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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Twenty-One
Breaking The Code

Spencer won't tell the girls exactly who gave her the money and the girls are just going to let that go?  I guess they just really want to know who A is.

Mona is pissed now because she was supposed to go shopping with Hanna and she's bailing.

And Mona just got a creepy text.  From A!!!

Detective Dickface is such an asshole.  Ashley's not returning your calls because you suck!  He says he has more questions for Hanna.

So I guess someone finally told Melissa about Jason being her brother.  And she's not too happy about it.  I wouldn't be either, especially if I had made out with him once.  Neither Melissa or Spencer want to tell anyone else about it.

Melissa is super pregnant now.

It's nice to see her being nice to Spencer for a change.  I wonder if she's still going to move back into the barn, since she's not talking to their parents right now.  And since she stole that barn from Spencer in the first place.

Emily can't get Maya to answer the phone, which is perfect timing for Paige to swoop back in out of nowhere.  Seriously, where has she been?

I don't care.

Mona is over at Hanna's showing her some outfits she just bought.  She tells Hanna about the texts she's been getting from A for the past couple of days.  She's even received a picture of Ashley and Dickface!

Oh, hell no.  Why would they be doing it with the curtains open?  Mona says it's clearly photoshopped, and she doesn't believe it.  Whatever.

Aria and Spencer are waiting for Jonah.  He won't tell them the information until they give him the money.  It must not be much info, because he just gives them some stupid post-it.

What does it say?  What does it say?  It's just an address?

He says that's all the info he gave Ali, but Spencer is super pissed.   WTF?  Garrett is watching them from his car?

What is he eating?

I don't get it.  Why would Hanna be afraid that Ashley would lose her job because she had blackmail sex with a cop?  Why would the bank care?  Ashley says that she would actually just lose Hanna.  None of us want that.  1) Because Ashley is awesome and 2) Because then Hanna would probably have to live with Lame Kate.  I'd rather live with A.

Ella shows Aria the letter that Byron got on his car about Aria being at that restaurant.  And Ella remembers that A also wrote the letter to her about Byron's affair which says more about her memory than I would normally give her credit for.  These parents always seem to forget all the questionable shit that happens around here.

Paige tells Emily that she came out to her parents.  Good for her.  And she didn't even need that blonde bitch, Whats-Her-Name that was supposed to be her support buddy, but instead stole her girlfriend.

Hanna is breaking the news to the girls about Ashley's blackmail sex.  And they all want to know why A would target Mona over this instead of Hanna.  And now Aria is taking this moment to make everything about her by blurting out that she's still seeing Ezra and now her dad is getting A letters.

Oh, wait, we're all running downstairs.

It's more video footage from Caleb!


And I still gasped like a psycho even though I knew that was coming.

All of the girls want to turn Melissa in except for Spencer.  She wants one night to talk to her.  No, don't let her, you guys!  This is not a good idea!  She's just going to find some way to spin it all around!

Ugh, how did Spencer get into this bar to meet Melissa?  Fake IDs from Ali?

Mona got a police report about Hanna shoplifting and says that A wants her to turn the report and the photo into the newspaper or she'll go to jail for shoplifting.

How?  And she's not an adult, so she can't go to prison, right?

Wren is at the bar, too.  But he's probably over 21.  He better get out of here before Melissa shows up.

Umm, except that Melissa just got into a car with Garrett and left.  And Wren says that he saw Melissa with Garrett at her OBGYN appointment.  What?  Why?

Hanna tells Mona about some of her texts from A, without a lot of details.  They have until 10am to figure out how to get out of this.

Did Spencer just steal someone's shot?

Uh Oh, Ashley found the police report that Mona showed Hanna.

And Emily, Hanna and Aria are at the address that Jonah gave them.  It's a law firm?

Who the fuck put all the locks on the hinge side of the gate?  Nice job, Hanna.

The place is locked up.

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.  MAN AT THE WINDOW.  I almost just pissed myself.  Was that a hobo?

Spencer is drunkety drunk at Wren's house.  Why is he letting her drink more?  Are they going to do it?


That law firm closed down months ago.

Emily thinks she spots Maya when she's picking up takeout for the girls, but it's just some bitch.

Then she seriously runs into Paige in the middle of the street.  So now she's crying to her about Maya.

Jesus, Paige.  Haven't you learned anything about appropriate kissing times?!

Aria's doing a side-pony thing.

Mona returned the necklace that she was being blackmailed about!  Now she's doing community service all because she won't hurt Hanna.  God damn this whole thing!

Spencer are you really going to go to school in the same outfit your wore yesterday?  Just take a sick day, no one in this school even actually goes to class.

Ew, she hasn't even brushed her teeth.

Oh my God.  My husband just said that Wren is better than Toby, so I'll be getting a divorce now.

Mona got an apple message.

It seems like a really lazy one considering A once went to the trouble of changing all of Emily's Alphabits cereal to A's.

So, I don't get it.  Once Hanna started talking to her friends again, she just made Mona eat by herself?

Ashley is at the police station to yell at Dickface because she thinks he threatened Hanna with her police report.  He says he didn't do it because he could lose his job too.  Great.

Emily is leaving ANOTHER message for Maya. 

Fitz got offered that job in New Orleans!  He's not sure he and Aria can keep up this whole hidden relationship thing.  It was a lot easier before he decided to tell her parents.

Oh no!  What a dick move to just leave her crying there!

I hope Aria's parents are happy.

This is exactly why all these teens start doing drugs and listening to rap music, because their parents make them break up with their teacher boyfriends and send them to New Orleans.

Oh, shit.  Ella is at Ezra's apartment.  She says she came to listen.  Ehhhhhhh.

Spencer is watching that stupid video on a loop.  Because that will help how?  Oh, Melissa's here.  She says she wants to explain to Spencer but she can't do it in front of their parents.  You better go with her Spencer!  Find out what all this shit is.

Oh wait, or maybe not.  Take a buddy!  Shit, she left her phone.

Ella's going to have a lot of explaining to do to Byron if he finds out about this.

Hanna has a letter addressed to that Law firm that she grabbed when they were trying to get into it.  Ashley sees it and comments that it's the same law firm she used for her divorce.  Hanna wants to know why she would use a law firm on the other side of town and she says its because MELISSA HASTINGS used to work there.

Oh, son of a bitch.

The cops are at the Marin house to talk to Emily about Maya.  What?

A is shooting a gun.  Pretty good aim, I guess.

But what does that tell us?  That A knows how to use a gun?  Big deal. 

Official Count
Messages From A: 4 (including the photo Mona receives, since it may have been a separate message)

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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