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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Twenty
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I guess this is Emily's first swim meet since being back on the team.  And Maya made her a poster!

And Caleb has his laptop back?  I wonder how that happened.

Sounds like Spencer has been staying at Aria's.

Did the cops come to watch the swim meet too?

No, they're here to confiscate Caleb's laptop.  What the hell?  Can that just happen.  Caleb needs to get a lawyer.  Spencer better start talking to her mom again.

Caleb is trying to convince Hanna that his computer is too encrypted and the police won't be able to find anything.  But Hanna is freaking out and saying that Garrett probably framed Caleb for stealing private school files.  I don't think that Garrett is smart enough to do that.  But Caleb is going to try to remotely erase them anyway.

Holden just told Aria that his big secret is that he competes at martial arts, but his parents don't like it.  And those drugs were really pain meds.  BOR-ING.

Caleb is supposedly remotely accessing his laptop from a school computer.  I doubt that's possible.  Even for someone as tech savvy and password intelligent as Caleb.  School computers are always terrible.

Ella wants to lighten the restrictions on Aria, but Byron is being a real dick.

Where is Spencer?

It says DiLaurentis on the windows, is this a company that belongs to Ali's family?

Wait, was that just Maya talking to Jason?  Why?

Spencer wants to know what Jason wants from their dad and why he left town the night she was arrested.  Apparently he went to work on his grandmother's house and found a box that Ali had hidden there last time she stayed.

It was full of love letters from Mr. Hastings to Mrs. DiLaurentis.  And also $15,000.  Holy crap.  I guess she's been blackmailing Mr. Hastings.  For how long?  Spencer's family must be insanely rich to throw that kind of money away.  Seems like it would have just been easier for Mr. Hastings to admit the truth.

All the girls are at some diner to meet this guy whose phone number was in Alison's pocket.  Aria is sitting by herself, with Lolita so that she can meet him.  Oh, I guess only one of them talked to him on the phone, so he's not expecting a group.

This guy doesn't seem so bad, a little creepy though.  Apparently "Vivian" owes him money and cost him a job?  WAIT.  He thinks that Aria is Alison.  So he doesn't know that Vivian and Alison are one person.

OR DOUBLE WAIT.  There's totally a twin isn't there?!  I can't do this.

I wish Hanna wasn't being so obvious with that compact.

Okay, maybe there's not a twin.  "Vivian" told this guy about her "friend" Alison getting stalker texts from A.  I guess he was going to figure out who A was for her, but he told her before she paid him.  Now he won't tell Aria until she gives him $2,000.  And he goes by Jonah?

I say Spencer is in charge of getting the money, since her dad is rich enough he can pay off Alison.

The cops told Caleb he can have his laptop back that day if he cooperates.

Aria is on the phone with Fitz making plans to meet at a French Vegan Bistro.  Sounds fun.

Garrett is being all sneaky and weird about this laptop.  Detective DickFace wants to send it to Pittsburgh because they can't get into it.

Oh, and he's discovered that page five is missing from the autopsy.  The police hadn't noticed that before?  What's in this important photo that he's showing Garrett?

Oh, hell no.  I hate when A involves the parents.

I wonder what kind of cookies Ashley and Hanna are making.  Oh, they're for the swim team party.  Ashley is so nice to Emily.

Why are Hanna and Ashley being called to the police station?

And now Maya's in trouble because her parents found an old joint in storage.  This blows.

Okay, they were called in because of the photo.  Show us!

Ohhhhhhhhh.  I should have known that the girls would get busted for posing as candy stripers.  Hanna is pretty quick with a reason, but I don't think Ashley is buying it.

Byron is giving Aria the third degree about her date.  He and Ella think that she and Holden should go on more dates in Rosewood instead of Philadelphia.  HA!  It's nice to hear Aria admit to there being only one restaurant in Rosewood.  

Wait, Holden has a heart condition?

The girls are discussing the hospital photo situation at Emily's swim team party.  I think Spencer is going home to get money from her parents to give to Jonah.

Now Aria is worried about Holden heading off by himself with that heart condition.  I would too.  She better hope he doesn't keel over when she's supposed to be on a date with him.

There's no one home at Spencer's house.  Typical.  There is a mysterious briefcase though.  With a check book inside.

Oh, Mr. Hastings is home.  He's explaining the whole affair to Spencer.  I guess it happened when they were all still in law school?  And then the DiLaurentis' moved to Atlanta before the Hastings got married.  And then they moved in next door to the Hastings in Rosewood?  Why?

He doesn't appear to know anything about bribing Alison, though.

Oh boy, Byron is at that vegan place so he can catch Aria and Fitz.  This is really stressful.

Hey!  Maya found the correct crying spot on the stairs that Hanna uses!  What's going on with her?

Spencer and Jason are at Apple Rose.  Didn't they have to make a reservation?  Maybe the Hastings have a permanent one.  Jason thinks that Mr. Hastings is lying about giving money to Ali.

Oh, for real, Maya?  You had to know that you would get caught.  You're at a party full of people!

Caleb is asking Hanna for help.  I think he's trying to tell her in code.  Oh, shit!  I think I remember her having to do this.

This martial arts tournament seems pretty legit.  Is Aria breaking her date?  She came to confront Holden about his heart condition.  Apparently it's something that could kill him in any situation.  This is so sad.  Holden seems like a really good person.  So, it's natural that something bad would happen to him in this town, I guess.

Dickface is threatening to call Caleb's family in California.  What is that going to do?

He wants Caleb to log on right in front of him and Garrett.

Hanna is trying to hack into Caleb's laptop from hers and she called Spencer to help.  She's going to have to remember that weird ass password.

Maya is being a real bitch right now.  This can't possibly be about "fitting in."  And if you wanted to stay away from that camp so bad, why'd you start smoking pot again?  Don't be mad at Emily just because she won't run away with you to live with your lame pot friends!  WAIT AGAIN.  Maybe that's why she's friends with Jason.  Because they smoke pot together!

Ezra just got a cancel text from Aria.  And just in time too, because he almost ran into Byron at that restaurant!

Hanna has remembered almost all of Caleb's password.  Except for the numbers at the end.  Damn it!

And Caleb has logged in from the police station, so it's online now.

Okay, I guess the 1105 on his password is from his and Hanna's anniversary?  Okay, they're in!  But how are they going to find all the stuff?!

Between all this computer shit, and Holden's tournament, I'm going to barf.

They found all the stolen records in a folder marked Hefty.  How rude.

Yes!  They deleted them right in the nick of time, of course.  And Holden won!  And his heart didn't explode!  Happy Endings for us all!

Byron just called Aria's phone.  He totally did it just to make sure she was really with Holden.  I hope he feels like shit now.

AWWWWWWW.  1105 stands for the night they did it!  I'm totally crying.  Go to hell, Garrett.

I want Caleb and Hanna to get married and then I can marry the both of them.

Jason's at Spencer's house.  They have a nice little apology fest.  She's telling him a little too much information, I think.  Oh, but she's going to get the $2,000 out of him now, probably.

Why are you bothering to call Maya, Emily?  I'm totally over her bullshit.

Ahhh!  Someone's watching!  

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