Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Christine at BookishlyBoisterous is hosting this weekly link-up starting today, so get over there and join!  Unless you don't want to be cool like the rest of us.

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1.  We just bought our house this summer, so this is the first year I will host our group's official Halloween party.  I'd really like to rock the hell out of it.  Have you guys seen all the cool Halloween stuff they have at Target?  Some of it I can easily see myself using year round.

2.  Sometimes I look at my To-Be-Read list on LibraryThing and just become completely overwhelmed.  Surely it should be a good thing that I have THIS MANY books I would like to read, right?  Ugh, I know, First World Problems or what?

3.  You guys, we need to calm down on all the pumpkin-flavored stuff.  Otherwise, we're going to be all pumpkin'd out by Thanksgiving.  And then we're going to throw up when we try to eat pumpkin pie and won't be able to eat anything pumpkin flavored for at least a DECADE!  (This happened to me 15 years ago, so I know.)

4.  America, please let your children read books.  It makes me so sad when you come to the library and show up at the circulation desk with a whole bunch of DVDs, and your five-year-old is crying because he wanted an ACTUAL BOOK TO READ, and you said, "No."

5.  Sometimes I get tired of carrying a purse, and I just want to wear a fanny pack.  And I don't care who knows it!  Tory Burch says it's okay, so get on board.

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6.  I love magazines so much right now.  I just want to buy ALL THE MAGAZINES and take off work for a week until I've read them all.

7.  How old is too old to put stickers all over everything?



  1. #3 We don't really do Halloween much in Australia - of course the shops are trying to make it a thing but it's all very low key. And pumpkin? I love pumpkin but we only eat it as a savoury thing - roast pumpkin, pumpkin soup etc. Pumpkin 'flavoured' stuff...I'm afraid to even ask!

    #7 Never too old for stickers :-)

  2. Hosting parties is so much fun, once you get the stress under control! And I'm with you on the pumpkin food. Has it always been this crazy? Or just this year?

    Thanks for participating!

  3. #2 - I'd like to believe that I've become immune to seeing the large number of books sitting on my to-read list on GR & LT but every now and then I'd be a little like D= Haha.

    #7 - Ditto with Kate, never too old for stickers =)

  4. Stickers! Never too old.

    And #4 makes me sad as well (I am a librarian). Some movies are well and fine, but I sort of feel it's in the best interest of small minds to have at least a 2 to 1 ratio for books and movies.