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Who Wants To Watch Pretty Little Liars With Me?

Season Two: Episode Twenty-Five

It's Finale Time!

True Story: I'm watching this episode right after the last one with all the fucked up dolls.  And my husband decided he was going to bed, so I asked him to please turn on all the lights and hide my niece's Dora the Explorer doll because it was standing in the next room staring at the doorway.  So he went in and as soon as he picked up that damn doll she started talking and we almost shit ourselves.

Thanks, Pretty Little Liars.  You've ruined my life.

The news is on at Spencer's house and everyone is talking about Garrett.  Mariska Hargitay found out that Jenna was the one who turned in page five.  Hanna is a genius as usual and says that whoever killed Ali may be slowly getting rid of everyone involved, like Ian and Garrett.

Now Melissa is in here all, "I knew Ian wasn't the killer."  Blah blah blah.  She just took Aria's froyo. 

What a bitch.  She knows about the Jenna thing.

That's a cute sweater though.  Damn.

A texts to ask for his/her phone back.

And a messenger arrives with invites to a masquerade ball.

It's hosted by the "Rosewood Junior Society."  Junior Society of What?

Emily says she doesn't trust Melissa as far as she can throw "her and Ian's fetus."  HA!  I wonder if that's really Ian's baby.

Spencer brought Ali's bag to school so that they can go through it.  Why don't they just take the day off?  This would be a good enough reason.  Mona's going to the masquerade ball too.  She wants everyone to go shopping with her for ball gowns, but they all bail.

Sorry, Mona.

What is everyone doing in Fitz's apartment?  Oh.  Aria brought them all here for a place to go through the bag while Fitz is out of town looking for a job.  Who's paying his rent?

I guess they're friends now since they made out to help Hanna?

Hanna is lying to both Mona and Caleb about where she is, and Spencer says it's fine because she doesn't want them to end up like Dr. Sullivan.  I forgot all about her!  Oops.

Aria just spilled the beans about having sex with Fitz.  And Spencer's all "You sure know how to keep a secret."  She didn't, though.  She just told you.  So, the opposite happened.

Spencer finds a pen with a logo for Dougherty's Landing in Ali's box.  It's a landing strip, so maybe that's where Duncan dropped her off in his plane?

And it's right near some motel thing like in the movie Psycho.  The postcard is from the motel.

Oh my God, someone just ran in front of Spencer's car!

I'm so freaked out right now, you guys.  How am I going to sleep tonight?

Creeper at the window!

This is just like the motel in Psycho.

Complete with creepy taxidermy.  The girls are checking into room one, because that was the number on the back of the postcard.  Hanna just fell in the mud!

Aria is the only one willing to go with Spencer to sneak into the motel office to look at the sign in book.

"You're little, but you're big."

Hanna's taking a shower.  Bad idea!

Maya is calling Emily.  What perfect timing.  Oh, great.  Leave Hanna vulnerable in the shower.

According to the guest book Ali checked in to the motel as Vivian the morning she disappeared.

OH!  A is in the room with Hanna!

Ali also stayed here as Vivian on the day she was supposed to meet A at that fucking doll place.

A is watching them from a hole in the wall in the room next door.  Don't they see the hole?


The girls just left.  Did they even pay?

Toby is clearing burnt junk from Jason's house, I think.  I really want Toby and Spencer to get back together.

Toby just got a call from Dr. Sullivan?!  WTF?

And Jenna drove somewhere!?  Didn't she just have surgery in one eye?

And is she meeting A?  Or someone else?  What is she setting up the girls for?

I think Spencer wins for dresses.  When did they have time buy their costumes?

Oh my God.  Caleb is so hot in a mask.

Like so hot it should be illegal.

Mona and Spencer are talking about Brook Haven, because that's where Mona's costume shop is.


Mona saw Alison dressed as Vivian in that shop the week before she disappeared.

She revealed to Mona that she's watching someone.  She wants Mona to pretend not to know her and bail.  Mona wants popularity in exchange for being quiet.  So Ali gives her a phone number on the other half of that postcard.  I guess it was Ali's number.  But then she died, so it didn't help Mona any.

What's happening with Aria?  Don't tell me.

Is that Jenna?

This is so romantic I could die.  Please don't ruin this, Jenna.

Is this a school function?

Spencer is on the phone with Emily, in the car on the way to the motel.  She just realized that no one ever checks in to room 2, so it must be being used by A.

She's with Mona.

Spencer is having tea with Norman Bates in the office.  Mona stole the key for room 2 while he was distracted.  

I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS.  This is like all my favorite fanfictions just had a baby.

Emily is the only one with her head in the game right now, but Paige just showed up.

Oh my God.

This is the scariest fucking place in the world.

I guess it'll be nice for Paige and Emily to be friends.  Just stop force kissing her and you might even end up together, nutso!

Mona finds a sketch of A's possible costume.  So now she's calling Hanna.

Except Hanna isn't getting a phone call, but she is watching the same costume as A's sketch walk in.  It looks like Melissa.

Mona just offered Spencer gum.  And Spencer just found the same gum wrapper as a bookmark in Ali's diary.

No No No NO NO NO.

Back at the ball, The Black Swan is talking to Jenna and Lucas.

This is fucked.

Spencer is alone in the room when Mona walks back in, dressed in A's black hoodie.  She just hit Spencer with something.

Did she change outside?

And the black swan just led the other girls to a locked door.

Spencer is waking up in the car with Mona driving.

None of them are getting through to her on the phone.  Hanna's cell phone from Mona is set to record every time it's turned on.  So...always?  Mona could here everything they say all the time.

Mona lied about seeing Ali in Brook Haven.  Ali caught Mona instead.

Wait, she just invited Spencer to join the A Team.  Meaning there's more than one A.  Right?

Spencer managed to answer Aria's call so they are all watching this on FaceTime or something.

Is Mona going to drive them off a cliff?

It can't only be just Mona doing this.  It just can't be.

Mona says she's doing everything because the girls stole Hanna from her.  Way too overreact.  Although, I can't blame her for being mad that she's been forced to eat lunch by herself all year.  That was shitty.

Why would the other girls let Hanna drive to go save Spencer?  Isn't she upset enough?

Mona says she has Mr. Hasting's gun.

OH shit.  She's going to run over Mona!


The cops and the ambulance is here.

And so is Dr. Sullivan.  Mona threatened to kill her son to get rid of her.

No, No.  I don't trust her.  What if she's part of Team A?

Oh God, Hanna.

They're crying.  And I'm crying.  We're all crying.  And I hate this.

Mona is alive.  And her watch alarm just went off.

Dr. Sullivan says she can possibly get better.  Oh, God.  Mona is talking to herself in her head.  Just like Norman Bates.  Who is WE?!

Toby got Dr. Sullivan back!  What the hell Toby?  Dr. Sullivan was afraid to even go to the cops with this, but YOU convinced her to come back?


Where are everybody's parents?

The girls are all headed to Emily's but there is a lot of police cars already there.

Oh god.  Oh god..

Maya!   Okay now I'm super crying.

Someone is visiting Mona.  In a red coat.

Why aren't her visitors being monitored?

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Messages From A: 2
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Best Outfit
And the award goes to.....

Spencer at the ball!  Her mask was the best one, too.

Until next time, Bitches!

All screencaps courtesy of Fanpop.

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