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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Three
Eye of the Beholder

Aria told that guy at the end of last episode that she was a friend of Vivian's and that she hadn't seen her since Vivian gave her the coat.  The guy (Duncan) gave her his number.  Now what?

Jenna shows up in a chauffered car, holding Toby's hand.  She had the operation already on at least one eye, because it's bandaged up.

Ashley is refusing to give Hanna a replacement phone until she starts explaining more about what's going on in her life.

Fortunately Mona has an old phone that she gives Hanna as she passes out hand sanitizer.  And she's paying for it, so that's nice!

Emily gets a text from Maya at a secret phone number.  She says she's okay.

Sooooo, it's probs from A, right?

Toby's here!  Spencer is being super awkward, but she asks how Jenna's surgery went.  Toby says they don't know yet and then acts super defensive when Spencer acts surprised that he is spending time with Jenna.

Come on, Spencer.  Didn't you break Toby's heart to protect him?  So why would you try to talk to him about getting back together?

Does Duncan go to this school?  Because he's here.  And he's wearing a grandpa sweater.  I want it.

He knows that Vivian's real name was Alison.  And he wants to know where she is.  Yikes.  He must not go to this school then, because there is no way he wouldn't know about her death.

Oh, he's pretty upset.  Wow, apparently Ali told this Duncan guy a lot about her friends.  I wonder why she trusted him?  He doesn't want to give any more details in public.  Aria's going to meet him in the place he used to meet Ali.

He saw Alison the weekend she disappeared?  CREEPY!

Garrett just drove away from Toby and Jenna's house, all angry.  The girls get a text from A.

The fire department is there, and the girls think Toby is telling them about the night Jenna went blind.  Why are they just now investigating this?  God, these cops are terrible.

Now Jenna and Toby are at the hospital, and Jenna is telling Toby how she wants to fill her room with pretty things that she loves so she can see them first when she gets her bandages off.

Wren and Toby have some rude conversation.  Ew, why did you tell Jenna all your business Toby?  Please get some counseling, because you are in an abusive relationship.

Spencer thinks that Toby spending time with Jenna again is her fault.  But we have to take a break and talk to Emily about her dad, because he's one of the few redeemable people on this show.

Emily tells Spencer about her text from Maya.

Jason is at school.  And he wants the girls to come by the house and look through some old stuff of Ali's that Maya dropped off before she disappeared.

Ella just dropped by Fitz's office at Hollis.  He has chocolate milk in there!  

She wants Ezra to know that her visit to his apartment to talk to him and Aria does not make her their ally.  We get it, Ella.  Are we going to have this conversation every episode?  PICK A SIDE.

Now she wants to know if Ezra knows anything about someone that might be out to hurt Aria, or him through their relationship.  She doesn't mention A, but that's obviously what she's talking about.

Hanna and Mona might be coming up with a plan to get Toby and Jenna separated for long enough so that Spencer can talk to him.

It worked!  Well, sort of.  Mona got him away from Jenna long enough to give Hanna a chance to lecture him.  Probably not the best way to go about this, Hanna.

Hanna's shorts are dumb.

Jason brought Alison's bag for the girls to look through.  Aria has to leave to go meet Duncan.  And I don't know where Hanna is.

Another box.  This one has a ballerina.

Mariska Hargitay doesn't like Jason being in the house, so she made an ugly face until he left.

Spencer is clearly embarrassed.

Don't blame him for your husband's affair, Mariska.  Karma will come back to you; just ask Catelyn Stark.

This is a really random assortment of Alison's things.  I don't know if the girls were expecting to find a letter detailing her murder, but they are really disappointed.

Duncan took Aria up in a plane.  What a mistake.  Why would you get in a plane with a stranger?  So what if Alison went up with him all the time, she also got murdered.

Oh, and now you're going to fly the plane?  No, I'm sorry.

Duncan wants to know about Ian and if he really murdered Ali.  He says that Alison called him from Hilton Head and asked him to fly her from there to some field in Philadelphia.  He said that she had figured something out.

This means that Ali was actually back in town for several hours before she pretended to arrive.  But what does that mean?  She could have been doing anything.  Maybe she had diarrhea for six hours and didn't want them to know about it.

Ezra asked Byron into his office to tell him that he's not taking the job.  Ezra is so forceful!  I'm really liking this aspect of his personality.  Aria is so lucky!

Maya sent Emily an email that she's fine and sorry about everything.  But I guess they're not getting back together.

I understand that Mariska is upset about all this, but Spencer and Jason are siblings, and maybe she shouldn't be treating him like shit.

Oooo, but Spencer shoots back with the blackmail and detective information.  Apparently Mariska had the idea for the detective.

Hanna comes over and finds a piece of newspaper on Spencer's couch.  It's the newspaper that Ali's stuff was wrapped in in that duffel bag.  It's from 2009, so it must have been Ali that wrapped up all that stuff and NOT Maya's family when they found it.  And there's highlighted passages all over it!

Oh my God, it's like a secret code thing!

Ella and Byron are fighting about Byron trying to force Ezra to take that job in New Orleans.  She's being a lot smarter about this than he is.  She understands that pushing them might force them to make a bad decision.

Hanna went to Jason's porch to get the duffel bag back.

OH MY GOD!  The house is on fire and Jenna is trapped inside!


God, how scary it must be to wake up in the hospital and not be able to see.

Where the fuck are their parents?

Jenna says that she had received a text from Jason to come over, so she called a cab.  When she got to the door, someone opened it and she can't remember anything else.

She's freaking out.  I feel really bad.

Aria is telling the girls about Duncan and she's wearing a fish dress.

Wren is patching up Spencer's hand because I guess she got hit with some glass.  They're talking about their relationship, but it's really boring, so I'm not listening.

Jason is asking Aria why Jenna was in his house.  He says the house didn't get super damaged, just the room that EXPLODED.

Now Jason and Mariska are just staring at each other in the hospital.

Emily is doing the right thing and letting Maya's mom know that Maya is okay.  Good for her.

Yay!  Let's all be friends!

Jenna wants to talk to all the girls.

She's crying a lot and telling them she's not blaming them for the text.  Toby is telling them to go.  They just fucking got here!

She wants to know why Hanna would drag her out.  Hanna just says, "You're Welcome." Like a boss.

The girls think that A tricked Jenna into that house to kill her.

Emily just found part of a postcard with a #1 on the back under the bottom liner of the duffel bag.  And she might have met someone at a gazebo?  I'm confused.

A just planted a police badge in the dirt.  Probably outside Jason's house.  So A is framing Garrett?

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 1
Jenna "Looks" at Someone: 1
Messages From A: 1

Best Outfit
And the award goes to...

Aria, for this leather/pleather skirt and jacket combo.  The skull shirt is a nice touch.  Why can't she achieve this balance of eclectic and classy all the time?

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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