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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Sixteen
Let The Water Hold Me Down

Hanna is warming up in front of the fire.  Are they still at the lake house?  I guess so.  The cops are going to drag the lake first thing in the morning, because nobody has seen Lucas come up to shore.  Hanna confesses that she knew Lucas was the one who destroyed that memorial bench they built for Ali.  Hanna grabs a water bottle from Emily's purse to take some aspirin, only to find it's full of lake water.

Gross!  She gets a text from A, who must have stuck the water bottle into Emily's purse while it was still in the car.  I hope she doesn't get ringworm.

While sitting in the Marin's kitchen, Hanna gets a phone call.  Lucas has contacted his parents, so we know he's still alive.  Ashley feels horribly guilty that it was at Hanna's party that Lucas disappeared from.

At Spencer's house, she shows the girls a bag of prepaid cell phones that she found at the lake house.  The receipt in the bag matches the date that Hanna was there having sex with Caleb.  Gross.  Does that mean A was watching them?  There's an address on the receipt.  I guess for the cell phone store, which the girls are going to visit.

Aria is wearing a disgusting fur vest.

Aria is telling Spencer about using Holden as an excuse to be on the phone when they run into Holden in the hallway.  Holden wants to take Aria out to dinner, and he already asked Byron's permission, so it's allowed.  AWKWARD.  I hope she explains to him that he's just her beard.

Mona asks Hanna in the hallway if she's noticed Noel talking to any other girls.  Then she accuses Lucas of wanting attention by ruining Caleb's party and pretending to disappear.  Hanna get in a minor fight in the hallway with some random kid who is putting her homecoming queen picture in storage.

What is with everyone and vests today?  Mona's angry at Hanna for not caring about her problems and calls her selfish.  Now Hanna's crying in the bathroom.  Poor Hanna.  This is just not her week.

Emily gets an anonymous phone call from someone who knows she works at the crisis center.  Oh, it's just Maya, thank God.  Why isn't she in school?  Is she homeschooled now?  Maya gets another call which seems to upset her, so she ignores it.  The girls are sneaking into a bar tonight, evidently, since they'll need fake IDs.

Hanna is still in the bathroom stall, which is suddenly flooding.  All the sinks have been stopped up and there is a rowboat floating in them.

A text from A proves that she/he was just being creepy in the bathroom while Hanna was crying in there.

Aria is using Holden to get to some event that Ezra will also be at, so she can have a chance to see him.  The girls are going to the train station?  Why again?

Caleb is at Hanna's and he's concerned about Lucas, who has been staying at his cousin's house.  But Caleb thinks that the cousin is just lying for him and that Lucas may really be staying at the lake house for some reason.  He also thinks that Hanna doesn't want to find him on purpose, because something weird may have happened when they were on that boat together.  Why doesn't Hanna just tell him?

Okay, Spencer and Aria are in the street looking for the address from the receipt.  That must have been what they took the train for.  They can't figure it out, but Aria mentions that Melissa's condo is ten blocks away.

The girls split up, and Spencer sees some girl with a seeing eye dog.  And then a guy with one of those sticks Jenna has.  She follows them.

Emily shows Maya the ropes at the crisis center.  Maya gets some upsetting text and asks Emily if she can meet her later.

Spencer follows all the blind people to a rehab school for the blind that was just down the street.  The receptionist at the front desk looks like one of those stereotypical librarians.  Spencer asks if she can find out if Jenna Marshall went there, but the receptionist doesn't take any shit and says that all patient files are confidential.  But one of the other students hears Spencer ask about Jenna and says he knows her.

Emily talks to Hanna about all the texts and calls that Maya has been getting.  Hanna says that people have a right to secrets and everybody needs to chill out. 

Spencer pours some coffee for her new friend and they start talking about Jenna.  He says Jenna really helped him a lot with his anger over becoming blind.  Jenna was really motivated to learn enough to leave the rehab center.  Apparently she had a lot of things to do back at home.

Spencer is leaving when the weirdo receptionist forces her to sign in for the time she was here.  Spencer takes that opportunity to snag one of the sign in books on her way out.

Emily asks Aria if she can borrow her fake ID for Maya.  Hanna is freaked out and locking all the doors.  The girls offer to cancel their plans to stay with Hanna, since she's scared, but she doesn't let them.  Where's Ashley?

Holden brought Aria some gummy bears.  Some stupid story from when they were kids.  Blah blah blah, who cares.  Aria grabs the tickets.  Ezra just showed up.

This slow motion stuff is killing me.  Run away together!

Spencer just took the train into scary town.  Spencer, get in the fucking car before a rapist comes!  Ahhh, it's Mona.

Looks like she bought the whole mall.  Oh, Noel dumped her.

Hanna's sitting in her cry spot on the stairs.  Calling Caleb over and over.  Oh shit, someones at the back door. Someone's in the house!  Someone's in the house!

What are Maya and Emily in line for?  Maya's getting weird texts again.  Oh.  It's an ex.  Is that all?  Emily dated two weirdos while you were gone, so who cares?  OH.  Maya's weirdo was a guy.

Holden's already caught on to Aria's plan.  Mostly because he totally caught her undressing Ezra with her eyes at the movie theater.  Aria asks him to keep her secret and it turns out Holden's got some secrets he wants Aria to keep for him as well, so maybe this will work out well for everyone!

Hanna is alone in her room, watching it rain.  A dark figure sneaks in.  Oh shit, it's Lucas.  While he's confronting her, Caleb comes in through the back door.  Hanna very cleverly calls Caleb on her phone while Lucas is talking.  They both ask Lucas what the fuck is going on.  It turns out that Caleb asked Lucas to hold on to some money for him while he was in California, and Lucas gambled it away.

Seriously?  That's it?  Then why did he act like a total psycho?  He has a whole wad of money with him now from selling his comic books.  Caleb doesn't seem super mad, but Hanna is pretty disappointed.  Can't we all just be happy that Lucas isn't A or a murderer?

The girls are all eating chinese food at Spencer's while they look through the Rehab center guestbook for Alison's name.  They don't find hers, but they do find Garrett's.  It looks like he signed Jenna out overnight.  Maybe for sexy time?  Oh, it was on the night that Ali went missing.

Fucking son of a bitch!  All their take out containers are full of dirt and worms.  So gross!

A is on some scaffolding somewhere.  Loosening a screw?  For, like, an hour.

Where is this?

Official Count
Messages From A: 3
Coffee Sightings: 2

Worst Outfit
There was no best.  Aria wins for worst, because this vest is the saddest thing I've ever seen.

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop and The Pretty Little Liars Wiki.

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