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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Eighteen
A Kiss Before Lying

Caleb is showing the girls the latest video footage, but he wants them to back up because he can smell Spencer's cheeseburger breath.

Why does Alison have a whole set of jacks in her secrets box?

Hanna's calling.  Everyone shut up!

Oh, great you guys.  She can totally hear all of you talking to each other.  Now she's upset.

Okay, there's a photo ID in the screenshot.  It's Ali, but it's a different fake ID.  One with brown hair.

You guys, I'm starting to feel like Ali has a twin.  I'm scared deep down in my heart.  My husband, Edward, thinks it might be "fifthlets."  Or, as the rest of the world calls them, "quintuplets."

Aria might go and hang out with Holden for realsies.  That's nice.  They should try to keep up a healthy fake-relationship.  Aria and Spencer haven't spoken to Ezra or Toby in awhile.  Apparently Spencer's been sitting and crying in Toby's car.  I want to judge her for it, but it's totally something I would do.

Spencer is blaming herself for the whole Lying To Hanna plan.  Well, it's not your greatest plan, ever.

Now Ezra and Aria are in his car together.  Didn't she just tell Spencer that she hadn't spoken to him?  Okay, apparently she's been lying to them about it.  Why?

Calm down, Aria.  He's trying to drive.

Why are Hanna and Ashley eating in the dark?

Hanna is not only bummed out because her friends are ignoring her, but also because Kate is coming to Rosewood.  I think that Hanna should try hanging out with Kate a lot so that A will think they are friends and try to kill her.  Then everybody wins!

Byron goes to an ATM while Aria and Holden get their story straight.  I think they should prepare this beforehand, personally.

Is Aria wearing strings as earrings?

The next day, Aria is wearing a giant sweater at lunch time.

And Spencer is wearing Toby's undershirt underneath her shirt.  Okay, I wouldn't do that.

Oh, great.  Kate's here.  And she's wearing more eye makeup than a beauty pageant contestant.

Spencer's pretty sure that she's met Kate before.  What?

Ugh, A, really?  The lasagna box money is so a season and a half ago!

Spencer and Aria are trading theories about Ali's second fake ID.  Spencer at first thought that it was to sneak in places with Ian, but now she thinks it might be to sneak around investigating A.

Hanna is about to figure out that Caleb really does still have that video footage.  And the girls aren't helping by acting really obvious.

Hey, where's Maya living now?  Is this house in Rosewood, or somewhere else?

I really wish A hadn't ruined the whole swim team thing for Emily.

Spencer is still fishing around for clues as to how she knows Kate.  And she's being really weird about it. 

What the fuck, Pam?  What's with the creepy note and the cookie?  Oh, she made a reservation at Apple Rose Grille!!  How special for us!  And even Maya can come!

Why does Hanna have such a huge gym bag?

Kate's going to be super late if she doesn't open her locker soon.

Ohhhhhh, Spencer finally figured out how she knew Kate.  Horse camp?

WHAT HAPPENED AT HORSE CAMP?  I can't remember!!!

That was a nice crack about Noel's smile, Emily!  I love when she gets catty.

Holden and Aria are on another fake date.  Except that both their plans got cancelled, so now it looks like they might really have to hang out.  Aria likes her pizza half plain, half green peppers?

Okay, Maya is clearly still not over the whole sent to reform camp.

I can't say I blame her, but then she probably shouldn't have come to this dinner.

Spencer explains the blackmail Kate thing to Hanna, but Hanna accidentally also sees the photo of the fake ID that Caleb found on the video.  She's super pissed.

Emily is also pissed.  She thinks Maya is sabotaging dinner.

What weird ass dinner is Ezra at?

And why is he already being promoted to a dean position?  He just started his teaching career at Aria's school, and he only lasted half a semester before he moved to Hollis.  Is this normal?  Are the other teachers in Rosewood just super terrible?  Oh, looks like he was nominated for this promotion by Byron, because he'd have to move to New Orleans.  Real mature, Byron.

Oh boy, Hanna just confessed the whole bank theft thing to Caleb.  Probably not the best idea.  I mean, I love Caleb and all, but what if they break up?  Then you're going to have to worry about him telling someone for the rest of your life.

Stop hogging the air hockey table.

WHAT is Caleb doing?  Whose house is this?  Is this the Cavanaugh house?  What the fuck, Garrett? Are you threatening to shoot him?

This is a real waste of taxpayer dollars.

These girls really need a vacation.

Holden as a nasty bruise, and it's freaking Aria out.

Hey, tea for once!


Hanna ran into Ali in a salon once when she was posing as "Vivian Darkbloom."  Sounds like a comic book character.

Oh, it's a pseudonym for Vladimir Nabokov, author of Lolita.  Which is also the book that Hanna borrowed from Ali when she kept seeing her with it.  Apparently Ali left a dry cleaning ticket in there as a bookmark.

Emily shows up super early at Maya's the next day.  Maya seems confused, which just proves my point that these girls wake up at four AM everyday to do random chores and spying before school.  Maya's made her room look like it's underwater, since Emily misses the swim team so much.  That's sweet!

Ummm, don't forget to go to school!  Oh, who am I kidding.  It's probably only six at this point, you have plenty of time.

While they're hooking up, Spencer calls the dry cleaner with Ali's ticket number.  They still have whatever she left there.

What the fuck is Noel talking about?  What the fuck is everyone talking about?

Oh what the fuck?

I did NOT remember this happening.  Oh, my husband does though, typical.

Why would Hanna have had phone numbers for everyone in school?

A is in Spencer's dad's office.  Taking a gun?

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 1
Messages From A: 1
Flashbacks: 1

Best Outfit
And the award goes to...

Hanna and her red dress!  It's a little low cut for school, but she still looks classy.

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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