Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1.  Is anybody else FREAKING OUT because Christmas is in about five minutes, and we haven't started shopping yet?  Being an adult and having responsibilities really takes a lot of the fun out of the holidays.  Remember when the thing that gave you the most anxiety around Christmas was whether or not Santa was going to find out about all those times you cheated at games with your brother and only leave you coal in your stocking?  I'd give anything to have that feeling back.

2.  Speaking of Christmas presents, our four-year-old niece gave us her wishlist.  It consists of 1)a unicorn with white fur and a rainbow tail and a tiara, 2)a cat with rainbow fur, eyelashes and a tiara and 3)a dog with rainbow fur, eyelashes and a tiara.  I asked if all three animals needed glitter as well, she said yes.  Thank God for Amazon and Lisa Frank!

3.  If one more person says "Liberry" to me today, I may throw up.

4.  If there is one item besides books that I consider an impulse-buy, it's lipgloss/lipstick/lipbalm.  I buy so much of it, and I don't even wear it all the time!  This is a cry for help!

5.  Reading in bed is a lot more difficult now that I have a kitten.  She appears to love books as much as I do, except she prefers to use them as pillows.

6.  Edward sprayed the backyard a couple of weeks ago, because we had some anthills.  Well, they're back and they want revenge.  They're coming in through a small hole in the threshold of our back door into the dining area.  I keep having to move the cat food.  I bought some indoor ant spray that's supposed to be safe for pets, but I guess all that means is that it doesn't actually kill anything.  Any advice?

7.  We're watching Sharknado with a bunch of friends tonight.  I'm probably going to need alcohol.

8.  About a week ago, a man came to the library to sign up for a card.  He asked me if I was afraid that all the libraries were going to shut down soon since "the written word has disappeared."  I'm always disappointed when I hear that anyone thinks there won't always be a need for libraries, but I was way more disappointed by the fact that this man thinks that the "written word" is only used in books.  He knows that even if somehow people stopped reading physical books completely, there would still be words on things like street signs and advertisements, right?  I mean, we'd still need to WRITE THINGS DOWN.  I'm thinking this is a man that doesn't do a lot of contemplative reasoning, because he tried to prove his point by asking me if I even saw people reading newspapers anymore.  I just pointed to the man sitting in the armchair about ten feet away, who was reading the paper.

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  1. I'm almost done Christmas shopping- I don't understand how this happened! And Sharknado- ha! I watched a few minutes of it and sorta loved it...