in a nice way that she's probably not going to be allowed back on the team, since she might be a murderer.

Ella is being a real bitch to Spencer!  Is this because she thinks she's dating Ezra?  So much for being unbiased.

Emily gets a text from A, who wants to make a deal.  Isn't that an idea that Spencer yelled at Emily earlier for?

Emily circles the word "yes" on the chalkboard.  That's so creepy thinking about the fact that A can see them.

It looks like Hanna and Aria are still friends.

Emily has a note in her locker.

But it was in a book that belongs to Spencer?  So is it Spencer wanting to meet up?  Or A?   Oh.  OHHHHHH.  I get what's going on here!  And I like it!

Hey, it's Lucas!  Someone on the yearbook took pictures of Hanna picking up trash?  Oh, Lucas is going to try to take them down for her.  So I guess they're just on the internet somewhere.

Ezra and Byron are hanging out at Hollis.  They're going to combine classes for something.  Ezra asks how Byron is doing with all the stress over what's happening with Aria and Mike.  Ezra says he knows Aria well enough to believe she would never hurt anyone.  Byron invites him over for dinner.  You aren't going to question why he knows your daughter so well?

Toby is hanging out by his truck.  Waiting for Spencer, I guess.  She's pretty upset.  Her parents are staying with Melissa, whose having some medical issues.  Spencer explains about her extra community service.

Awwww!  Toby made her a rocking chair!  It's really good!  Spencer is ruining everything by telling Toby to not worry about her and concentrate on his creepy sister.  Ugh.

Here we are at this fucking greenhouse again.  Who owns this place?!  All the girls are meeting up and Emily shows them the message she got from A.  Because they've been tricking A into thinking they've been fighting when they haven't!  YAY!  Oh, but they don't actually have any evidence to threaten A with, so maybe this isn't going to work so well.

Hanna and Lucas walk into Hanna's house discussing comic books vs. graphic novels and Caleb is there!  Wait, was he gone again?

Emily is at school, watching Garrett buy a ticket for the swim meet.  Toby complains to her that Garrett is super annoying and follows Jenna around like a dog.  He wants Emily to help with Spencer, but she says she can't.  Poor Toby.  He has no idea what's going on.

Aria leaves a package on Ezra's desk.  Probably that book she talked about borrowing earlier.  Jackie shows up and acts all bitchy.  WHY did you let her have all the power, Aria?!  Oh, Ezra just walked in.  He heard all that.  Good.

Aria says she just now realizes how dangerous their relationship was for Ezra and his career.  Duh, Aria.

Caleb talks to Lucas at the swim meet.  Lucas is allergic to chlorine?  You can tell that Lucas is sort of hoping that Caleb will move back to California with his family permanently. 

Okay, something is about to start. 

Emily loudly asks Spencer where the box is that Jason gave to Aria.  They all argue about it, and the whole school is watching them, it seems.

A takes the bait and texts Emily.

Oh boy,  Ezra is at the Montgomery house and I think they're going to confess.

Yup!  That just happened.  Okay, they're being met by mostly silence.

Okay, there's not so much silence anymore.  They're trying to kick Ezra out when Mike punches him right in the face.  Wow!  Ella is looking at Aria like that was her fault.

And Ezra leaves.  I would run if I were you, Ezra.

Byron is all prepared to end Ezra's career over this, but that seems a little hypocritical.  Nobody got him fired over dating Jodi.  Sure, he almost lost his marriage, but he didn't lose his career.  Ella is sort of blaming Byron for the whole thing by suggesting that Aria did this because she learned it from Byron's example.

Aria comes downstairs and begs them not to judge them immediately.  They're all "Go to your room," which is really not going to help the situation any.

Oh, hey Jackie.  Did you want to act like a total bitch some more?  Because Ezra is not interested.  Fuck OFF, Jackie.  Can't this bitch take a hint?

All the girls are dressed in black.  Are they going to rob someone?  Toby shows up just as Spencer is trying to leave.  And now Hanna is not allowed to leave because her dad is coming over or something.

Toby is REALLY concerned about Spencer and Emily's friendship.  He's saying that Spencer is acting just like Ali.  Harsh.

Where is Emily driving to in the dark?

I guess Tom and Isabel got married anyway.  Maybe they eloped?  He and his new family are going to move to Rosewood.  Great.  That means we're going to have to deal with LameKate at school all the time.  Maybe she'll turn out to be A.  Or A's new BFF.

Emily the greenhouse again? 

Aria's trapped in her room so the girls are going to have to go ahead with the plan without her I guess.

Spencer texts Emily not to go in the greenhouse yet until she gets there.  Umm, too late!

Oh, Mike!  I love him again.  He's helping Aria sneak out.  I guess he feels bad about punching her boyfriend.

Oh my God.  A is in the greenhouse with Emily.  They are RIGHT THERE together.  Emily is sort of taunting him/her with the box.  

Oh.  She just confessed that there is nothing in the box.  Umm, I hope your backup is already there, Em!  A is PISSED.  And pretty strong.

God damn it!  Don't let them get away!  Hanna just hit A with her car!  Irony!

Okay, now they are all running through the woods.  This is CrazyTown!

A got away.  Spencer is really freaking out here.  A dropped a cell phone!

A just realized they're missing their phone.  And they're not happy about it.

Official Count
Coffee Sightings:3
Messages From A: 2

Best Outfit
And the award goes to...

Aria and her Confession Outfit!  That's a nice top.  And I wish I knew where these girls buy all their boots.

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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