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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Nineteen
The Naked Truth

So, here we all are in the principal's office.  Fun.

That coat of Vivian's looks like it belongs to Carmen SanDiego.  I love it. 

Oooo!  There's a note in the pocket!  How come they hadn't already checked them?  It's the first thing I would have done.  It's a phone number.  They leave whoever it is a voice mail, saying they are friends of Vivian.

Now the moms are fighting in the principal's office.  Classy.  The principal says the school has a no tolerance policy regarding bullying.  And yet, the punishment he's assigned is for all four of them to participate in some workshop.  Not that I want Hanna to be punished for something she didn't do, but HELLO!  Way to not protect your students, lame principal.

What a terrible pout face.

Everybody in this school is looking at Hanna like she's a murderer.

Ugh, and now I hate the principal even more because he's the one not letting Emily back on the swim team.

Aria is wearing highlighter shoes.  She's so ahead of all the trends.

How did she know that neon was going to come back?  And why is she hanging out with Holden instead of going to her own class?

Oh!  It's drugs!  He has drugs!

What's Jason doing here?  I see he's cut his hair.

He says he's been visiting his grandmother in Georgia and tells Spencer to tell her dad that he needs to call him.  He must really want to talk to him because he volunteers for this TruthUp Workshop as soon as he hears that Mr. Hastings will be there.

Ashley wants Hanna to explain to her why someone would frame her for this whole porn photo thing.  Did the moms forget about that whole conversation they had where they were going to figure out who was messing with their kids?  Because it seems like they kind of gave up on that, and Ashley is just now remembering.

It's TruthUp day, and all the girls are there.  This whole co-ed sleeping at the school workshop sounds like a good way for all the kids to sneak around and have sex.

Aria is being cold to Holden.  Probably because of the drugs she saw.

I'm not sure how this whole day is set up.  But Aria, Caleb and Jenna are all in the same group.

Oh, Mariska Hargitay is helping out!  She and Jason are in charge of the Aria/Caleb/Jenna group.  This should be fun.

They look thrilled.

Ashley is running Emily and Mona's group.  Emily speaks up and says she feels unwelcome at the school since being kicked off the team.  It looks like Mona feels bad for her.  And the principal totally just blamed Emily's feelings on herself.  What a huge dick.

Kate and Hanna and Noel are in the group run by Ella.  It probably wasn't a good idea to put those girls in a group together.  Especially because Hanna just flipped out and left.

The expression on the guy next to her.

During break time, Emily apologizes to Mona for all the hell they watched Ali put her through.  She wishes she had tried to stop her.  Mona claims to be over it, and offers to tell Emily all about the special treatment the football team gets so that she can use it as blackmail.

Jenna is being a real bitch in Mariska's group.  Caleb is not letting her get away with shit!  I want to be in their group so bad!

Do not fuck with Caleb's girlfriend.

Spencer runs into Jason in the hall and asks why he wants to speak to her dad.  She tells him she knows about the will.  Wait, what group is Spencer in?

I get that this isn't a regular school day, and they aren't using the whole campus, but they couldn't even turn on all the lights in the bathrooms?

Aria and Emily call the number back and whoever owns the phone tells them that no one knows a Vivian.

Now Emily's being called to the office.  What?

Aria can't decide if she wants to break her deal with Holden.  Why won't he just tell her what he's doing?

Hey, is it nighttime?  It must be, because Hanna and Caleb are sitting on the roof and it's super dark.

Please get off the roof now.  I'm sure it's a super romantic make out spot, but someone is definitely watching them.

Oh, it was Mona calling Emily to the office.  Okay, they just mentioned Mona's ability to change her voice.  Hmmmm.

Mona really knows how to break into these school computers.  What are they looking for?

The moms are hanging out and drinking coffee.  Oh, NOW they want to talk about whats going on with the girls.  Mariska thinks this is all Alison's fault.  She's not wrong.

Mona finds out that Principal Tamberelli took a bribe from one of the football player's dads and reinstated him to the team.  Something tells me that blackmailing the principal isn't going to go so well.

Mariska walks in on Jason leaving a threatening sounding voice mail.  Why aren't the lights on in any of these rooms?  Is the school that eager to save on electricity?

Spencer walks by just in time to eavesdrop on her mom and Jason.


Ali and Spencer are hanging out in Spencer's room.  They can hear Spencer's parents fighting.  Apparently they're pissed because they caught Jason and Melissa making out.

Spencer's not too worried about it, because Melissa really likes Ian, not Jason.  Alison says that that better be true, because Jason and Melissa would be "a match frowned upon by the gods."

I guess that's the really nice way to say, because they're actually siblings, and this isn't Game of Thrones.

At dinner break, Kate takes off her sweater, revealing a large birthmark.

The picture that Hanna supposedly sent to everyone was of the same side and did NOT include a birth mark.  So Kate must have photoshopped herself.  What a sad sack.

Oh, I can't even describe to you the hilarious cackling noise I made when Aria and Emily came out of the bathroom stalls!  I love this show so much I could die.

Ummm, Noel and Jenna are in the room they had been meeting in and writing on the wall with invisible ink.  They're looking at the writing with flashlights, and someone with perfect computer like handwriting wrote that they know who killed Alison.

And they were in there by themselves like a couple of freaks.  Aria goes in there looking for Caleb and they act even more freakish.

Oh my God, Aria is totally going to get stuck on the roof looking for Caleb.

And Caleb is safe in a classroom near the courtyard where Jason is sitting.  Spencer has come to tell him what she knows.  Or to verify it, I guess.

Never, NEVER go up on the roof without a door buddy!

Oh, God.  Oh, God.

What the fuck!  What the fuck!  Holden just karate-kicked Noel in the chest!

Haha! Now Noel is stuck on the roof!  I hope it's forever!

Emily is watching Mona talk to Principal Tamberelli, who doesn't look happy.  Mona managed to blackmail him without letting him know that they had been in his office. 

Now Tamberelli is speaking to Hanna and Kate alone in his office, while the moms exchange catty barbs in the hallway.  Haha!  Kate got caught!

Spencer and Mariska are arguing because Spencer is angry about not being told about Jason.  Apparently Mariska didn't know for a long time either.  She pretty much tells Spencer that she would have left Mr. Hastings before Spencer was even conceived if she had known from the beginning.  Supposedly Melissa doesn't know either.

This seems like the most uncomfortable sleepover ever.  I would hate it.  Because I can't sleep until after I've showered, and I don't think there are enough showers in the locker room for everyone to use.

The number from Ali's coat is calling.  It's a man!  He wants to know what they want.  And he wants to meet them somewhere, so he can answer their questions.

Oh gross, gross gross.

Don't do anything to Caleb!

There goes his laptop.

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Messages From A:2
Coffee Sightings: 1
Flashbacks: 1

Until next time, Bitches!

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