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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Seventeen
The Blonde Leading the Blind

Starting off the episode with coffee.  It looks like Caleb finished hacking into A's phone and everything he found is on the flashdrive that Spencer is plugging into her computer.

There's more video footage.  Taking place in Ali's bedroom.  Ewww, Ian is setting up a hidden camera in there.  And Garrett and Jenna just showed up.  Apparently Jason isn't present because he passed out.

Jenna and Garrett are blaming Ian for Alison not giving up the videos they've been making of everybody.

Hanna is super freaked out about the idea of Caleb being targeted by A because of his help in all this and I don't blame her.  A has already tried to kill two of them and robbed Ezra's house.

Garrett is looking through the box that Ali hides all her stuff in.  Where were Ali and Jason's parents when all of this is happening?

So, A texted Spencer a picture of her and Toby making out?  Why?

Now Spencer won't talk to Toby on the phone and Emily is having to play middleman.

Why can't they just tell Toby what's going on?  He's practically in the middle of it anyway.

The girls all think that Holden is gay because he is knowingly fake-dating Aria so they can both hide from their parents.

Aria's skirt is so short that the pockets are hanging out of it.

Caleb is finding more video footage from the phone.  Oh, wow.  He's watching Garrett in the video right when Garrett is sitting across from him at this coffee shop.  AWKWARD!

Garrett makes some huge deal about telling Caleb he's about to leave his keys.

The girls are hanging out in Aria's room when they find the torture note that Ali hid in that doll last episode.  Oh, wow, there are a bunch of notes in there.


Ali is leading the girls back to her house on Halloween.  Why aren't the girls more mad at her for being such a bitch that night?

Somebody cut up all the jack-o-lanterns on her porch.  And left a note with a knife stuck in it.

Ali lies that it was Jason's friends that trashed the place, then apologizes for the prank.

So now we're all equally freaked out about A being around since forever.

Mona and Hanna are still on the outs.  I guess Hanna hasn't been answering her calls.  Mona tries to give a really ugly necklace back to Noel.  Now she's crying in the bathroom, and Hanna is trying to make her feel better, but she's not doing a very good job.  WAIT.  Mona is going on about Noel's eyes.  Didn't that waitress call A "Pretty Eyes?"  Oh shit.

Seriously, Jenna?  Don't you know it's rude to spy on their bathroom meetings?

Aria's on the phone, leaving another desperate message for Ezra.  She wants him to meet her by the clock tower, just like in the movies.  Why do all these small towns always have a clock tower?

Ezra is in his office, ignoring his voicemail.

Toby is back at the Hastings' House.  OH NO!  This is the scaffolding that A was messing up.  I totally remember this now.


Who just called Spencer to tell her about Toby?

Toby's in the hospital.  I guess Mariska Hargitay found him.  Oh, look, Wren is his doctor.  Why not?  They're aren't any other doctors in this town.  Wren seems like he's obsessed with Spencer.

Aria thinks that Jenna found a new boyfriend to replace Garrett and that this new boyfriend helped her rig Toby's scaffolding.

Jenna is creepily standing in the middle of Toby's hospital room, telling him to be "stronger."  What does that even mean?  She says that Spencer is haunted and that she will never make him happy.  Get the fuck out of here, rapist.

Caleb is at Hanna's, angry about the video he's seen.  He wants Hanna to explain to him why they are trying to solve an already solved murder.

Hanna!  What the fuck?!  That's important video footage!

Emily thinks that Jenna shouldn't be at the hospital.  Jenna is accusing Emily of wanting to date Toby, which is just stupid.

Oh my God, did she know that Spencer was there by smell?

Ella wants all kinds of details regarding Aria and Holden's upcoming date.  She's planning on driving them.  LAAAAME.

Spencer and Emily are being awfully odd about Toby being in the hospital.  It's just a broken arm, guys.  He's not dying.  And the two of you watching him sleep isn't going to keep A from breaking in to sign his cast.

Spencer asked Emily to lie to Toby and tell him that she's been seeing someone else at the same time as him.  He doesn't really believe her.  Oh, wait, maybe he does.  Poor Toby.

Holden still won't tell Aria what he's sneaking off to do.  I kind of think she should mind her own business here.  Just take advantage of the fact that you two have a good arrangement going here.

Ezra is trying to explain to a student why his story sucks so much.  He's still struggling with whether or not he should listen to Aria's message.

Meanwhile, Aria's still waiting and Spencer is crying in the rain.

Ezra has finally listened to the message.  Will you just go to her? 

Ashley wants to know what happened to the blender, and Hanna says that she and Caleb got into a fight because she's keeping a secret from him.  Oh, she's going to meet Mona.  That's nice.

Ugh, why did you tell Toby that Wren was the guy she was dating, Emily?

Now Toby wants to punch him and there are no other doctors in this hospital to take care of him!

Hanna and Mona are out on the town when they spot Noel and Jenna in a cafe together.  Hanna seems way more upset about it than Mona does.

Wow, two seconds ago, Toby was in a hospital gown all hooked up to moniters, and now he's fully dressed and packing his things.  He sure heals fast!

I feel bad for Aria being stuck out in this rain.


Caleb came to meet Spencer and Emily.  They are NOT happy that Hanna destroyed the flash drive.  But he made another copy.  THANK GOD, because these girls never do that.  He'll give them the drive, but he wants answers.  You better fess up, ladies.

Close one, Aria.  You are terrible at lying.  Fortunately, for all of us, Holden is awesome at it.  My husband is watching this and just said, "I want Holden to be my fake boyfriend."  Me too, babe, me too.

Spencer and Emily told Caleb the truth, I guess?  Or maybe not yet.  Aria, Spencer and Emily are watching the video.

Garrett is confused about something in the box.  And Ian just revealed the tape.  Garrett's pissed about it.  And someone is coming upstairs.

I just don't understand.  How is Caleb slowly downloading this video?

Toby's truck is in the backyard.  But Toby isn't.  What?

Oh, man.  He gave the truck back to Spencer, didn't he?  What do you mean he's gone?

Holy crap.  A has pictures of all the girls making out with their boyfriends/girlfriends.  Why doesn't he/she have more than one picture for Emily?

Official Count
Coffee Sightings: 2
Messages From A: 2 (not including the old ones they read of Ali's)
Jenna "Looks" at Someone: 1
Flashbacks: 1

Best Outfit
And the award goes to...

Aria and her raindrama coat!

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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