Monday, January 13, 2014

Book Review

Glitter and Glue
by Kelly Corrigan

Disclaimer:  I received a free advanced copy of this book from the publisher through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.


A nice memoir about a woman that becomes closer than she's ever been to her mother, while traveling half a world away.  While Kelly is back-packing through Australia, she takes a job as a nanny for a family who has recently lost their wife and mother.  Suddenly, all her mom's annoying life advice starts coming in handy.

Kelly is refreshingly normal.  She makes easy mistakes while trying to relate to the Tanner kids, but tries to learn from them rather than ignore them.  It's hard to imagine caring for children without mentioning their recently dead mother, when that's the reason you're helping care for them in the first place.  I was worried about awkwardness from John Tanner, the kids' father, but, thankfully, there wasn't any.

I enjoyed seeing the Tanner family from Kelly's point of view.  While John and the kids live inside the main house, John's step-son and father-in-law live elsewhere on the property and rarely interact with John.  At first it seems sad and mean, but Kelly slowly realizes that this is a family whose central component is missing.  They are trying to find a new version of normal; not easy when the one person who brought you all together is gone. 

Kelly eventually leaves the Tanners and goes back to normal life, but the experience stays with her.  Her brief glimpse into motherhood sparks a lot of worries about her future kids.  What if the same thing should happen to them that happened to the Tanners?  Would she have raised them well enough to live without her influence?  Would there be someone to enter their life like Kelly and help them heal?  These are things we've probably all thought about, whether we've decided to have kids or not.

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