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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Four
If These Dolls Could Talk

Spencer is sleeping on someone's couch, and ALISON is digging around the ground next to her, looking for the duffel bag!

This has got to be a dream!  She's apologizing to Spencer for not telling her about Jason being her brother, but she's being real cryptic about the bag clues, so thanks for nothing.

Spencer must be pretty drugged on pain pills.  The back door has been open all night and her pill bottle is still open.

Wait, what's Melissa doing here?  She feels safe enough to sleep there now?

Emily is telling Spencer that it really was a dream, and I guess she would know, since it's happened to her.

Actually, at this point, Aria is the only one who hasn't had an Ali cameo in her dreams.

Emily just got a pissed text from Maya for telling her parents.

Ashley wants to know if Hanna knows anything more about the fire at the DiLaurentis house.

Ooops, Hanna's purse just started ringing.  Mona just showed up and tried to suck up to Ashley, but it's not working.

Come on, Hanna.  You always put your secret phone on silent when you're around your parents!

Aria brought coffee to Ezra, which is safe because Byron went to some conference in Vermont.  So let's make out!

Jenna is taking off her bandages!  Toby tries to stop her, because the doctors are supposed to do it after school.  Ew, she wants to see Toby's face first.

She's crying.

Apparently the highlighted newspaper pieces were classified ads that A and Alison were using to communicate.

Jenna just showed up.  With Toby.  I guess she wants to talk to the girls.

Well, go ahead, have a seat.

I love Hanna with everything in me.

Jenna says the surgery didn't work.  Okay, now she's crying a lot and thanking Hanna for saving her.  She's apologizing and wants to move on.

She says she's never been the person they really need to fear.  So, wait, what does that mean?  She's not A at all?  She's not working with A?  She's not friends with A?

Emily doesn't buy it at all.  She thinks she has something to do with the fire.

Spencer wants to go back to Brook Haven and that doll hospital.

Mona got another text from A.  She's supposed to break up Caleb and Hanna.  Is she wearing a fur vest?  Why do these girls keep doing this?

Aria is leaving a note for her mom on her desk when she sees a fax from Byron asking for Aria's transcript to send her to a girls boarding school.

The girls just got to the doll hospital and some old lady is unlocking the door. She says they're not open, but Spencer wants to talk to her about who might have bought dolls from her.  She says no one ever buys dolls, they just fix them.


I think this is probably what hell looks like.

The creepy boy says that another girl came in two summers ago looking for that voodoo doll.  He identifies the girl as Ali, but with dark hair.  He says he told her to stop looking, because a man and a woman wanted to hurt her.

What the fuck?  The old lady says he sees things that haven't happened yet.  He says that the couple looking for Ali had dark hair, and the woman could definitely see.  He's sorry about what happened to Ali, that it must be awful to have dirt in your lungs.

I'm so freaked out.  And Aria doesn't believe this kid, EVEN THOUGH HE STATED WORD FOR WORD WHAT HAPPENED.

Spencer says they need to go back, because her parents once worried that Melissa might have had something to do with Alison's death.  Oh boy, here comes the whole story about Jason.

I wish these girls would stop keeping secrets from each other, because I keep forgetting who knows what.

Ella is dropping off Aria's laundry.  Must be nice, I've been doing my own laundry since I was twelve.  Aria gets started right away with the whole boarding school thing.

Ella says it's because of A.  And Aria has FINALLY brought up her father's affair as an argument.  OH.  She might have just threatened to out him.

I think she might be wearing a doorknocker necklace.

Melissa is home and wants Spencer to help her with thank you notes from her baby shower.  She wants to know whose bag is in Spencer's room.  She thinks Spencer should get rid of Ali's things.  Way to be sensitive, bitch.

SPENCER JUST SHOWED MELISSA THE VIDEO.  She wants explanations.  Melissa's only defense is that the whole town wanted Alison dead.  And now she's threatening Spencer with other videos that make all the girls look really bad.  What other videos?!

Hanna thinks she's bluffing.  And she wants to catch Melissa sending a text so she's working something out with Caleb and Mona.  I think I remember this and it's super weird.

Ella and Byron have "shelved" the boarding school idea for now.  Ella says she's ashamed of Aria for yesterday.  Oh please, didn't Byron threaten to do the same damn thing?!  Fuck you guys.

Melissa just went into Speed Demon Express.  And Mona and Caleb are in a car together.  This is super awkward.

Okay, Melissa is coming out now with a box and Emily gives Mona the signal.  Now Mona and Caleb are cuddling in the ugliest way ever.

Thank you for this.


Okay, Melissa's spotted them.  But there's no way she can tell who it is.  Their faces are all over each other.

Spencer and Hanna are waiting in her room.  She just got a text from A about the make out session.  Hanna is all ready to go to the cops with her laptop.  Emily just showed up, she wants that creepy boy to watch the video and tell them if Melissa is the one.

Mona just showed up and Hanna lies to her about receiving a text.  Are you just going to leave Mona in your shower?

Aria just got to Ezra's apartment.  He seems pretty upset.  Oh shit, he just got fired.

Jenna is reading a book in braille.  Toby comes in and gets pissed because Garrett is sitting outside in his car.  Jenna gives Toby some paper.  It's page five!

She's turning Garrett in!  But she's totally lying!  She knew it was page five.  She wants to go to the cops now.  Oh boy, this is what you get for stalking Jenna, Garrett.  I hope you're happy.

Please, please don't go in the doll hospital.  I am going to barf all over this blog.

I don't think that little boy is going to be there in the middle of the night.

Aaaaand all the lights just went out as they found a box full of voodoo dolls. 

Please get out of here.

Oh God.


I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

How long did it take A to set this up?

Well, there goes that whole store.

I think Fitz should just try teaching for the high school again.  Or maybe Ella would freak out about that.  Why don't you just move to Philadelphia?  It's only an hour away, and surely they have more than one school there.

Oh, they're doing it.  They're doing it.

Good!  I'm glad they're doing it.

The girls are in Spencer's room packing up Alison's duffel bag with everything they can think of.  But I think it's really dangerous of them to be in that house.

Garrett just arrived with Melissa and they're making out.  And carrying a box.

Melissa is trying to convince him that there is no way Spencer would give that video to the police.

Oh, the police are here.  For Garrett.  Thanks Jenna!

God Melissa, you really know how to pick em.

That bitch can see!

A just gave the doll lady a bunch of cash.  And he/she shut the future boy up with a lollipop.  What a dick.

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 2
Messages From A: 2

Best Outfit
I don't know if I can really give a reward for these, because I'm still questioning them.

Spencer and Aria both wore Old Lady/Little Girl dresses.  Spencer's looks better than Aria's, but her skinny legs look kind of weird in those socks.


Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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